What we know about the Kramatorsk station bombing

Targeting of civilians while trying to flee the advanced fighting in the Donbass region of eastern Ukraine. Kramatorsk station was bombed on the morning of Friday 8 April.

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According to the latest official report from the regional authorities, 52 people were killed and 109 others were injured. Here’s what we know about this massacre, which infuriates Westerners.

Corpses in bags and bloodied sidewalks

The missile landed on the station around 10:30 a.m., at a time when, like every day, hundreds of residents gather in hopes of getting on a train or car that will allow them to flee the Russian attack, says the special envoy. France Télévisions company on the spot, Maryse Borgot.

Arriving at the scene after the bombing, the team of special envoys from France Télévisions filmed scenes of chaos. Bodies piled on the floor, in body bags or under tarpaulins, bloodstained sidewalks, deserted bags, a crying woman kissing the body of a loved one…

A man, who had just arrived at the station with his grandmother, went to buy cigarettes, just as the bombing happened. I pulled his dead body out of the car. France 2 tells. “Everything suddenly exploded, many people died”Another man says.

strategic goal

part of Pro-Russian separatists have controlled Donbass since 2014. Kramatorsk is the “capital” of this region, which is still under Ukrainian control. An area living in the agony of an imminent major Russian attack. Because after withdrawing his forces from the Kyiv region and northern Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin has made the conquest of Donbass his priority. The city of Kramatorsk is now surrounded from the south and east by the pro-Russian “republics” of Donetsk and Luhansk, and by the advance of Russian forces in the north.

The Kramatorsk region and its inhabitants are under threat from a large-scale military operation that will take them in a pincer movement. That is why in recent days the Ukrainian authorities have stopped calling on the population to evacuate the Donbass as soon as possible. And Kramatorsk The influx of displaced people who left their homes to take cover in the west, away from the fightingMarie-Bourgot explains about France 3.

Moscow denies responsibility for the strike

Moscow denied responsibility for the strike. The Kremlin claimed it did not have the type of missile it was to use and denounced “excitement” Ukrainian. “Ukrainian Armed Forces committed a new war crime on April 8, striking it with a Tochka-U tactical missile”The Russian Foreign Ministry replied.

The defense accused Kyiv of owning it “orchestra” hit her for “Preventing the residents of the city from leaving in order to use it as a human shield.”. The strategy is not new. Moscow regularly condemns “excitement” Ukrainians are defending themselves against accusations of atrocities and war crimes, as happened in Bucha.

After the bombing, missile remnants were seen at the front of the station, as noted by Les Révélateurs, France Télévisions’ image-verification service. It can be read in Russian “for our children”. This frequent expression of pro-Russian separatists is a reference to the killing of their children since the First Donbas War, which began in 2014.

Ukraine’s president calls for ‘firm response’

In response, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky denounced the methods “Inhumane” from Russia. “Without the strength and courage to confront us on the battlefield, they are cynically exterminating the civilian population. It is an evil that has no bounds. And if it is not punished, it will never stop,” He wrote on Telegram on Friday. This is another Russian war crime, for which all those involved will be held accountable.”the Ukrainian president said in a video message on Saturday morning. “World powers have already condemned Russia’s attack on Kramatorsk. We expect a strong global response to this war crime.”he completed.

Western leaders condemn

Volodymyr Zelensky The President of the United States heard it. This bloody attack on “Capital” The part of Donbass still under Ukrainian control is a ‘New horrific atrocities committed by Russia’Posted in Joe Biden’s tweet.

A senior US defense official denied the Russian authorities’ arguments. “I note that they initially reported a successful strike, and that they only retracted after reports of civilian casualties”The official said.

that it despicable attackAccording to European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, who arrived in Ukraine on Friday for a support visit, accompanied by the head of EU diplomacy, Josep Borrell. In the late afternoon they both went to Bucha, near Kyiv, where dozens of bodies in civilian clothes, some with hands tied behind their backs, were discovered in early April after the departure of the Russian troops.

The French head of state also denounced the bombing of Kramatorsk as “obnoxious”. In general, Emmanuel Macron then added that France was on its way “Evidence gathering” Opposite Russian war crimes in Ukraine. “We sent the gendarmerie and the judges in cooperation to help (…) to gather evidence of the guilt of the Russian soldiers and the identity of these Russian soldiers.”he added.

Even the Secretary of State talked about a ‘crime against humanity’. “They hit the station, on the refugees, and so on the civilians, it’s responding to crimes against humanity.”Jean-Yves Le Drian estimated, Friday evening, France 5, in a clear reference to the Russian forces. ‘It’s despicable, another massacre’said the head of French diplomacy. These crimes cannot go unpunished.And roads, in reference to the massacres committed against civilians on the outskirts of Kyiv.

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