Basketball/National 2: BB Marmande delivers explosive derby match against Garonne at the end of suspense

In a frenzy, BB Marmande outperformed its neighbor GAB, thanks in particular to stratospheric Eddie Steiner (79-73).

Orange ball fans could not have hoped for a better than this totally insane scenario for this explosive derby, on Saturday evening, at Beaupuy Hall at the time of the reunion between BB Marmande and Garonne AB. A derby is like no other, and perhaps the most important opposition in history.

Anyway, in front of a crowded house and in a crazy atmosphere, Marmandais got off to a totally crazy start. Palfroy’s men apparently put the visitors down due to pressure. Steiner, a former GAB, sounds like he’s over-excited. Double triple set starting at 13-00 (3rd) forcing Dominique Guéret to take a timeout to put out the fire. Bruzac, also on the go, plays with a somewhat amorphous opposing defense. Turner finds width (13-2, 4). It wasn’t long before Steiner added two long straight sets (19-4, 5). Home lovers can’t believe their eyes. Smith managed to slip past the visitors before Myem Bell equalized a shot behind the red line. It is sufficient to allow the GAB to limit the fraction for a period at the beginning of the second trimester (24-9, 10).

Ultimate BBM mastered

Even if Menville provides an efficient rotation of the BBM, the “yellow and blue” finally makes the charge sound. Nérée managed to manage a good number in the domestic sector, prompting the domestic defense to make five mistakes in a matter of seconds. A 10-00 President Casagrande’s protectors give their heads erect (27-16, 12). Miyen Bell, at the bottom of the line, ramps up visitor dominance. Even if the Bruzac-Steiner duo contains fire, a second “yellow and blue” coat fired by Turner and Gueye stifles the home defense a little more (36-36, 20).

Prozac showed his teammates the way forward

After the break, both teams looked more feverish. Even if Dembele – in front of the penalty line – allows his people to take a cut of five lengths (42-37, 22), GAB maintains Smith’s pressure (45-44, 25). Bailey’s energetic return brings a little oxygen to the group of Marmandais that fire up again (50-44, 26, 54-49, 28). The moment chosen by Nérée and Turner to bring Dominique Guéret’s boys back to -3 (60-57), at the start of the final chapter.

The last period where Menville brings back the BBM (63-57) from the start. But the fever will paralyze both groups. It seems that no one wants to take the initiative. Apparel, BBM retains control even if Smith briefly puts both groups back together (63-63, 36).

Eddie Steiner's concert, last night, against his former GAB partners

Eddie Steiner’s concert, last night, against his former GAB partners

But that was without relying on Steiner being totally insane at the time of money. The first shot in the middle position initiates the awakening of the building that combines it with a long-range shot (72-67, 39). That was enough to galvanize supporters who were completely unleashed. Despite attempts, the ATM failed to deceive the “blue and white” vigil. Bruzac complements the masterful success of BBM Kids (79-73). Success is synonymous with second place in BBM who makes a choice in the playoffs. But the season is not over yet. GAB with the most convenient calendar can still believe in it with all its might. But, for that, BBM will have to make a wrong move.

BB Marmandy 79 – Garonne Avenir Basket 73

in Beaupuy (Collinéum Pascal-Laperche)

periods : 24-9, 12-27; 24-21, 19-16.

the reviewer : Jeremy Leskebe and Nicolas Lasserre

public : nearly 1,500 spectators

For BB Marmande : 58 shots were attempted, of which 27 were successful, of which 12/27 were from three points. 18 free throws were attempted, 13 successful. 28 rebounds, 13 stray bullets.
22 person fouls 1 player eliminated for 5 fouls: Tspa (34th place).

the team Prozac (15), Albert, Steiner (27), Stojlikowicz, Mainville (6), Bailey (4), Kozigo (3), Dito Mona Samo (6), Dembele (12), Tesba (6).

For ATMs : 00 attempted shots, 26 successful of which 7/24 from three points. 23 free throws were attempted, 14 successful. 21 rebounds, 16 stray bullets.
21 person fouls, no player disqualified; 1 non-mathematical foul: Le Borgne (second).

the team : Turner (16), Smith (10), Gueye (10), Miyem Bell (10), Auriol, Lopez (3), Sow (5), Comblon, Le Borgne (2), Nérée (17).

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