Reactions after Borg Baskett’s European Cup final win over Venice

I am proud of the team and staff.”

We’re out two years after Covid, this is the party we wanted to have. Our girls presented the club and the fans with this trophy and the sixth European Cup. I am very proud of the club. We set our goals for ourselves at the start of the season, we told ourselves we had to go and get the three titles (Eurocoupe, Coupe de France, Championship, editor’s note); We’ve got one tonight, and we’re going to taste it, and we’ll keep working. I am proud of the team and staff. I often tell them, I admire and love them. »

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Elodie Godin, Captain of Tango

“The atmosphere in the Prado was great”

“After a complicated semi-final match, we were able to impose our style of play from the start of the match and our defense was really indomitable and Venice was suffocating because of our defence. We wanted to give this win to Alex, because it is always complicated for one of his teammates to come out injured during the match, especially in the match. The final. It’s my first European title, I’m 36 years old, I’ve been waiting for it for a long time, I’m very happy. And very proud of my team. The atmosphere in Prado was great, and being able to share that with the public is really a euphoria.”

Laetitia Gabu, Tango Pavilion

“We had to win for Alex, Issa and Andy”

“It should have been the scenario. I’m very happy, it’s my first European title in 5×5. I’m very proud of my team. There is good consistency, danger can come from everywhere. And there was a lot of desire. After Alex got injured, there was no choice.” Another. She’s my friend, she made a special impression on me. We had to win for her, for Issa and Andy who weren’t there. Now let’s celebrate and enjoy this beautiful medal and celebrate it.”

Eliana Robert, Indoor Tango, Finalist Best Player

We were stronger in tactics.

“We went for that victory together. We saw that especially in defense. We played good basketball against a team that never gave up. We also knew we were stronger in tactics, but we also had to be stronger in energy and commitment and what we did. It allows us to play at home. Spend more time with our fans. We will take the time to celebrate in the coming days before focusing on the next match.”

Martina Pistagno, captain of Venice

“Congratulations to Borg”

“We knew this Borg team would be very fierce. It was confirmed in the second half, with a lot of interceptions and missed passes on our part. They played better than us. Congratulations to Borg who played a full match.”

Interview by Philip Baudt and Philippe Roche

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