The Quarry: The Spiritual Sequel to Until Dawn Coming Soon on PS5, Xbox, and PC

game news The Quarry: The Spiritual Sequel to Until Dawn Coming Soon on PS5, Xbox, and PC

Developers Supermassive Games, to whom we owe Until Dawn and the Dark Pictures anthology, have announced a new narrative horror game filled with reveling, psychopathic, bloodthirsty teens. In The Quarry, published by 2K, the player leaves a lost ice chalet in the Canadian mountains to come and suffocate in the sweltering summer camp heat. The decor changes, but the icons remain. By developing this new project, the studio intends to build on its long experience in the genre in order to deliver a successful interactive experience.

surprise announcement

We attended a trailer presentation and then had a conversation for about ten minutes with Will Biles, Executive Creative Director at Supermassive Games.

A new narrative horror game with brain-scattered teens

This summer, would you like to go on vacation with a group of guys who think only of partying? If so, know that 2K and Supermassive Games invite you to take things easy with nine carefree screens at a summer camp lost in the middle of nowhere. in the program ? Flirting, choices, death and blood. According to Will Byles, Executive Creative Director at Supermassive Games, The Quarry is a soulful sequel to Until Dawn. This means that we find the same genre, i.e. a narrative horror game in the purest spirit.”teen movie‘, the same type of gameplay, based on choices and QTEs, and the same kind of atmosphere with humor and bloody murder. However, after designing Hidden Agenda and three episodes of Dark Pictures, the studio wants to draw on its expertise to advance its ambitions: on paper, The Quarry is supposed to become the future reference for the genre.

The Quarry: The Spiritual Sequel to Until Dawn Coming Soon on PS5, Xbox, and PC

Staff that will make you scream

In order to build an unforgettable interactive horror drama, the British company first surrounded itself with a cast of selection. David Arquette (Scream), Ariel Winter (Modern Family), Justice Smith (Jurassic World), Brenda Song (Dolvis), Lance Henriksen (Aliens), or even Lin Shay (Freddie) are among the fun guys the player will bring in for a shoulder rub.. “Young actors love it, while older people see it as a bit of a challengeThis choice in any case confirms the goal Supermassive Games have with the actors who have played in successful horror films. Then, in terms of writing, the studio took the time to analyze what fans expected from such a production with humor and stupid decisions a player could make. Taken if he so desires, in addition to the real consequences that can cause the death of the protagonist.Finally, The Quarry must offer gameplay that goes beyond their interaction with the characters and the universe.For example, it will be necessary to conduct the investigation effectively so as not to end up In prison.There are several difficulty modes in the program, just so as not to leave casual players on the floor, while presenting a challenge to regular players of this kind.Movie mode is included so that you can watch the game as if it were a movie, without having to touch the board.Practical to eat ice Good cream at the same time. Super block games also thought of integrating a system of “Back before death“, Kind of rewind Who will save the lives of characters whose fate ends abruptly. Its use is limited to three attempts, and the feature will not unlock until the end of the first attempt He runs. Users who order the Deluxe Edition will get these feedback from their first game.

Friday the 13th but in 2022

The Quarry: The Spiritual Sequel to Until Dawn Coming Soon on PS5, Xbox, and PC

The Quarry tells the story of nine young coaches from an American summer camp who meet on the last night of partying with no kids to run and no staff supervision. However, things are getting worse. A good team finds itself attacking before.”population“Bloodthirsty. Soon, vital decisions take precedence over carelessness in the first moments. Corneli’s choices follow each other and make friends or break ties.”Any hero can be the star of the show, or die before dawnSupermassive Games explains. Technically speaking, the ad video reveals seemingly solid technology, with actors who are easy to identify. We’ll have to wait until the match is in our hands to gauge the side.”strange valley“Which we often observe in British developer products. The quarry will also offer online or local multiplayer games. Up to seven users will be able to join online to choose key decisions by voting. Local gameplay is also part of it. In this mode, each player will be in control in its own protagonist (as in Dark Pictures Anthology).”We share because Supermassive Games are simply the best at what they do, and we are huge fans of the studio. The opportunity to work with one of the great creative minds in our industry doesn’t come around often, and we’re thrilled to take this journey with The Quarry.David Ismailer, president of 2K, said in the official press release issued.

The Quarry, developed by Supermassive Games and published by 2K, will arrive on June 10, 2022 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One and PC (Steam).

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