Taubira will vote for Mélenchon, and Pécresse will not give instructions for the second round … Friday campaign news

meetings. It’s the last straight line, on Friday, April 8, for the twelve presidential candidates. The campaign ends at midnight. This Thursday, the contenders for the Elysee threw their last troops into battle.

in Perpignanthe largest city in France held by the National Assembly, Marine Le Pen attacked the abstention : “To change politics, you have to change policies. That’s why, seriously and persistently, I urge you to go vote. Take back control!” , fired in front of 3000 sympathizers.

Purchasing power, pensions and security.. what the twelve presidential candidates propose

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at a general meeting In Lyon, Valerie Pécresse wanted to embody “the estrangement” With the outgoing President “Eel candidate” who wants to escape the controversy over the Republican candidate. “No rigidity, no extremes,” she says, directly targeting Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen.

for Eric Zemmour summoned 4,500 young men to the Palais des Sports in Paris. for a recent “show of force” during which he launched his support for Philippe de Villiers, that his favorite “will go down in history”.

Today’s Rally

Tobira. Former presidential candidate (she threw in the towel at the beginning of March), Christiane Tobira, announced on Friday thatYou will vote for Jean-Luc Melenchon In the first round on Sunday. “The far-right’s coming to power is a risk that we cannot solve ourselves. Since the first round, I chose to block its path,” justifies in a press release the person who won the popular primaries before leaving. Withdrawing from the race at the Elysee for lack of sufficient sponsorship.

Today’s headlines

else. The national press grabs the headlines in Friday’s presidential election. Today in France He presents an interview with Emmanuel Macron questioned by six of the newspaper’s readers. The outgoing president took the opportunity to attack Marine Le Pen and his “extremely brutal racist programme.”. According to the head of state, “the controversy has downplayed the rhetoric of the ‘national rally candidate’ because she had a formidable campaign manager who was even more horrible than her: Mr. Zemmour.”

Le Figaro His nickname is “Shadow of Abstention”. which “overshadows the outcome of the poll”. “The hypothesis of historically low participation, which is likely to tip the balance of power on Sunday, worries the presidential candidate staff,” says the daily. He also went north, to Torkoeng “one of the most abstained cities during the past presidential election” to speak to citizens approaching the upcoming election “between disinterest and fatigue”.

Next to Releasewe focus on voters of the left, and more specifically on the undecided with their swinging hearts. “Vote for the best position in the polls, choose based on programs only, stay behind your favorite candidate… Two days before the first round, release him He went to meet voters who are still torn between several nominations”, for a long article titled How do we get out of trouble?.

Today’s interview

president. After moving away from the political program of France 2 Elysee 2022 This week, Emmanuel Macron gave his last interview on Friday morning radio broadcast on RTL. The head of state defended his relationship with the French, believing that he did not stop in contact with them.

Asked about his mental state two days before the first round of voting, Emmanuel Macron said that “the spirit of victory is not carried by the spirit of defeat.” “Nothing was ever obtained. I’ve never been past insurance, nor am I in a fever”The outgoing president reassured.

Today’s lines

attacks. On this last day of the campaign, CNews invited Eric Zemmour and Nicholas Dupont Aignan. And on the channel that hired him, the former controversy expressed optimism about his chances of reaching the second round, believing that “we should not believe the ballot.” As for the Debout la France candidate, he attacked Emmanuel Macron’s voters: “You can be stupid once (by voting for the En Marche candidate in 2017), but not several times in a row.

On FranceInfo, Marine Le Pen welcomed Valerie Pecresse’s decision not to give instructions if the Republican candidate did not qualify for the second round. For the leader of the National Rally, “This change in jurisprudence in LR shows that the party is very divided. And that it does not want to be taken as a flock of sheep for Emmanuel Macron. The same was the case in 2017.

Finally, on BFMTV and RMC, Jean-Luc Melenchon called for a price freeze “in the shortest possible time”, and “it is time to put an end to speculation” In response to the current inflation in energy and food prices. L’Insoumis noted in particular that there was a blockage at 1.40 euros per liter of gasoline, as well as a blockage on a basket of products to be identified with unions.

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