Vladimir Putin’s daughters are conservative in the eyes of Westerners

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Les États-Unis ont annoncé mercredi une nouvelle volée de sanctions économiques et financières qu’ils qualifient de “dévastatrices” contre la Russie, visant notamment les deux filles du président russe, gel Voerroninas de Somi eturs et les deux président russe, in the country. An unprecedented punishment in the immediate entourage of Vladimir Putin.

The United States wanted to hit hard. Washington took the step of imposing sanctions, for the first time, on the family of the Kremlin master. The White House announced, Wednesday, April 6, a new set of sanctions against Russia, targeting in particular the banks and elites of the country, but also the entourage of Russian President Vladimir Putin, by imposing sanctions on the latter’s daughters, for “atrocities in Ukraine” after Russian invasion. Their assets have been frozen and they can no longer access the US financial system.

Maria Vorontsova and Katerina Tikhonova, in their 30s, from the marriage of Vladimir Putin to Lyudmila Putina, whom the Russian president announced he had divorced in 2013.

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According to the document, the older Maria Vorontosa was penalized for her role in Nomenko, a major healthcare investment venture that provides “significant sources of income” to the Russian government.

His sister, Katerina Tikhonova, runs a fund of support for young Russian scientists, founded by companies led by “members of the oligarchs close to Putin,” according to the same source.

From Russian oligarchs to Putin’s daughters

The two daughters of Russian President Vladimir Putin have always stayed away from the public sphere, and little is known about them.

The U.S. Treasury Department has identified the two women as Katerina Tikhonova, the “Executive Director of Technology that Supports … Russia’s Defense Industry,” and Maria Vorontsova, who heads the state-funded genetics research program in Russia and is “personally supervised by Putin.”

According to a senior US official, Washington is convinced that “Putin’s assets are hidden by members of his family.”

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The official biography of the Russian president on the Kremlin website claims that his daughter Maria was born in 1985 before the family moved to Dresden, East Germany, where Vladimir Putin was sent as a KGB agent.

His second daughter, Katrina, was born the following year in this city. The only photo of the two women appears as little girls with ribbons in their blonde braids.

Through some rare observations over the years, Vladimir Putin has revealed that his daughters received their higher education in Russia, speak several European languages ​​and live in Russia.

But the general public doesn’t know much about them other than this brief information, as the Kremlin has kept Vladimir Putin’s family life out of the public domain.

Endocrinology and Mathematics Specialist

According to some Russian media, Maria Vorontsova works as an endocrinologist in a large medical research company that focuses on cancer treatments and has relations with the Russian state.

Russian media also identified Katarina Tikhonova as a mathematician who heads a science and technology foundation of Russia’s main state university.

She is also a professional rock ‘n’ roll acrobatic dancer, having participated in prestigious international competitions, according to this same media.

Videos from these tournaments show her wearing glamorous costumes, particularly as she leans on her partner’s hands before leaping through the air for an acrobatic comeback.

At a press conference in 2019, Vladimir Putin refused to directly answer a question about the increasing influence of his daughters in business and their relations with the state.

Nor did the Russian president realize that Maria Vorontsova and Katarina Tikhonova were his daughters, but simply referred to them as “women.”

Several years ago, during another press conference, Vladimir Putin claimed that he was “proud of them”.

“They continue to study and work,” he said, before adding that they “are not involved in any business” or “in politics.”

In 2020, the Russian president, during an interview, said that he did not want to share information about his family, due to “security problems”, explaining that he had grandchildren, without giving their number.

Vladimir Putin said at the time: “I have grandchildren, I am happy. They are very kind, very kind. I enjoy spending time with them.”

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