Angouleme: gym, learn a language, ride horses, stay active during lunch break

“Good orgasm shot” with the tape on the floor

It’s 1:30 pm. sharp. Isabel Moreau, 58, rushes to roll up her gym mat before riding her electric bike. Direction, the headquarters of the GrandAngoulême where …

“Good orgasm shot” with the tape on the floor

It’s 1:30 pm. sharp. Isabel Moreau, 58, rushes to roll up her gym mat before riding her electric bike. Direction, the GrandAngoulême headquarters where a marathon of meetings awaits. “It’s frank but what comforts me!” Once a week, this anguist takes advantage of her lunch break to take a one-hour class at Théâtre de l’Eperon, a somewhat secretive discipline that borrows its exercises from classical dance where stretching, flexibility and muscle strengthening alternate.

It is our arc of calm without the screams of children, the stresses of the house.

“The idea is to separate all the joints to gain complete bodily freedom,” Martin Ladouard, the teacher, explains. “And it helps to better understand how his movements work,” Isabel Moreau adds. These late and erratic end hours prompted the employee to improve the meridian break in favor of physical activity, but away from traditional gyms: “I did not want to do sports alone, there is my advice, there is a real added value. »
Same enthusiasm with lawyer Miriam Bukau, glad to leave her session with A “Good shot of ecstasy”. “We feel great”, Testify to sex, licked in the hand. For her, sports at noon have only advantages: “I became more effective from work after a day of work. Before that, I would go to evening classes, and I found it more difficult.” Reheated dish that swallows on the go – “I always used to eat fast” – It will resume its activities.

“Escape” with a language course

Midi et deux is also the right place that Frédéric Viollet, an employee of the Lidl platform in Vars, has chosen to embark on a new business. Time is running out as soon as the office door is closed for this father of a mixed family of four who live in Berry. For a month, the forty-year-old went every week to Firstep, in the L’Houmeau district, to learn English.
“It is essential to travel and meet new people.” During a trip to Prague with his wife – who is fluent in Shakespeare – he admits bitterness at not being able to participate in the conversations she had with the locals. At the age of forty, he claims to have been more attentive to teaching than during his school years “Where we were 30 per class without having to speak at all.” After an intense first hour of learning – “I had a violent reaction, and fatigue” – , Frédéric Viollet says he enjoys this linguistic meeting: “It breaks everyday life and allows you to escape.” If the motivation is above all personal, then the Maintenance and Security Manager hopes his new knowledge will also have a professional purpose: “Many of our drivers are foreigners and they have German technicians (Lidl is a German brand, editor’s note), Despite some of my notions of English, it often ends up in Google Translate. »

“The Butterfly Effect” in Etrier Charentais

At the L’Etrier Charentais Equestrian Center in Papillon’s saddle, a Dark Bay castrated, and Cheyenne, a mare with Palomino lights, Julie Kellett, 33, and Morgan Wetnauer, 40, spend their lunch break three times a week.
“This is our calm without the cries of children, the stress of the house”attests to the first, manager of an online sales site. “Without a husband”The second writer, freelance content writer and press relations officer, continues. For this Angoumoisine, who landed in Charente in 2018 after 17 years in Paris, “There is a connection being made with both the animal and nature which allows the batteries to be recharged.”
It’s the butterfly effect. Julie Coyle, a resident of Saint-Yeriques, smiles at her side, referring to the name of her mountain.

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