The Russian executioners of Bucha have been identified

Among the Russian perpetrators who committed massacres against civilians in western Kyiv, Lieutenant-Colonel Izhebek Omorbekov appeared in particular.

His name is Mikhail Tkach and he is not ashamed. This 20-year-old Russian soldier with a round face and a chubby face, was identified among the perpetrators of the atrocities in Bucha (340 killed) and was found on the Russian social network V Kontakte (VK) by Ukrainian journalist Andriy Tsaplienko. “You are a war criminal and executionerapostrophe surfer. On your hands the blood of civilians executed in Buta. You will roast in Hell!“Mikhail Tkach immediately answers VK, noting in his presentation that his unit, having barely withdrawn from the outskirts of Kyiv, seems ready to return to battle:”I’m already on my way home, and I’ll fuck you soon. As soon as I find you, I’ll cut off your heads“.

Such verbal violence echoes the true crimes committed in the peaceful residential town of Butch, during the 33 days of Russian occupation: gratuitous executions, mass rape, torture, and systematic looting, modeled on the slag workers of the Middle Age.

The Ukrainian technical sphere, which was well helped by the disclosure on April 3 of the coordinates of 120 thousand Russian soldiers by hackers of the unknown group, made it possible to identify those most likely responsible for the war crimes committed by Bucha. According to Inform Napalm, a Ukrainian online monitoring group that searches the web and links open information, the first perpetrators belong to Unit 51460, corresponding to 64And the A motorized rifle brigade of the Russian army, based in the village of Kniazé-Volkonskoye on the Chinese border, near the Amur River and the city of Khabarovsk.

Soldiers of the 64And the Russian Army Motorized Rifle Brigade VK . screenshot

Its figures, based on available cohort photographs, consist mostly of Manchus, a Tungus people from the Russian Far East. Its commander, Lt. Col. Izetbek Asanbekovich Omorbekov, a stocky officer in his forties, was photographed in November 2021 after being blessed by the Khabarovsk Orthodox Patriarch.

beheading after death

Other units passing through Butch may have carried out some killings, but they were not targeted as accurately as the 64th Brigade. On Wednesday, a Pentagon official cautiously admitted that “It will be possible to identify the Russian units responsible for the violations“A mission clearly received.”Top priorityBiden administration.

The atrocities committed by Omorbekov’s men are breathtaking. “The children lay outside with their hands tied behind their backs. Children … tied up children and slaughtered them like dogs”, testifies the Ukrainian journalist, Evgeny Spirin. The other bodies were trapped. Another was beheaded after death. Several corpses decomposed for weeks, without killers, looting and looting nearby houses, paying attention to the smell and insects and their cleanliness. Otherwise why did they do that, when the bodies were not buried More than 200 paratroopers of their compatriots during the Battle of Hostomel Airport, 5 km away, were not buried or brought home?

Members of its orphan army”greatnessIn the Soviet era, known for its internal violence and relative discipline, these young soldiers may have been deceived by the Kremlin’s predictions that the Ukrainian population had been liberated from it.”neo-nazis“and the”ultra nationalistsThey will be welcomed with flowers. Instead, they came face to face with hostile civilians and responded brutally, killing all men of fighting age as in Butch and raping the women. Alcohol, laziness, and the absence of morally responsible chiefs broke the last locks of the civilized world. Assuming that an international tribunal is looking into the Butch case, the question of premeditation will be raised to the suspects. “I will just say that just looking at the footage, when you see people tied up, with bullets in the head, it looks terribly planned, premeditatedThe Pentagon official adds on condition of anonymity.

For the first time in history, perpetrators of war crimes are no longer anonymous. And their names, like those of Mikhail Tkach, are scattered in long lists accessible to everyone. Officially determined, unlike most enforcers of Orador-sur-Glane, My Lai in Vietnam, Vukovar in Croatia, or Srebrenica in Bosnia, they will be hunted for their entire lives, unless Ukraine becomes their grave during the upcoming fighting. .

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