A very serious accident, the plane broke down while landing 2 (video).

A Boeing-757 had to make an emergency landing at San Jose Airport in Costa Rica. The cargo plane was divided into two parts.

Costa Rican fire chief Hector Chaves told reporters that the plane had to make an emergency landing, and that the two people on board were in good health. The crew consisted of two Guatemalans. Guido Vazquez, first assistant at the Red Cross, said they had been taken to hospital for examination as a precaution.

The plane, belonging to the German DHL group, in yellow and red in the marking colors, took off 25 minutes before from San Jose, bound for Guatemala, when the pilot reported a problem with the hydraulic system. He then asked to turn around, according to Julian Billiard, director of operations and security for Aeris State Corporation, which operates the airport.

The plane crashed at the airport

But during the emergency landing shortly before 4:30 pm GMT, the plane skidded off the runway and broke in two. The accident paralyzed all operations at Juan Santamaria Airport (San Jose), the largest in the country. For five and a half hours, one hundred flights and 8,500 passengers were affected.

Ricardo Hernandez, general manager of Aeris, the public company responsible for the airport, later indicated that airport activity had returned to normal, both for arrivals and departures.

A few days earlier, a plane crash from New York to Paris had been narrowly avoided over Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport.

A flight from New York to Paris soon crashed on Tuesday in ROISSY, an investigation has been opened

The Civil Aviation Safety Investigation and Analysis Bureau described the accident as serious.

Airbus Toulouse

A safety investigation has been opened on the flight operated by Air France.

While completing its approach to Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport, Air France flight AF011 had a serious accident on Tuesday morning, the Civil Aviation Safety Investigation and Analysis (BEA) said. Boeing 777 from New York did not respond to controls during landing. It was only 1,200 feet (about 370 meters) high. The accident was eventually averted, and the plane eventually landed after the pilots were able to clear altitude.

Deviation to the left

The plane took off from John Fitzgerald Kennedy Airport at 8:51 pm on Monday, April 4th. It is one of five daily flights between New York and Paris airports. On final approach to the capital, on Tuesday morning, the aircraft’s controls were no longer responding and the aircraft veered to the left.

The exchanges between the pilots and the control tower at Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport were announced in a video posted on YouTube. In the video, we first hear about the control tower giving permission to land on runway 26L. In the next moment, one of the pilots was heard grumbling as alarm bells rang out in the cockpit. shouted: Stop! Stop!. The control tower tries to contact the plane again. “I’ll call you back!” said the pilot with obvious concern. I’ll talk to you later!

After a few moments, the pilots finally indicated that they had successfully put the plane back on course. AF011. We turned around. Flight control problem. The plane did almost anything.

Disaster averted

In extreme cases, the plane was finally able to make an emergency turn. As for the air traffic controller, he noticed that the plane from New York was veering left and had time to order another plane, AFHW, at full takeoff, to stop at 1,500 feet to avoid collision with Flight AF011. As the flight path on FlightAware shows, after the accident, the plane turned 180 degrees to land on the other side of the airport, on runway 27R. The site said it finally landed safely at 10:31 a.m. on time.

Le Parisien was able to collect the testimony of Michelle, 75, who was on the plane.

There was a lot of fog, we saw the track at the last minute. She said: We were almost on the runway when the plane came up very quickly. She added that the passengers did not panic.

Serious accident, open investigation

The Civil Aviation Administration announced this morning that it has opened a safety investigation after the serious Boeing accident. The bureau noted that there was flight control instability at the end, but also rotation, control roughness and flight path oscillations. The data is analyzed. The aircraft in question has been frozen on the ground until further notice at the request of the BEA.

An official told AFP that the classification of the accident as dangerous is due to the fact that it occurred in the approach phase, where the greatest danger exists, as well as in the take-off phase.

an airport

In a press release from Air France that BFMTV was able to consult with, the national carrier specified that the aircraft had halted its landing sequence and undertook a tour due to a technical accident on approach. The crew perfected the situation and landed naturally after a second approach. The crew had control of the situation and landed normally after a second approach, he said, adding that turning around is a normal procedure. Crews are regularly trained and informed of these procedures.

According to information available on AirFleets’ website, the plane that caused the accident was delivered on Tuesday morning 17 years ago. Le Point adds that the oldest Boeing 777 in the Air France fleet is gradually being replaced by the Airbus A350.

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