Basketball – Neon was not a miracle in Friborg, the Olympian was very strong


Against Nyon who dreamed of achieving an achievement in the final of the Swiss Cup, the champion, who scored a hat-trick, won the tenth title (73-48).

Christian Millard


Olympiad Friborg defeated Nyon in the Swiss Cup. Elvik Friborg women won the final against Valais from Touristrents.

Michela Locatelli / Fresh Fox

How could it be otherwise? As was the case during the women’s final, where Elfic never held back against Troistorrents (74-45), there was no suspense between Olympic, who was playing in his room, and Nyon, who came to Saint-Léonard Hall for a goal. a job. But when the players woke up on the coast, the game was already over. The Swiss champion, who has not lost a match since December 5 (in Massagno), had no over confidence.

Neon was paralyzed by the challenge

Aleksic’s gang, having prepared their case well, put a lot of pressure on Nyoni, paralyzed by the challenge and severely stifled by the undisputed championship leader. It was also necessary to wait about nine minutes for the “little” thumb to score his first basket, while Olympique, playing at his best, scored 17 for 0! This is the worst thing that can happen to a rockstar: That steamboat Saint Leonard begins.

When this winning machine, which has had 22 consecutive successes, begins to play like this, no one in Switzerland can follow. There will be up to 26 points ahead (42-16, 19). -34, 24), the step was too high. Even Dragan Tubak and 217 cm have no real size against Arnaud Cotture and his friends who ended up shortly before the last quarter (59-39).

In the end, there was no miracle: Friborg Olympic, who are on track for a hat-trick this season (and even a quad if the Super Cup counts), won their 10th Swiss Cup on Saturday. What a team, what a club, what a record: take a break in Nyon, there is nothing better in our country, especially when he plays at this level.

St. Leonard’s Room. 3000 spectators (boxes closed).

the reviewer: millimeter. Klevaz, Billet and Stogev.

Freiburg Olympics: Mitchell 18, Mbala 6, Miljanic 11, Koch 7, Gorkovitz 6; Jordan 9, Graphite 2, Jankovic 9, Zen 5, Makisi, Crudo. Coaches: Petar Aleksic and Ivica Radosavic.

BBC Neon: N’Doye 10, Wolfisberg, Jaunin 1, Van Rooij, Umipig 17; Tupac 10, Dufour, Hyman, Warden 6, Zokoletti 4. Coaches: Stefan Ivanovic and Julie Loprais.

Exiting 5 errors: Dufour (37”28).

to the board: v 13-0; x 19-2; xv. 25-12; 20 42-21; 25 from 49 to 34; thirty from 59 to 39; 35 67-45.

Elfic basketball players without shaking

As we feared, there was no women’s final on Saturday at the Saint Leonard Hall in Fribourg. or very little. Against the all-powerful Elfic, who has not lost a game since December 18 (16 consecutive victories!), Troistorrents will only believe in their chances for a short five minutes, the first, a time when the local line-up doesn’t set the scene.

As soon as Marielle Giroud, Alexandra Crossel, Abigail Fogg and Nancy immediately put their talents to the ground and forgot their tension, Valesan, despite their goodwill and Nadia Konstantin’s great determination, could not let go.

A formality for Elfic

With a score of 15-2 in five minutes (from the 10th and 15th minutes), it was not the train they had just left, but the TGV train. The rest was just a long (very long) and agonizing period for the Chablaisiennes and a healthy outing for the Fribourgeoises. They didn’t need the strength to beat their opponent today and win the Swiss Cup for the fourth time in history.

Holy Cross Hall. 2560 spectators.

the reviewer: millimeter. Hoehler and Veroney.

Elfic Freiburg: Kroselj 16, Fora 13, Giroud 21, Lott 4, Fogg 9; Jacot 3, Diego Bravo 6, Zale 2, Stoyanov, Solberger. Coach: Roman Gaspus.

Trosturants: Zimmermann 8, Constantine 12, Deluxe 4, Niuerua 12, McCutchen 4; Holzer 3, Dutruel 2, Marie, De Breaux, Moix. Coach: Gonzalez Dantas.

Notes: Output for five errors: Fogg (38”01).

to the board: v 8-11; x 27-17; xv 42-19; twentieth 55-26; xxv ​​60 – 31; 30 66-35; 35 68-39.

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