At Elie Dumotta’s trial in the Assize Court, the defense requested a return

Elie Dumotta, the group’s spokesman, is being tried in prisons for “violence against a person who holds public power without helplessness”, committed on December 30, 2021. The trial took place in a court around which a crowd of activists and sympathizers fell.

As soon as the trial begins, the President proceeds to call the seven witnesses called by the defense. They are all present.
At first, the attorney general raises a procedural problem regarding what was sent. Defense attorneys raise cases of nullity. The civil plaintiff relies on the judgment of the court. The president suspends the session.

When the hearing resumed, the public prosecutor explained that he had sent important documents to the parties the night before, including Elie Dumotta’s complaint for violence against him by public authorities on December 30 in Les Abymes. So there is a mirror and contact effect.

For the public prosecutor, the complaint led to the opening of a judicial investigation under the authority of the investigating judge. So we can’t afford the case today. Moreover, the court was not properly arrested.

For his part, Mai Lanthes, the civil parties’ attorney, agrees with the attorney general. The Chair proposes to suspend the hearing on the defence. Suspension.

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As soon as the hearing resumed, Sarah Aristide and I were surprised by “the prosecutor’s sudden support for Mr. Dumotta. The prosecutor’s office is scared, the prosecutor’s office is desperate. The file is empty.” Continue “I’m Aristide”:

“Thank you, Mr. Prosecutor, we have nothing to deposit, nothing to pay. It is free. We will know how to remember it for future work »

Mrs. Sarah Aristide

Anna Aristide concludes with the release of his client.

In turn, Mai Jelabali, the defense attorney, dusts off the prosecution, noting:

The prosecution must assume the fact that this file was compiled from scratch. But the result before a serious and competent court is acquittal.

Ms. Joslyn Jelabali

I Germany, President of Martinique and Defense Counsel, requests the Court to dismiss the petition made orally by the Prosecution on the grounds that it does not refer to any text. Then he files a nullity suit on the interrogation. The interrogation that “raised the wrath of the whole world”.

Me Germany also raises the invalidity of police custody:

“There is a simple 15-minute cheat in the timetables for notifying the judge and notifying the attorney. Custody must be revoked”

Mr. Germany

It was the turn of “Anna Lanthes” for the civil parties, to remember that the December 30 demonstration was not the subject of a prior announcement.

Then the public prosecutor requests a refusal to invalidate the arrest and attends the minutes of December 30, 2021 related to this. This results in the refusal of the reservation. A new delay occurs.

When the hearing resumes, the court decides to hold the case and judge it on the merits. Instead of summarizing the file, to the audience’s surprise, the president decided to read the exhibits

On December 30, 2021, it was decided to erect a barrier on Mandela Road in Les Abymes in order to prevent protesters from reaching the Milenis Shopping Center and Pôle Caraïbes Airport.
The demonstrators rubbed the mobile gendarmerie, some of them carrying barriers. The gendarmes use tear gas and suffer heavy jets of various projectiles. 50 protesters managed to cross the line. They were pushed back

Elie Dumotta managed to pass. One of the gendarmes brought him to the ground and then handcuffed him. While in police custody, Elie Dumotta noted that he was completely sprayed with tear gas and discovered that he was on trial for rebellion. Shipping is not kept.

Hear Elie Domotta

After this, the chief questioned Eli Dumotta, to which he replied in creole that he had nothing to add. The chair points out that these answers in creole cannot be accepted by the writer. incident in the room. He is expelled from “mocks”, according to the President of the Republic.

In response to a question by Me Daninthe in Creole, Elie Dumotta replied that he did not understand why the police decided to gas that day, when the relationships were valid until that date.

Elie Dumotta redraws the history of the group, negotiations with the state, key communities and parliamentarians, and regrets that the use of the Creole language is not authorized in court.
When Chiffrey asked me about the circumstances of his arrest, Elie Dumotta indicated that he could not see much after being sprayed with tear gas.

“I only saw the shadows. The handcuffs were too tight.”

Elie Domotta

The president requests to watch the two videos submitted by the defense (to be broadcast on social media). The first, which lasts about a minute, shows the arrest of Elie Dumotta. The second shows the same scene from a different angle.

Hearing the witnesses

The first of the seven defense witnesses stand. The sixty-year-old, underground, presents himself as the secretary of the Anti-Repression Committee and intervenes as a witness.

The third witness mentions Charles-Henri Saline, his 21-year-old brother who was murdered by a gendarme in 1985 in Pointe-a-Pitre. The latter was later acquitted at trial in Paris.

For his part, the fourth witness, who is also a personal witness, calls 5 other cases in which Guadeloupe policemen were killed by the police. He cites in particular the case of Claude-Jean-Pierre, who was arrested by the gendarmes in Dechais on 21.11.20. In fact, the trial of Eli Dumotta became the trial of the forces of order.
Also note that there was no attendance at the time of the facts which prompted Eli Dumotta to appear in court on Thursday.
The fifth witness mentioned is none other than Raymond Gama. Either he does not attend the facts, but declares himself disturbed by the allegations against Eli Dumotta. Historian Raymond Gama returns to him in the events of 1967.

To revive the debate, Me Gélabale has gone so far as to define Elie Dumotta as a “brown national negro.”

At the time of this article’s publication, hearings from witnesses were ongoing. The trial could continue in the coming days.

Meanwhile, outside the Judicial Court in Pointe-a-Pitre, supporters of Eli Dumotta are still swarming.

Support Elie Domotta

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