Caring, chauvinistic … How Viktor Orban was re-elected in Hungary

In psychology, this is called Stockholm syndrome. On Sunday, April 3, the majority of Hungarian voters decided to unite “democracy” Autocratic, clientele and Putin of Viktor Orbán, who has led Hungary unchallenged since 2010. In a trendy bistro in the center of Budapest, onlookers left for an election evening organized by alternative YouTube channel Partizan, bastion of media resistance In a scene devastated by urbanism, a chain-linked craft beer while observing the stampede of Opposition Alliance constituency after constituency.

They gathered from the socialist left to the far right “refocus” From Jobbik, Viktor Orban’s rivals were sincerely hoping to unseat the nationalist populist leader, even if all polls gave the incumbent re-elected prime minister a short head. The declared narrow race turned into a referendum for the ruling party Fidesz. With 54% of the vote, Orban’s camp crushed the federal opposition by nineteen points About Christian Technocrat Peter Markey Zay And it consolidates his two-thirds parliamentary majority, which has already allowed him to rule the country unhindered.

encapsulated opposition

As a result, 136 deputies from Urbanist will sit in the National Assembly out of 199 seats in the mid-term. This is three times more than in the spring 2018 legislative elections. The neo-fascists in Mai Hazanak (Our Home) created a sensation by having seven parliamentarians. The opposition lost nearly 900,000 votes compared to the previous elections. At the meeting of the vanquished, near the emblematic Heroes’ Square, the building was abandoned once Urban was re-elected. A scattered council, stunned by the immensity of the negative side, listened, in amazement, to Peter Markey-G’s speech of defeat.

Amidst the crowd, some were sobbing while the defeated center-right candidate spoke “Keep on fighting” Surrounded by his wife and seven children. Others expressed their desire to leave Hungary, in which they could no longer stand. “I’ve worked hard for this campaign… and I just want to cry” Let’s go from a stunned young womanlapel pin of the Liberal Party Momentum. “Many of my friends are thinking about going abroad. It is very sad. I can’t imagine who will be the last to stay.”He breathes, sympathetically opposed, depressed.

After twelve years of diatribes against Brussels, George Soros where immigrantsOrbán won a fourth consecutive term by presenting himself as Hymn “Hello” And from here “Safety” from Hungary. Concrete argument with the population frightened by the war in Ukraine. The vast media empire plaguing the power of Fidesz and the electoral system designed to benefit Urban’s forces also fed the new dedication to Fidesz Power. “Victor”. without forgetting many gifts granted by the Executive in the months leading up to the April 3 vote.

“traditional values”

In the front yard of the Palna Congress Center, an architectural UFO in the shape of a whale connected to the Danube, a taste of Urban “win over So extraordinary that it can be seen from the moon.” In front of a galvanized crowd chanting his first name, “Victor” Criticize “Brussels bureaucrats”And “The Soros Empire”, as well as Ukrainian President Zelensky, who is a vocal critic of Orban/Moscow’s proximity. The Prime Minister, his aides and followers then concluded the celebration by singing the patriotic song “Kossuth nóta”, an iconic piece from the 1848-1849 uprising against Habsburg domination.

For his fans, Orbán personifies the protector of Hungarian interests and the country’s prosperity. People feel safer when a leader says stay out of the war. Hungary is run really well. I am not a member of Fides, but I appreciate the seriousness of the Prime Minister and his project for the nation. Over the past ten years, the country has developed economically, financially and socially. Results in. People agree to this policy”testifies to Laszlo, a retired history professor who came to celebrate Viktor Urban’s victory.

According to the calculations of the G7 portal, the ten poorest towns in the country voted by 96% for Fidesz.

“Victor” Countryside charm through exaltation “traditional values”the Hungarian spirit and Christianity in the face “LGBT lobby”Goal Referendum supported by legislative vote. The consultation was invalidated because less than 50% of voters supported the four homophobic questions. But besides his chauvinistic and divisive rhetoric, Urban holds the rural population in particular thanks to the programme. Kosmonka, offering low-paying but stable municipal jobs. The other side of the coin: the most humble citizens thus find themselves indebted to the mayors of Fides, and are likely to cut off their social benefits if they do not check the correct square in the voting booth.

According to the calculations of the G7 gateway, the ten poorest towns in the country voted by 96% for Fides. Orbán is also attracting a new upper middle class, the big winners of the economic recovery since 2010 and who have benefited from generous family policy. Hungarian minorities in neighboring countries admire those who gave them the right to vote, consider them a valuable part of the national community and pamper the Hungarian-speaking provinces across the border. Because in areas separated from “Motherland” After the Treaty of Trianon in June 1920, Budapest mobilized large sums in order to preserve “Hungarian” Policycultural or sporting.

“Light Belarus”

The competition was differentbut the opposition coalition succumbed to the sirens except “Victor” Instead of building a promising alternative project. She advocated education and health system reform, but promised to perpetuate oversight of energy prices, prenatal subsidies, an anti-immigrant fence along the Serbian border, and key measures for successive Orban reservoirs. I defended European values, the rule of law, and the West against the East, but these kinds of slogans flutter over a peasant Alfold Or the regional factor, more concerned about their standard of living and safety.

On his Facebook page, artist Tibor Puduc predicts a disastrous future for Hungary With a great drudgery of black humor. Carefully new enemies. Surgical hate campaigns sold by pocket square influencers and other bio-bots. Harassment from the rest of the press. Publicity of success. Beautiful wrapped lies. Force-feeding of talented humble strawmen. Sarcasm without kidding. Nightmares. Embroidered conspiracy theories for the masses. Light Belarus. In short, happiness is in perspective.

Having been largely reappointed as President of Hungary, Viktor Orbán can pursue his nationalist agenda and continue to dismantle democracy on his own land. However, he prepares to face a complex mandate even if his opponents are floundering. Inflation continues to affect the country severely. There is a danger of a serious economic crisis due to the war in Ukraine. Closeness to Vladimir Putin threatens to isolate the Hungarian leader on the Old Continent. The West is upset by its rejection of energy sanctions against Moscow.

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On Tuesday, 5 April, the European Commission began a procedure on a confirmed violation of the rule of law Which could deprive Hungary of 40 billion euros. But beware, Orbán was not as strong as he was when he clashed with his favorite opponent Brussels.

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