26 years after her mother Natalie, Tarpeez Pauline Astaire won the European Cup

More than a quarter century after her mother Natalie won the Tarbes title, Bigordan Pauline Astaire (Bourget) won the European Cup (C2) on Thursday night.

History is an eternal return. And in some families more than others. If Ntamak’s father and son in rugby can be proud of winning the European Cup, then mother and daughter Esther have the backing. Thursday evening, 26 years after her mother Natalie (who was called Forcade at the time), Pauline Astaire won the European Cup (C2) after a final perfectly mastered by Berruyères who, at home, left Venice no chance (74-38) ). “He was just a nephew!” , says the 20-year-old captain, whose smile reverberates on the other end of the line. I haven’t come off my cloud yet, the weather was unreal! »

From Ronchetti to the European Cup

Nearly a quarter of a century before (1996), Natalie, the mother, was part of the Tarbes improbable continental saga with the TGB who achieved, at Quai de l’Adour, the greatest achievement of her youthful existence by defeating the Sicilians of Camus (81-63 in go; 82-63 in the second leg) in Ronchetti, the former name of the European Cup.

“I admit I asked my mother the question before the final to make sure it was really the same competition,” laughs Pauline, who came off the bench (6 points in 12 minutes) following an injury to starting goalkeeper Alex Duchette.

France and Italy final, home victory, there is no shortage of similarities between the two family leaders, not to mention the physical similarities and unmistakable gestures. So much so that Jean-Pierre Ciotat, federation president and former coach of the TGB, tangled up his group Thursday night by sending Pauline a congratulatory letter addressed to the mother who had it on his orders in the 1990s.

“It’s really funny to share this stuff with my mom.”

“Behind the TV, I was in 25s of nervousness,” points out Natalie, who couldn’t go to Cher for the final. I hadn’t eaten all evening, I had knots in my stomach but it was for a good reason (laughs)! This victory brings so many memories to the surface and warms the heart.”

“It’s really funny to share this thing with my mother,” adds the person who left Begor five years ago to join the Bourget Training Center, France’s biggest basketball club that now has six victories in the cup. Europe (3 titles in the Euroleague, 2 in the Eurocoupe and 1 in Ronchetti).

“On my own, I wouldn’t have gone for auditions there, as Pauline Astaire confided last November, to tell her how she had followed her friend Sarah Romy (today in Basket Lands). And since things had gone so well for me, she did not refuse to take this opportunity.”

ball kid

Basketball, for Pauline, is first and foremost a family affair. In addition to his mother, his father, Frederick, remarkably passed the hopes of CSPLimoges. “No one forced me, I just tried one day and liked it right away,” the international nominees say.

His mother, who went from National 4 to the European title with the Tarbes before hanging up at 27 to start a family, confirmed in a startling admission: “We have three daughters and I really wanted them to do everything except basketball because we ate enough with his dad (laughs), but in In the end we gave them the choice.”

The profession has never been an obsession for La Berruyère, she is so happy she has been able to make a living from her sport which she admitted a few months ago that she maintains this “innocent air” in the face of a fearful professional environment. better and better. And that’s even if she admitted she got nervous Thursday night on the Prado’s free-throw line packed with 5,000 people (“I’ve never photographed in front of so many people in such an atmosphere!”).

With a continental title in her pocket, and the prospect of a first hat-trick for her club (Borg is the regular season leader in the tournament and in the French Cup final), Pauline Astaire is no longer a rookie. , even if she repeats often that she wants to take her time to progress and always have more playing time.

“She’s growing yes,” confirms Natalie, who watches and supports her without any interference (“that’s not my turn”). She’s a real team girl, as immature as she can be off the court but on the ground, what a smart for her age! 20 years and over The surface of Europe, feeling dizzy and promising the future.

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