Francis Bardot, President of La Charité Basketball: “A common desire to get out of this bad situation”

It’s an important word. Presidential speech. Frances Pardo, leader of the La Charité basket, lived the glorious hours at NM1, and stood, with an entire team, against the specter of relegation to NM3.

What is the atmosphere in a club that struggles not to get off??

Everyone is a bit on edge. Players and leaders find it difficult to stay calm. I can’t say there is no tension at all. But there is a common desire to get out of this mess.

Can we really talk about a disappointing season??

I am disappointed. We didn’t build a team to move to NM1. But at least to play for sixth place. with Fabian (Antonius, coach)We are convinced that it was possible. Today I fall in tenth place.

When I step in to talk to the guys, it’s at the start of the week. Tell them I’m not happy it happened. But it is not a matter of undermining the morale of the players, which the rating has already started.

How do you explain these difficulties?

Short defeats are infuriating, when you see the difference in points (Geneviliers, 6th, has the same difference in points as La Charette, 12:-27). The team has never shown that they know how to be excellent for forty minutes. It’s wonderful, intermittently. These moments should capture the air pockets.

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What could be the main role in this case??

When I step in to talk to the guys, it’s at the start of the week. Tell them I’m not happy it happened. But it is not a question of undermining their morale, which the rating has already initiated. I was in training on Tuesday, and I saw them again on Wednesday: I want them to feel supported, not abandoned.

Two trips are planned for supporters

Leaving the club in relegation would also be important…

Every off season, we should find six or seven new players. For those who intend to leave, maintenance will look better on a resume. But not everyone wants to leave. So many of them want to stay.

Even in NM3??

The question has not been considered.

What would the drop represent?

A second page flip, after going down to NM2 (required by the club, keep it sporty, for economic reasons). It will go back twelve years (the club switched from NM3 to NM2 at the end of the 2010-2011 season). Nothing notorious, but NM3 is a different way of working, no professional contracts…

The team will finish the season with three trips. Have you already planned a trip for supporters??

Yes, in Prissé-Mâcon (the twenty-fourth day) and Juvisy (the twenty-sixth and last day). If the team is retained, this additional support will almost certainly not be organised. But we will need it.

match sheet

Today 8pm LA CHARITÉ-SUR-LOIRE (George Beck Beck Lounge). Charity- WOSB. Referee: Vincent Perrett and Alexander Archer.
– Leaders: Salaninov (1.78 m, maximum), Lefebvre (1.80 m)? Wing-back: Booth (1.92m), Balci (1.94m), Leiria (1.98m), dos Santos (1.97m); Interiors: Abu Salam (2.02 m), Ramsa (2.08 m), Hangoy (2.01 m). Coach: Fabian Antonios (assisted by Pierre Hughes Fremont).
WOSB.?Leaders: Imhof (1.83 m), Müller (1.86 m); Wing-back: Correa da Silva (1.92 m, cover), Cisse (1.96 m), Fox (1.96 m), ? Inside: Mba Tanko (1.97 m), Diani (2 m), Trautmann (2.02 m). Coach: Francois Ladenburger.

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