Boris Johnson in Kyiv, Ukraine is still ready to negotiate … Update on the war in Ukraine

The situation on the ground, international reactions, sanctions: a point about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

– Ukraine is still ready to negotiate –

Volodymyr Zelensky said on Saturday that Ukraine was “always ready” for talks with Russia, which has been stalled after atrocities were discovered in liberated Ukrainian cities.

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“We are ready to fight and at the same time we are looking for diplomatic ways to stop this war (…)”, the Ukrainian president emphasized during a press conference with Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehamer during his visit to Kiev and Bucha.

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– Kramatorsk station –

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Zelensky had previously called for a “firm global response” after the deadly bombing of the Kramatorsk (east) station, where civilians had gathered to flee the area in fear of a Russian attack. The missile strike killed 52 people on Friday, including 5 children, according to the latest report by local authorities.

Moscow denied responsibility for the strike, saying it did not have the type of missile that would have been used before it condemned the Ukrainian “provocation”.

Pictures, pictures: In the ruins of Kharkiv

– 10 billion euros for Ukraine –

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen announced on Saturday that an international fundraiser has raised 10.1 billion euros to support Ukraine.

The “Stand up for Ukraine” campaign, organized by the European Union, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the international organization Global Citizen, aimed to raise funds for Ukrainian IDPs and refugees.

– Boris Johnson in Kyiv –

The British Prime Minister, on a surprise visit to Kyiv on Saturday, pledged to provide Ukraine with armored vehicles and anti-ship missiles. Boris Johnson, the first G7 leader to visit him, at a press conference, criticized Ukraine since the start of the Russian invasion: “What Putin did to Bucha and Erpin are war crimes and permanently tarnished his reputation and the representation of his government.”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky called on Western countries to follow Britain’s example of military support for Ukraine and sanctions against Russia.

– Curfew in Odessa –

Local authorities said a curfew will go into effect from Saturday evening to Monday morning in Odessa, the main Ukrainian port on the Black Sea, in the face of the “threat” of missile strikes.

– Russia is close to default –

Financial rating agency S&P Global Ratings on Saturday lowered Russia’s rating on foreign currency payments to “selective default,” the last step before a public default.

– Moscow threatens YouTube –

Russia promised retaliation on Saturday after shutting down the YouTube account of Russia’s lower house of parliament, raising the possibility that Russia would block the video platform of US giant Google.

– Morozov group –

Deux tableaux de la collection Morozov, dont celui d’un oligarque russe et un autre appartenant à un musée ukrainien, exposés à la Fondation Vuitton à Paris depuis septembre, vont “rester en France”, an annoncé samedi à l ministère the culture.

The first plate will remain there “as long as its owner, the Russian oligarch, is subject to the asset freeze measure,” and the second “until the situation in the country allows its safe return.”

– More than 4.4 million refugees –

More than 4.4 million Ukrainian refugees have fled their country since the Russian invasion on February 24, according to figures from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. The United Nations estimates the number of internally displaced people at 7.1 million.

– Ukraine has a ‘European future’ –

“Russia will plunge into economic, financial and technological decline, while Ukraine is moving towards a European future,” Ursula von der Leyen said Friday in Kyiv.

Before that, the President of the European Commission, accompanied by the head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell, went to Bucha, in particular, to see the mass graves dug for the burial of dozens of civilians killed there.

– War crimes: EU/ICC debates –

The European Commission announced, on Saturday, that the European Union will discuss its support for investigations into possible war crimes in Ukraine during meetings on Sunday and Monday with the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court Karim Khan.

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