Experimental high school students are deprived of computers distributed by the regional council

At the start of the 2021 school year, the Pays de la Loire Regional Council awarded 48,000 computers to high school students, both public and private, entering the second or first year of the CAP. 40 students from Saint-Nazaire Experimental High School did not receive the teaching tool.

High school student a computer.

This is the motto of the region.For High School 4.0 with the aim of facilitating students’ access to digital educational resources”

From September to November 2021, each student of the five divisions of the Territory, entering the second or first year of the CAP, is provided with a laptop computer pre-equipped with educational software and applications approved by academic inspection bodies.

This procedure, in coordination with educational authorities, started from the beginning of the 2021 school year and the following years. It aims to ensure equitable access to digital technology for all and give young people the best chance of success. By offering them an educational working tool. ” It is written on the website of the Pays de la Loire Regional Council.

The implementation of this new measure in favor of young people represents an additional annual financial effort of 24 million euros for the region. “Is it still referred to.The process will be repeated every year, so that within 3 years all secondary school students in Pays de la Loire will be equipped with a computer. “.

All … except the pupils of the Lycée Saint-Nazaire Experimental School.

If they are educated in the so-called “Design class”, these are 40 young people between the ages of 15 and 16 who are enrolled in second place with the university administration. And like all of their traditional high school counterparts, they will also pass the baccalaureate.

The experimental high school is attached to the Lycée Aristide Briand in Saint-Nazaire, so it is under the financial and administrative supervision of a public institution.

However, ” There is always a blur around us, to see who we depend on! Xavier Kirpino, one of the pedagogical team members, sighs.

The district has always cleared customs, arguing that we are directly dependent on the Ministry of National Education, and therefore on the Directorate.

For years, this management ambiguity has served us well, we don’t get along with the boxes. We regularly have budget problems to organize technical or scientific projects because we do not receive any help from the regional council.”

More anecdotally, the establishment does not have a condom dispenser, as do all establishments that receive young people!

This computer story is hard to pass up. Concerned in the first place, Injeran Gerard and Tristan Boyer do not understand why their school has been marginalized in this way.

Knowing that other students can benefit from the computer and not us, this worries me. We just try to learn and enjoy learning… and in the end, we feel a little lonely on our boat

Tristan, a student at Experimental High School

We would like to have the same opportunities as others. We tried to contact the regional council several times. We have sent an email, but have not received a response. There’s no reason for us to shrug like this when we’ve been trying to beat this computer thing for 5 months. If it had happened in any other high school, everyone would have screamed.

Enguerran, an experimental high school student

It is difficult for students not to feel ostracized, or to imagine paying the price for political and ideological positions. Since its establishment in 1982 by Gabriel Cohn-Bendit and Andre Daniel, the institution and its self-management process have been controversial.
Respecting the national programme, this school offers training adapted to the needs and desires of each. Students are encouraged to become involved in the life of the institution and given responsibilities, like adults, with distinctly different teaching methods.

This is not the first time that the district has refused to recognize the experimental high school, already in 2016, a controversy erupted over the real estate status of the high school. In a report we issued, Antoine Chereau, Vice-President of the Regional Council responsible for education issues, clearly stated: “This high school for us does not exist”,

Although since 2004, “The district is responsible for secondary schools, special education institutions, and naval vocational high schools. As such, it ensures that they are built, rebuilt, enlarged, and major repaired, equipped and operated. The district can organize educational, sports, and cultural activities.” We can read on the government website.


See the report by Eleanor Duplay and Dominique Lemy

In a press release sent out by the regional council following our request that computers not be given to the pilot secondary school, the provisions regarding the Naziriya secondary school have not changed.

The region does not discriminate against this institution because it is not under its jurisdiction. No more than the military high school at La Flèche in Sarthe, which was also indicated that the district would not provide computers. Moreover, this regional policy, known as “Lycée 4.0”, is not limited to the distribution of computers. It has led to very large digital investments in organizations and to a lengthy consultation aimed at defining a framework for using computers that are shared with teaching teams and are completely secure. A work that clearly cannot be done with the experimental high school of Saint-Nazaire, and with good reason: this institution is not under the jurisdiction of the district, but only of the state. “.

The department we contacted did not wish to respond to us at this time.

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