Fontiers-Cabardès: Successfully completed 1st hole golf project

The city’s local urban planning project has been approved by the Provincial Committee for the Conservation of Natural, Agricultural and Forestry Areas. A step forward for a controversial golf project.

The Tourist Golf Project, at Fontiers-Cabardès, emerged from the bunker where it had been faltering for several years, after the town’s local town plan was abolished by the Council of State (see opposite). Recently, the municipality’s new PLU received approval (with some reservations, but do not call this project into question), from the Provincial Committee on Natural, Agricultural and Forestry, which is particularly concerned with “the fight against the artificiality of agricultural and forest areas”. Nice blow to the project, even the jumper, after years of dodging.

During the meeting of this commission, many partners attended: the state, elected officials, representatives of associations. The Chamber of Agriculture and the agricultural trade unions were to abstain from the vote, while the Baisan Federation reiterated its opposition to the project.

“It is an important step that has been taken, admitted the Mayor of Fontiers-Carbardès, Gilbert Plagnes. The process is long: it is the weight of the administration. But at the moment, I have not received notification of opinion. From CDPENAF. I know there are reservations, they must be removed, to put everything in order.” According to the mayor of Fontiers-Cabardès, the decision will not relate directly to the golf project. It does, however, show up well in the PLU Summary (Tourist District Division, p. 39), as in the PADD Project (p. 11), which clearly states “a golf complex requiring an 18-hole course, with paddle-house, bar and restaurant; hotel; A 4-star restaurant with 80 rooms and a gourmet restaurant with 170 seats, as well as a residential complex of 52 homes and 165 apartments.

The document concludes: “For Fontier-Cabardes, the development of tourism represents a major challenge in the development of tourism in the municipality” (1). For this golf project, “the statutory requirements have been met since 2012, in fact,” defines Simon Chassard, the county’s general secretary. Indeed, the file for the creation of a new tourist unit has been validated. This Agreement remains in effect.” From now on, the PLU complies with this basic document.

The project will have to go on a long journey before seeing the light of day. The municipality – and the project’s promoters – are especially awaiting the opinion of the regional environmental authority’s mission. After that it will launch a public investigation. “The Town Hall grievance list was opened, and it was the first step, Gilbert Blagens recalls. We must wait for the associated structures to return. Subject to potential appeals, the PLU could come into force next summer.”

In the controls for this project, Néocités in Toulouse, commissioned by investors, led by famous golfer Catherine Lacoste, now business manager, associated with Alain Dehaye, consultant for the Périgueux golf course, which designed the Folgas golf course, on the Spanish border. The investment is estimated at 170 million euros (excluding VAT).


A project spanning more than ten years

It’s a ten-year-old project that’s popping up. Here are the key dates.January 2022. The Administrative Authority for the Conservation of Natural, Agricultural and Forestry Areas gives a positive opinion, with reservations, on the golf project.January 2021. The new urban plan for the municipality of Fonters-Cabardès has been unveiled. Objective: To make possible the creation of a multi-purpose room … and a golf complex.April 2017. A page called “Oui au golf de Fonters-Cabarès” appears on the social network Facebook. The Crocodiles du Cabardès blog publishes the arguments of the opponents of the project.October 2017. The former PLU of the village was abolished by the Administrative Court. The decision was confirmed by the State Council the following July. 2013. At the initiative of the FDSEA, JA, Confédération paysanne and local residents, a demonstration was organized against the project and a petition was submitted to the prefecture.2010-2011. The project has been launched. Investors acquired 250 hectares of La Canade, an abandoned farm.

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