PS5: Final Fantasy, Exoprimal…what to remember from State of Play!

Live broadcast PS5: Final Fantasy, Exoprimal…what to remember from State of Play!

After showing off a State of Play fully dedicated to Gran Turismo 7 last month, Sony is back with an all-new version. In the program, dozens of ads for a good twenty minutes about upcoming games on PS5. And in order not to miss anything this evening, we present to you this wonderful live broadcast. Of course, we wish you all a good time!

Exoprimal, Returnal … The hottest announcements of the show!

The state of play is finally over, and what we can tell is that the conference was filled with ads. Furthermore it, It took off quite quickly with the introduction of a brand new license, Exoprimal. Signed by Capcom (Resident Evil and Dino Crisis), this still-mysterious new adventure is in many ways reminiscent of the aesthetics of the free-to-play Paragon. It invites players to plunge into a futuristic world to face majestic dinosaurs and many other opponents. Even if the game has not been formalized at the moment, the game appears to be a co-op adventure in which it is possible to embodied many classes of warriors. Everything is expected for 2023 on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

We continue the Trek to Yomi journey that has once again succeeded in seducing us, thanks to a licking trailer. The sizzling filter and black-and-white tone actually pay tribute to Hong Kong cinema, as did Ghost of Tsushima in his time with the film’s visual setting. But that’s not all, the game that puts us in the shoes of Hiroki, a young fighter who wants to avenge his master, constantly offers luxurious panoramas and great choreography. Everything arrives this spring on our devices.

Trip to my day is going down fast

The state of play has also caused a stir by revealing the Returnal Co-op mode. The much-talked-about roguelite upon release for its hard-to-progress, made its way back to the front of the stage during the evening to give us an ascent update. The latter, expected on March 22, will allow players to go through the entire adventure together Or to watch the arrival of La Tour de Sysiphe. This tower comes to give a tough time by offering players to overcome the twenty-story challenge. Attractive program!

Concluding with the big announcements, the event ended with the presentation of two games published by Square Enix. The first is The DioField Chronicle, a tactical game that allows players to take control of brave soldiers to face numerous types of enemies, including giant dragons. And The second is Valkyrie Elisium, a new adventure part of the Valkyrie Profile saga. The title, which is closer to a beat’em all or hack’n’slash than a classic J-RPG, will offer players a chance to battle multiple opponents in a successful silhouette.

Returnal offers a Co-op . mode

Final Fantasy, Ghostwire Tokyo … much new and confirmed

Of course, the conference also took the opportunity to confirm the arrival of Ghostwire Tokyo on PC and PlayStation 5 on March 25, but also from Forspoken – who deserved a great show – for the end of the year or Still from Stranger of Paradise. The latter, which takes place in the Final Fantasy saga and is still expected on March 18, just received a new demo on the PlayStation Store.

Unreleased ads were also part of the game… We’re especially thinking about Gundam Evolution, a free competitive FPS game that takes place in the world of Gundam, from TMNT: The Cowabunga Collection that brings together a total of 13 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles games on the same cake or even for GigaBash that It presents itself as the heir to War of the Monsters and of course to JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures: All-Star Battle R. Of all the announcements we just mentioned, he’s probably the one that caught our attention the most because it will introduce no less than 50 characters taken from arcs Different manga when it is released. Good news, all matches are expected this year.

Forspoken: A rotating and explosive preview of PS5 during state of play!

No Final Fantasy XVI or God of War

However, despite the many attractive statements and assertions, it was impossible not to look bleak … Even if there was a slight chance that we would have new information on God of War: Ragnarok, we would have hoped for some clear announcements. About Final Fantasy XVI. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Naoki Yoshida, which introduces players to the world of Heroic Fantasy, would have preferred to be conservative again…maybe for another time.

PS5: Final Fantasy, Exoprimal...what to remember from State of Play!
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