Basketball. The Woman Before Nationality: Dover Avenges Ifs

Brettville-sur-Udon players beat Bayeux (58-34), during the ninth day of the tournament. © DR / Camille Pouchin

This Sunday 3 April 2022 signed 9And Pre-National Ladies Day. In the upper group, the leaders did not give up, with victories of Behorel, Dover and Icorderville over Deville, Efes, and Allenson. In the other Rouen derby, ASPTT Rouen beat Sotteville by four points.

In the low group, with his success against La Glacerie, Vire leads the group that tied with Cherbourg and Hérouville. These last two teams won in a row against Bae Dog and Torlaville. Finally, Bretteville-sur-Odon took her third win with a win on the Bayeux floor.

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In the upper group, Equeurdreville perfected the match throughout the match and won against the unskilled Alençonnaises (66-56). Dover was able to get his revenge on CB Ifs. Pauline Blohnik’s teammates, who had their last game of the season, were able to count on their executives to win (52-45). In the derbies of Rouen, Behorel continues to impose his beautiful basketball and won 77-55 on Deville while Swettville lost four points on the floor of the ASPTT Rouen (72-68).

DOVER BASKETBALL 52-45 CB IFS (15-13/12-11/19-8/6-13)

Miguel Callejas (Dover coach): “Defensively, it is controlled throughout the game, except for the first three minutes, which will lead to a strong and lively break. Our rainfall, which is a sign of a certain fever, certainly because of the importance of the meeting, punishes us severely in terms of scoring. Against a team that is always difficult to play, Due to his offensive organization and the individual quality of the key players, we went up to 17 points in the second half, a gap in a match played at 50. But instead of pushing our opponents to the ropes, we unconsciously stopped playing, positions, unfortunately, quite frequent in the Our last matches… It is up to us to erase these mistakes in the upcoming matches, in order to take full advantage of our victories.”

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dove: Joubert 4, Gerrard 7, Gilois 9, Follard 2, Beckham 12, Madeleine 2, Arnaud 2, Blohneck 2, Panier 8, Miquelot 6.

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IFS: Marie, Godot, Borgault 5, Roulette 3, Richard 17, Joseph 5, Lanchas 1, Fribourg 14.

UST EQUEURDREVILLE 66-56 USBD ALENCON (12-13/31-15/14-13/9-15)

Leslie Veron (Equeurdreville player) “We had a good first half. We found the title and our good defense allowed us to lead by fifteen points in the first half. 2And The first half break was a mess but our maid is 1the time The first half allowed us to stay ahead without really worrying about Alençon who was a team we feared. But at home everything is easier …

Etienne DB (Coach Alicon) : “Unlike the last two games, we were on a day where we lacked skill. We only scored three pointers out of a dozen attempts, and those weren’t bad shots because three-quarters of the shots were wide open… After that, it’s the second pointer in this match. Very clear: We took 31 points in the second quarter. From 66 in total. I think those two factors can explain that result in part because overall we got what we wanted to do. It’s a shame, that’s for sure, but we’ll continue and do our best to re-launch the momentum. Which we were seeing from next weekend.”

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EQUEURDREVILLE : Jim Ferron 6, Libollinger 18Fossey 7, Pasco, Hacquebey 7, Muller 17, L.Veron 11, S.Leboullenger.
alincon : Aziza – Delabary 16Herout 8, Fall 3, O. Meunier 7, R.Munier 7, Bounou 6, Demore 3, Ouvrard-Cornu 6.

GCO BIHOREL 77-55 DEVILLE BASKETBALL ASSOCIATION (20-6 / 17-21 / 25-16 / 15-12)

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Behrl : Meri 10, Queenville, Chidozu 14, Lucas 9, Bono, Siber 22Minyan 2, Baptist 13, Nyung 7.
evil : L.Lair 2, Ano 13, L.Lair 7, Siefridt 2, Metayer 2, Kaczamarik 18Cattell 11.

ASPT ROUEN 72-68 ST SOTTEVILLE BASKETBALL (21-19 / 17-20 / 20-14 / 14-15)

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ruen : Bielow, Duthil 1, Jaubert 3, Pesenti 5, Greaume 2, Boinet 5, Michael 19Lemire 18, Clement 8, Betourne-Taisant 11.
Sottyville : Dehornois 9, Grenet 12, Catherine, Horel 20Dantreg 16, Lobby 11, Dubosc.

Program (J10)

GCO Bihorel – CB Ifs (3:30 pm)
Saint Sutville – Dover Basketball (4:00 p.m.)
UST Equeurdreville – ASPTT Rouen (3:30 pm)
USBD Alençon – Deville Basket (3:30 p.m.)

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In the bottom group, Fire largely got rid of La Glaciere thanks to his offensive contribution in the second half (77-50). Betty Mallet’s pals take the lead in leash pool with Heruvelle and Cherbourg. Bayeux is still looking for his first win and lost to Brettville-sur-Udon (34-58). Herouville stops Torlaville’s good dynamics, dominating his meeting from start to finish (79-46). In the last pool match, Cherbourg leaves Pays d’Aug with a win (35-54). The Cherbourgeoises were tough on defense.

USM VIRE 77-50 US LA GLAACERIE (15-14 / 21-20 / 18-6 / 23-10)

Emily Fisset (Fire Player) It was important to win this match against Glacier in front of our big fans to introduce the young teams. In the first half, we faced two rivals equally. We had a good sequence of play but the basket doesn’t have to be rewarded with the basket. It was important to strengthen our defense, especially with the 3-point shots in the second half. The instructions were respected, we were able to repair our internals and circulate the ball to find the circle. Congratulations to Glacerie who moved again in lower numbers. The next match is against Bretteville-sur-Odon where you will have to focus from start to finish. »

Alex Zazi (La Glacier coach) : “In the first half we put in a real team effort, especially in attack! We just had to correct our defensive efforts. I’ll let you guess the rest… A new disappointment in the third quarter no longer allows us to hope. We managed to keep a great squad for 20 minutes, but this is not enough … ”

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Disqualified : Helie 18, B. Mallet 13, J. Mallet 8, Ficet 5, Bulk 8, Bouhier 4, Limnes 21.
Ice cream : Lemagnen 10, Bonnissent 10, Sanchez 21Surrey 2, Cholio 2, Fontaine 5.

CS Bayou 34-58 Brettville-sur-Udon (17-11/8-26/4-16/5-5)

Camille Bouchen (Brettville/Udon player) : “It was mandatory for us to take this match to stay in the race to keep it. We completely miss our start to the game, defending at three metres, leaving the open shots Bait establishes behind the three-point line. Very quickly they went up by 10 points. We are defensive repacking. In the second quarter, which allows us to attack and knock down. We have to be more focused and attentive in the upcoming upcoming matches which will be very important for us.”

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bayou : Thomas 10Le Clouerec, Lasne 8, Lebrun 6, Winkel 3, Perchepied, Castel 5, Victoire 2.
Brettville / Udon : L.Motier 5, Leroy 5, J.Motier 3, Leboucher, Joba 3, Pouchin 10, petitone 24Guillois 8.

HEROVILLE 79-46 PL TOURLAVILLE BASKET (18-8 / 22-11 / 13-15 / 26-12)

Maxime Kuznefroy (Coach Heruvelle) : The fourth confrontation against Torlaville this season. We’re coming off a very good week, in terms of intensity, in achieving our goals in our sessions and we’re confident about this meeting. We quickly dominated the game on both sides of the field, especially through the use of defensive intensity that led them to make a lot of mistakes in possession and choice of shots. Between halftime, we’re already at +21. We have a drop in velocity at the beginning of the third quarter but we are still more consistent and the gap is still around 15 points. We get back on the road properly and that allows us to relax. Offensively, I found us to be very good in attack, with a lot of rotation and fair choices that basically resulted in open shots. It was a really good game from our team, in control for 40 minutes and I’m sure the quality of our training is the reason for that. We will try to maintain this dynamic to the end. »

Adodo Djondo (Coach Tourlaville) : “It was a complicated match defensively against a team that dominated internally and had a lot of skill. We had some interesting clips but with a lot of embarrassment and missed balls. We couldn’t be in this match. The work continues to express themselves more and have fun.”

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HEROVILLE Gen 12, Onelon 6, Seter 5, Godin Thomas 11, Kiron 9, Cibulska 10, Percheron 9, Billard 17.
Turlaville : Leclerc 5, E. Fauvel 2, C. Olivier 1, Banville-Estace 6, Michael 18L. Fauvel, Euvrie 2, C. Olivier 12.

Doug Basketball Pushes 35-54 Cherbourg Basketball (7-14/8-18/7-10/13-12)

Jean-Michel Cable (By Doug coach) : “Once again we fall into our failings in wanting to protect our racket and not conquer the ball. Which results in little to no counter-attacks and easy baskets. In attack, we couldn’t find the rhythm that would have allowed us to move to the positive.”

Pierre-Olivier Giot (Cherbourg coach) : “It’s never easy to get back to work abroad after a break, as the number of employees is increasing. We do a good first quarter and then we keep making the difference until the end of the first half. We started the third quarter badly, because of a lot of foolishness, and then there was a collective reaction. The fourth quarter is disastrous between ball losses and breaches… Fortunately, the basic is there.”

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difficult country : Coleot 8, Simon 5, beautiful 10Chazal 5, Carpentier 2, Rethore, Kazinetz, Domnesques 5.
Cherbourg : Ni Dobrik 16Drean 2, Epaillard 2, Lickature 16Park 9, Bowen 3, Aumont 6.

Program (J10)

USM Vire – LC Bretteville-sur-Odon (3:30 pm)

PL Tourlaville – CS Bayeux (3:30 pm)

Pays d’Auge Basket – Heruvelle Basket (3:30 pm)

Cherbourg Basket – US La Glacier (3:30 pm)

Top 10 scorers

1 – Clea Petiton (Brettville-sur-Udon) 24 points

2 – Julie Siber (Behorel) 22 points

3 – Luna Sanchez (La Glacier) 21 points

# – Camille Limini (Vere) 21 points

5 – Chloe Hurrell (Swettville) 20 points

6 – Marion Michel (ASPTT Rouen) 19 points

7 – Lea Lebollinger (Icorderville) 18 pts

# – Camille Casamaric (Devil) 18 points

# – Margot Lemmer (ASPTT Rowan), 18 points

# – Clara Healy (Vere) 18 points

# – Alexandra Michel (Torlaville) 18 points

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