A professor from the University of Zurich was kidnapped and his family died

Published briefly in German-speaking media on Friday evening, before being suppressed by court order, the identity of the hijacker lends a political twist to the case. The investigation was entrusted to the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Zurich.

Why is he serious? The potential danger of the conspirators operating in Switzerland was clearly identified by the Confederate Intelligence (SRC). This service is concerned with protecting members of the Federal Council, parliamentarians, employees of the Federal Courts, and employees of the Federal Administration. And 64 threats targeted these people in 2020, compared to 18 in 2019, according to the survey published in Tag’s Anzeiger.

facts. It all starts on the evening of March 31, as detailed by the Zurich Cantonal Police:

“An unknown person kidnapped a man in the canton of Zurich and threatened him with firearms. In the same evening, the kidnapper released his victim. The Zurich cantonal police immediately opened an investigation. These made it possible to identify a 38-year-old German.

As in-depth investigations indicated that the suspect was carrying firearms, specialists from the Intervention Unit were called for the imminent arrest. When the latter made the arrest on the evening of Wednesday, April 6, 2022 in Walleslein just before 8 pm, the German suddenly pulled out and used a firearm, which might have injured his comrade. Then the police used fire. Despite the rescue measures that were immediately implemented, the man and the woman died instantly.

The investigation was entrusted to the Zurich Public Prosecutor’s Office, which opened several criminal proceedings on suspicion of the murder of the kidnapper and the police officers involved in the events:

“Intensive investigations carried out during the night from Wednesday to Thursday under the direction of the Zurich Cantonal Prosecutor and the Zurich Cantonal Police made it possible to obtain other results. During a search of an apartment in Wallselen, where the 38-year-old was said to have stayed, the police found various weapons. , including ammunition.

The two deceased persons have not yet been officially identified and no further information can be provided about their identities.

The investigation is still in its infancy. The exact course and circumstances of the accident as well as the exact motive of the 38-year-old German are the subject of various investigations conducted by the police and the public prosecutor’s office in cooperation with the Institute of Forensic Medicine in Zurich and the Institute of Forensic Medicine at the University of Zurich. Due to the ongoing investigation, no further information can be provided at this time.”

The public prosecutor in Zurich has officially identified the hijacker and his accomplice, both of whom are based in Switzerland. The forensic report confirms that “the 28-year-old woman died as a result of a bullet fired by her 38-year-old companion.”

A third person (a 43-year-old Swiss) was arrested in connection with the March 31 kidnapping on April 7. The Public Prosecutor indicates that “his participation in the crime is the subject of ongoing investigations.”

call him Heidi NewsThe Zurich Cantonal Police did not mention this file, referring to the Zurich Cantonal Prosecutor’s Office. No communication regarding the current case is expected before Monday, April 11.

Who is the alleged kidnapper? Police investigation and detection Tag’s Anzeiger He made it possible to draw a preliminary portrait of the 38-year-old German. According to the Zurich newspaper, he is “a lunatic who kidnapped a national figure for hours. The author had connections in conspiratorial circles.

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According to various sources, the man in question founded a company in 2020 with a business partner who was also a representative of the flat earth theory, according to which the earth is flat. He also liked to practice archery in Spreitenbach, a town in Aargau near Zurich.

Police investigations should make it possible to determine the true links between this man and the various conspiratorial movements active in the country. It should also specify the motives for this kidnapping and detention.

Who was kidnapped? What prompted the police to intervene on 6 April was the reported March 31 kidnapping. When publishing its investigation on April 8, Al-Taji revealed the identity of the kidnapped, but quickly abandoned it:

“The name cannot be mentioned by the editorial board due to a decision of a very temporary court.”

The clear sign of personal protection. call him Heidi NewsThe Federal Ministry of the Interior refuses to comment on the matter. However, several well-informed sources denounce the press treatment of the subject. By revealing the identity of the kidnapped, the media does not respect the victim’s right to personality, and for obvious security reasons, one must first consider protecting the person before revealing their name publicly.

There is no doubt that this aspect prompted the responsible authorities to intervene with the media, which published the identity of the professor in question. The latter holds a professorship at the University of Zurich, is active in a hospital in the canton, and has been commissioned by the Federation to head an independent commission in the field of health.

Too late… However, the information quickly made the rounds of social networks already teeming with the name of the kidnapping victim, easy to find on the German-language Twittersphere. But Heidi News He chose to respect the victim’s right to remain anonymous.

The editorial team will follow up on the case in the coming days.

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