Russian influencers transmit fake ‘Figaro’ video showing Chanel stores with Hitler stickers – Liberation

The war between Ukraine and RussiaIssue

Dissatisfied with their inability to purchase bags from the luxury brand due to the sanctions, influencers published a false report stamped with “Le Figaro”, making them believe that the stores had deteriorated.

Since she posted on social networks the testimony of a Russian woman asserting that she could not buy a Chanel handbag in a Dubai store because of her nationality, other wealthy citizens, followed by thousands of subscribers, have shared videos in protest. “Discrimination”. They can be seen chasing after the French luxury brand by shredding handbags.

But since Wednesday, some of these influencers have shared another video, like Victoria Bonya, which has been followed by more than 9 million people. It shares a video stamped with the “Figaro Live” logo, the video format of Figaro. In what appears to be a report from the French daily, several text banners reported this On Sunday, posters bearing the image of Hitler appeared on all the buildings that housed Chanel’s offices and stores in Paris. Instead of the face, the Nazi leader has the Chanel logo. Perhaps this is a reference to the recent scandal involving Russian Chanel agents. Chanel recently refused to sell clothes to Russian women in its stores in Dubai and Paris due to the sanctions. Russian officials and journalists have described the refusal to sell clothes on the basis of ethnicity as a manifestation of xenophobia. Between 1942 and 1943, Chanel was the mistress of German spy Gunter von Dinklage. In 2015, we discovered archives from which it appears that Chanel was an informant for the Nazis.

Images showing the stickers posing Hitler’s face with the brand logo also appear in this tweet from a journalist in Moscow, which evokes the same motives. Coco Chanel’s Nazi past has been the subject of many newspaper articles due to her romance with a Nazi diplomat during World War II.

on twitter, le Figaro He denied being behind the video shared by the Russian influencer and denounces “Wrong flyer, designed with photomontages, which outrageously transforms our graphic charter.”

call him verification Luxury brand Chanel also claims that photos of its storefronts are covered in stickers “Come from the photomontages” and that “Shops not marked. It is clear that fake news. We strongly condemn these scandalous images transmitted on social networks that also usurp the identity of the media [le Figaro, ndlr]“. CheckNews I called employees of two nearby Chanel stores who also claimed they hadn’t seen any graffiti.

The brand has previously justified the ban on the sale of its products to Russian customers, who can travel to their country of origin, by clarifying that The most recent EU and Swiss sanctions laws include a ban on “the sale, supply, transfer or export of luxury goods, directly or indirectly, to any natural or legal person, entity or body in Russia or for use in Russia.” We have begun a process to require customers who do not We know their primary residence by confirming that the items they purchase will not be used in Russia.”

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