PlayStation 4: The 6 must-know tips to give your console a second life

news tip PlayStation 4: The 6 must-know tips to give your console a second life

The PlayStation 4 is no longer small, but it is no longer old. Many players still turn to it in gaming sessions, and while it still does its job, it may be performing less well than before. Find out all our tips to treat this!

The PlayStation 4 was released over 8 years ago, and will celebrate its ninth anniversary next November. Although the PlayStation 5 was released at the end of 2020, PS4 is still a popular and accessible medium, especially since it has been offered at low prices to make up for the lack of availability of the latest generation of consoles over the past two years. She’s the one who’s given gamers access to some of the most prominent Sony exclusives in recent years.such as Final Fantasy VII Remake, God of War (2018), Horizon: Zero Dawn and The Last of Us Part II, but also the return of beloved licenses from old PlayStations, such as Kingdom Hearts III, Ratchet & Clank and Uncharted 4: At Thieves’ End . Many players continue to enjoy the PS4, but after many years it may show some signs of ageing. If your console seems much slower and much less efficient than before, it may be time to take a few minutes to pamper it. Discover the 6 must-know tips to give your PS4 a second life:

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  • Check storage space
    • Sort through your media files and backups
  • Install the latest system update
  • Consider rebuilding the database
  • Enable PS4 Pro Boost Mode
  • Clean the inside of your console
  • Install SSD

Check storage space

The first advice we can give you is of course Check if PS4 hard drive is not completely full. Usually, you should continue 10% free space To avoid performance problems. Unfortunately, the longer it is, the more games greedy for storage space, which can quickly optimize your hard drive and slow down your console.

To check if you still have space on PS4, go to Settingsthen in the menu System Storage Management. The console will take a moment to analyze the data, and give you a summary of installed apps and games and the space they take up on your hard drive. You will also see if other data is taking up too much space on your consolesuch as your backups, photos, and videos.

Sort through your media files and backups

If you find that your screenshots, videos, and backup files are taking up a lot of space, You can delete them completely from your hard drive to free up space.

  • To delete photos and videosyou can go directly through System Storage Managementthen select the part catch. From here, you can delete items you no longer need.
  • To delete backup filesis still in System Storage Managementselect the part Saved application data. Then choose the option Data saved on system storagewhich will allow you to view all your backups and choose which ones you want to delete.

If you do not want to delete files or saved snapshots, You can completely transfer them to a USB key, FAT or exFAT external hard drive. For the saved data, you can also send it to the cloud, Provided you have a PlayStation Plus subscription.

Install the latest system update

PlayStation 4: The 6 must-know tips to give your console a second life

System updates are necessary for the proper operation of your PS4And online multiplayer fans can’t ignore it, since internet-related features can only be accessed if you update the console. If you are used to playing offline, you may have missed one, So remember to check your downloads in the notifications tab in case this happens. Updates usually only take a few minutes, and after restarting the console, you will be cleared of various errors and other issues. And your PS4 might get faster.

Consider rebuilding the database

PlayStation 4: The 6 must-know tips to give your console a second life

If you’re having display issues or slowness in menus and console in general, it’s possible that the database needs a little help. The process for rebuilding is very simple to set up but It may take several hoursso consider making arrangements to implement it. Here is the procedure to follow to restore the PS4 database:

  • turn it off completely your console.
  • Press the power button for 7 seconds. PS4 will be released 2 beeps.
  • The console will start in Safe Mode.
  • Connect your console to the console using a file USB cable.
  • From the menu that appears, choose the option Rebuild the database.

From then on, the PS4 will start scanning files and rebuilding the database. Once the process is complete, Menu navigation should be smoother.

Enable PS4 Pro Boost Mode

PlayStation 4: The 6 must-know tips to give your console a second life

You may not know it, but PS4 Pro to Boost mode Which, as the name implies, improves the quality of gaming graphics and even increases frames per second. It can also reduce load times, Even for titles that are not mentioned Optimized for PS4 Pro.

Note, however, that some games do not support boost if you encounter errors, consider disabling the mode to run those particular titles or check beforehand if they are compatible.

Clean the inside of your console

One of the best tips we can give you to improve the performance of your console is to pay attention to it, especially in terms of hygiene. Depending on where you keep your PS4, it may more or less easily become dusty, Which can damage performance and make it very noisy. Excess dust can also prevent indoor fans from working properly, which can cause a automatic shutdown from the console to protect it.

To clean your console, you’ll need to open it, which can be a problem for your PS4 classic if it’s still under warranty. You can open a file PS4 Slim and the PS4 Pro Without voiding the warranty, provided the necessary tools are available. a Torx T8 screwdriver (Also useful for Xbox 360 and Xbox One) It should be enough to remove the console’s main board. To clean the interior, we recommend using a dust gas bomb To avoid damaging the components.

Install SSD

PlayStation 4: The 6 must-know tips to give your console a second life

The last and certainly most useful trick is to replace your PS4 hard drive with a solid state drive. Switching to an SSD will allow the console to read information faster, This makes it faster and reduces loading times. The cost of an SSD varies with its storage capacity, and it will cost on average Between 40 and 100 euros For the right equipment outside sales. Know that the maximum storage capacity of the PS4 is 2TBand it will be necessary to monitor the size of the hard disk so that it does not exceed 2.5 inch.

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To install a new hard drive, you can follow Sony’s official tutorial at this is the address.

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