ZLAN: The tournament starts tonight, all the info to follow!

Like every year, tonight begins the multi-game tournament that combines competition and entertainment with ZLAN, organized by ZeratoR (through its organization ZQSD Productions). We review the stages of the tournament and how to follow it.

The ZLAN 2022 starts tonight near Lyon (in Villeurbanne to be exact), which combines 228 players divided into 76 triples. They will face each other Up to eleven matches (For those who will go to the furthest point in the tournament), with Cash prizes over 50,000 euros to win. competition will be Stream live on Twitch On the ZeratoR channel and on the channels of some of the participants.

To win, you have to be good all around!

ZLAN is a file Multiple games competitionso ask a great craftsmanship of the participants. In fact, being very strong in a match or two will not be enough, because your opponents can dominate you in other matches of the tournament. Even worse, if you get far in the competition, Your favorite games can be blocked by the discount.

The matches are as follows with accompanying rules for this tournament:

Fall Guys – Ultimate Knockout : The classic battle royale of Fall Guys. In the first group stage, all the players in the group compete against each other. In the second stage of hens, two chickens are grouped together. The player who survives the test gives one point to his team, and the player who wins gives his team five points.

elden ring : Boss rush in relay, with a newly created character. Players must pass the console every five minutes. They have 45 minutes to kill three bosses: Dragon Agheel, Godrick, and Radagon’s Crimson Wolf. The call will be blocked.

ZUTOM : A modified version of Sutom especially for the event. There will be fifteen words to search for, in ten minutes max, and in the least number of attempts possible. These words will be between five and eight letters long. The teams will be ranked according to the least used attempts in total.

Republic of Riders : A mass race on the Riders Republic, gathering all the players of the group, in the first stage. The average of the three players’ places on the team will be taken into account when ranking. In the elimination phase, the race will be a 6-man versus race, with three runs per map on five different maps.

Apex Legends Apex Legends is present at every stage of the tournament, a flagship game in ZLAN 2022. In the group stages, each group trio competes in two custom games, in Olympus and Storm Zone. The final standings will give the teams a number of points, as well as the number of kills. In the elimination phase, the trio will face off in the 3v3 Arena on three maps.

Worms are weapons of mass destruction : Worms is a classic game from ZLAN, now logically returning in 2022. In the group stage, the FFA mode will be bringing together four teams of six worms. Each player can only play his worm. In the final stage, two teams of six worms will compete. In both cases, the games will be executed in a dedicated ZLAN mode.

Age of Empires IV In the group stage, six trios competed in six-man FFA matches of fifty minutes. In each trio, only one member plays at a time, and they take turns on the keyboard every five minutes. The final stage will be played in the standard 3 against 3. It should be noted that for this game, too, specific rules have been established, both in terms of winning conditions and in terms of possible actions of the players.

Hot Wheels Unleashed : The game of choice for the fans, a first for the 2022 edition. In the group stage, there will be six-team tournaments, one player per team, on maps created by ZeratoR, with collisions and imposed cars activated. Each player in the trio plays four maps in total, so each circle will be played three times, once for each player from each team. The average ranking of the three players determines their place. In the elimination phase, the trio will face another on the four circuits, again with collisions activated.

rocket league In the final stage only, teams will compete in 3v3 matches. The team that wins two of the three rounds wins the game. The three rounds will play in different game modes: Dropshot, Thermal Guidance, and Snow Day.

Pro Soccer Online Pro Soccer Online might not be very popular, but it promises fun games because its gameplay is unique. It will only be played in the final stage. In five-minute 3-on-3 matches, the first team to win three matches wins the point.

Tournament format

ZLAN: The tournament starts tonight, all the info to follow!

ZLAN format is as follows: Two rounds of group stage, then quarter-finals, semi-finals and grand finals. It should be noted that the audience will be present for the first time! In fact, the Yesterday during which it will be organized The semi-finals and final matches will be played in front of the public du Double Mixte, the room in Villeurbanne where the event takes place.

  • Group Stage 1: Friday from 7 pm.

78 triples, divided into four groups of nineteen teams. Top Six Teams From each pool continue the tournament.

Fall Guys – Ultimate Knockout / Elden Ring / Zutom / Riders Republic / Apex Legends

  • Group stage 2: Saturday from 2 pm.

24 trios, divided into four groups of six teams. best two teams From each pool continue the tournament.

Worm Weapons Weapons of Mass Destruction / Age of Empires IV / Fall Guys – Ultimate Knockout / Apex Legends / Hot Wheels Unlock

  • Quarter-finals: Saturday from 8:30 pm.

8 trios compete in the four Quarter-finals, one team against another. It will be ‘BO3’, i.e. the first team to win the point in two matches is the qualifier. The Matches will be withdrawn.

  • Semi-finals: Sunday from 12 noon (in front of the public)

4 trios compete in both Semi-finals, one team against another There is, too. This time it is “BO5”, so the first team to win three matches is eligible. This time the teams will choose the games with Shot and block systemwhere they can choose or block a game in order to benefit or harm their opponents.

  • Grand Final: Sunday from 7:45 p.m. (in front of an audience)

2 trio compete in this The great conclusion. It would be “BO7”, so five games to win the title. a mysterious trial You will be part of the respective games, and for the rest you will be too Choice and ban system.

The cash prize of €51,015 It will be distributed as follows:

  • Winner: €45,000
  • Second: 3,333 euros
  • 3rd and 4th: 1,341 euros each

Like every year, the ZLAN blends competition and entertainment. You will have the opportunity to follow the competition on the different broadcast channels present in the event in the group stages and in the quarter-finals. On the other side, The semi-finals and final will be broadcasted exclusively on ZeratoR. To see who to follow and who to support, here’s the list of participants.

Streamer teams:

ZLAN: The tournament starts tonight, all the info to follow!

Equivalent difference:

ZLAN: The tournament starts tonight, all the info to follow!

The first stage chickens are distributed as follows:

ZLAN: The tournament starts tonight, all the info to follow!

We also expect many more banners Suspension games with ZeratoRLike Mr. MV, Antoine Daniel, Damdam, Alphacast.

ZLAN: The tournament starts tonight, all the info to follow!

ZLAN will follow this evening from 7pm on Twitch. To make sure you don’t miss a thing, visit ZeratoR’s Twitch channel all weekend.

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