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Where will the basketball events be held during the 2024 Olympics in Paris? After abandoning the Porte de Versailles exhibition center, RMC Sport evaluates a very complex profile …

After Hall 6 of the Porte de Versailles exhibition center was abandoned to host the basketball group stages of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, the Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games (COJO) is looking for a solution to host the orange ball. The decision is expected in early July to be approved by the OCOG Board of Directors. For its part, the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) is awaiting the return of organizing the Games. It is the organization that controls the organization, not the French Basketball Federation. However, the FFBB is still obligated to have its President Jean-Pierre Ciutat on the FIBA ​​Board of Directors. If Paris 2024 defends itself by invoking the organization of knockout matches at the Accor Arena, this represents only 16 matches (men’s and women’s tournaments) out of the 52 planned. Therefore, a cap must be found for the majority of basketball games (36 games total).

Basketball has already rejected lil

When the Paris 2024 Organization revised its version to reduce its budget in December 2020, Le Bourget’s site was removed. It was decided to finish the project that had planned to welcome badminton and volleyball at the Parc des Expositions in the city. OCOG Dish Game Musical chairs. It would be Arena 2 or in other words Arena Alice Millais in the north of Paris which was to host the basketball, badminton and rhythmic gymnastics hall that was evicted from its location in Place de la Défense in Paris. What do you do with basketball and volleyball that returned 3 medals, including one gold, in Tokyo? If decision-makers are moving toward moving volleyball to the Parc des Expositions in Porte de Versailles, basketball is causing more controversy.

Basketball is a major and is as much promoted as athletics, swimming, and artistic gymnastics. This quartet, which offers the best TV viewers, partially justifies the huge amount that American broadcaster, NBC, paid for the rights to participate in the Summer and Winter Olympics. The 18-year contract was signed in 2014 and runs until the 2032 Winter Olympics and will bring a total of 7.13 billion euros to the IOC.

Faced with this dilemma, the Paris 2024 Organizing Committee first proposed to the FIBA ​​in 2020 that the 36 men’s and women’s basketball matches be moved to the Stade Pierre-Moroy in Villeneuve d’Ascq. The 2015 men’s Eurobucket-style formation co-organised and hosted by France for the final stage in the North. The configuration of the room made it possible to break European attendance records with more than 27,000 people for the final match between Spain, the executioners of the Blues, and Lithuania. Basketball’s governing bodies want to stay in Paris and not go into exile. OCOG has embarked on a new round of pool with three cushions. Handball, which from the start of the project was to be based in Hall 6 at Parc des Expositions, moved to LOSC to make room for basketball. The formation was made and voted by Paris 2024 in December 2020 but will see new twists after the wrath of French basketball players at the beginning of 2022, including Yvan Fournier, but also the technical studies of the International Basketball Federation that showed that the low height under the ceiling of Hall No. 6 led to Impress players with the proximity of projectors and other lighting. As a reminder, as early as December 2020, handball players also expressed their indignation after this forced move to all Olympic tournaments. They complained in particular that this exile prevented them from residing in the Olympic Village.

What are the solutions?

Several cities applied to host basketball in the first week. Lyon and its arena near OL’s Groupama stadium, which is scheduled to host ASVEL matches in the Euroleague. But also Orleans and Reims are located about an hour from Paris and have modern facilities to offer. But the priority and desire of the International Basketball Federation is to stay in Paris as initially planned and leave the teams in the Olympic Village.

The Arena Alice Millais, which from 2023 will house Paris Basketball Club as the resident club, was the perfect solution. You must decide OCOG now. Either the Arena de la Porte de la Chapelle brings basketball back as in the app and thus find a new venue for badminton and rhythmic gymnastics, or find a new room for basketball. In a region without large-scale equipment, France’s future Tremblay Arena, Colisée-Grand-Paris, which should come off the ground in January 2024 could be an occasion with 6000 places expected but the organizing committee for the Olympic Games, always looking for Economy, this track is kept and cooled by the size of the limited room for basketball, which is a major provider of tickets, unlike the LDLC Arena in Lyon and 12,000 seats.

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