Affordable computers to reduce the digital divide in Treeport

Lancragg has signed a partnership with Emmaüs connect, in the presence of the mayor of Le Tréport and the deputy. (© The Informer)

The physical abstraction It is accelerating and with it, more and more people are having difficulty in carrying out their administrative procedures, because they do not have access to digital tools.

a digital fraction that the association is trying to reduce Emwas contact, by setting up different procedures with people who are having difficulty. The last one happened in Treport (Seine Maritime) in March 2022where an agreement was signed between Emmaüs Connect and Anchorage Community Center To allow families with few resources to purchase a computer.

For the first time in Normandy

This is the first time in Normandy that Emmaüs Connect has offered its services. A project born from meeting Juliette Daroz, who works at the association in Hauts-de-France, and Eric Sincal, director of Ancrage. “We want to trust structures like Ancrage, who know the area well,” explains the first, while the second adds that this partnership is part of a series of actions Ancrage is doing around the Internet and digital tools: “It is interesting that Emmaus Connect is following in Tréport, Because we are at the end of the region. Often this kind of initiative starts in the big cities, but there is also a dynamic here, in an area with people who are suffering and who have needs.”

Equipment mastery training

Currently, 11 laptops will be available for sale to people who will be directed by Ancrage, or Sister Cities Community Communities. They will be able to buy refurbished computers, between 70 and 150 euros depending on the performance of the device.

“For every sale, we provide coaching and follow-up,” adds Eric Sincal. To get out of digital exclusion, owning the equipment is essential, but you still need to know how to use it. Point of interest for Emmaus Connect, who is also involved in a training process.

Companies and communities, you can donate your computers

In order to function, Emmaüs Connect needs computers. Thus, businesses and local authorities are invited to donate computers, tablets or smartphones that they no longer need, via the platform.
This equipment is then refurbished, i.e. returned to initial operation so that new users can use it. Thus, this equipment is used, but it works perfectly.
Emmaüs Connect is working in partnership with local businesses for this renovation, in Amiens, Douai and Tourcoing in connection with Hauts-de-France. These companies also work with employees on reintegration, which benefits the project.
Companies that donate their devices can take advantage of tax benefits by making this type of donation.
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Camille Bardou, project manager (see above) at Emmaüs Connect, explains that digital exclusion has three aspects: a lack of equipment, a lack of internet connectivity, and a lack of knowledge of digital tools. “It is necessary to remove these three brakes,” she says.

Action welcomed by Seine-Maritime Deputy Sébastien Jumel, present during the signing of the agreement: “The health crisis revealed that confinement was not the same for everyone, it was especially difficult for people who had no contact or little equipment, even to do their homework. The digital divide is Today’s social divide.

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Treport Mayor Laurent Jacques, for his part, is pleased to see that “the social hub is growing, allowing the whole area to benefit from this service. In a territory like ours where it is socially complex, with instability, you have to be able to be an IT provider” .

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