Through the Super League project, Greg Norman wants to take revenge on him

Behind the Public Investment Fund-backed Premier League golf project, there is a man: Greg Norman. For longtime lover of the little white ball, the long, white Australian hair, hidden under his cowboy-style hat, inevitably brings back some memories.

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Before he became the businessman of today, Greg Norman was a great player with a prolific career. The numbers speak for themselves: twenty wins on the PGA Tour, the main professional circuit, fourteen victories on the European Tour, world number one for three hundred and thirty-one weeks in total. He is also the first player to surpass $10 million (over €9 million) in cumulative career earnings.

Twice won BBC Sports Personality of the Year “It occupies a very important place in golf, but I don’t know what will be left of it in twenty or thirty yearsasks Sebastien Odaux, former editor-in-chief of Golf+. It’s the victories in the big tournaments that he misses.

‘Shark’ has everything Polydor

Greg Norman certainly pinned two big trophies to his roster in his career, winning the British Open in 1986 and 1993, but they’re irresistible for his seven second places. “Shark,” his nickname, could have hoped for more in view of his talent and quality of trapeze, unanimously recognized. “It’s a bit like golf Polydor, a great losercontinues Sébastien Audoux. He lost many tournaments in unbelievable circumstances, throwing back the unlikely blows of his opponents. »

At Ohio in 1986, after leading the entire championship, he lost the PGA Championship at 72And the And another hole. American Bob Twai pulls an unexpected bunker (sand obstacle) to win. Rebelote a year later at the Masters in Augusta (USA) when Larry Mize entered a forty-meter hit to once again deny Greg Norman a major.

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The worst that happened in 1996, is still at the Augusta Masters. The Australian collapses on the last day when he was driving comfortably. The victory finally went to his English rival, Nick Faldo. This reversal of the situation will soon appear in the popular documentary series “30 vs. 30”, produced by the American television channel ESPN.

A vision from the 90s

Why would a former player of this caliber with a fortune estimated at $400 million (over €365 million) embark on this maverick project? “I don’t think Greg Norman is his age [67 ans] With his fortune, he vows to earn millionsSebastian Audaux slips. His motivation was a vision he had in the early 1990s which he had not succeeded in realizing. Now he has the funds to try and make it happen. »

In the 1990s, a native of Mount Isa, in Queensland (Australia), supported the idea of ​​a world tour, arguing that the best players did not get a fair share of the income generated. Soon he stopped, finally his idea was taken up a few years later… by the PGA Tour with the creation of the World Golf Championship. A competition that combines four annual tournaments recognized by the PGA Tour and the European Tour so that the best players there meet.

“He always had a vengeful spirit, so much bitterness compared to the idea that was stolen from him at the time.”says Sebastian Oddocks. “I can categorically say that this is not a direct attack on the PGA TourGreg Norman announced in the magazine Australian Golf Digestin November 2021, turned the Super League project, now called the LIV Golf Invitational Series. It is pure and simple to improve your golf game. »

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