“I’ve never known that in my whole life,” said Germain Castano to Aurelien-Luart Baskett – Asvel

stand up. For the umpteenth time … in a season when nothing was spared from the OLB team, who had just lost their best player, Yossou Ndwi, their best player, for at least four weeks (a fracture of the fourth metatarsal of the left hand), German Castano does not hide the fact that these constant difficulties are exhausting him . Ahead of ASVEL’s meticulous reception, this afternoon, at 3:20pm, the coach showed his willingness to do everything to avoid the worst for the club: relegation, whose name he did not utter.

Germain, how do you keep your spirits high when all the elements look against your team?

“I’m no liar: I don’t have the best nights. But that’s part of it. I don’t want to be my sadness, but I haven’t experienced that in my whole life. We’ve all known this season what are we missing? The worst? I hope we don’t experience it… It’s a time that has to be We have to fight in it. We’ll see how we react in adversity. I’m staying. I’m very confident, I’m absolutely convinced we’ll do it. But we have to win games.”

This afternoon, against Leon Villeurbanne, it wouldn’t be easier to get him…

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“Asvel, following a trip to Monaco, this is not a gift. I am not saying we are not hoping for anything, we are still at home, it is a televised match, there will be a lot of people in the hall, so we should do well. If we are lucky. Enough that we’re still in the game at the start of the fourth quarter, anything can happen.”

I hope my players are on a mission. If they weren’t, it would be bad.

How do you intend to compensate for the absence of your hub Youssou Ndwi?

“Yos” is the team’s top rating, top scorer, a real fixing point that came out of a big game in Monaco… Against the big players at Asfel, I’d be lying to say we won. I don’t miss him. We will do with the means available, it will be complicated, but we will not play like victims and try to make a big game. Junior Mbeda will have to stay on his record. Bruno Cingala-Mata is better and has a running size that can be rotated into position 5.”

German Castano will be able to count on ten players today against ASVEL.

In what state of mind is your group, after this new hard-hit and before this complex match?

“I hope the players are on a mission. If they don’t, it’s going to be bad. I told my leaders that they have to be cast in the movie we’ll be experiencing during the end of the season. If they were to be extra, the movie wouldn’t be terrible. There’s no reason to regret it and they know.” that “.

Now that the situation is critical in the rankings, how do you envision the end of the season?

“It’s going to be a neck-to-neck final race and you don’t have to bet everything on the last lap. There is still a quarter of the championship to play casually. Playing good matches is really good, but above all we will have to win.”

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Jerome Cotton Coudray

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