Prime Minister Bennett’s coalition loses majority

A new political crisis in Israel. Less than a year after coming to power, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett’s coalition lost its majority in parliament on Wednesday, April 6 after the sudden departure of a right-wing lawmaker, who was immediately courted by opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu.

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On Wednesday morning, Representative Edith Silman, elected from Naftali Bennett’s far-right Yamina party, left the coalition with 61 seats, the majority threshold in the Knesset, where parliament includes 120 deputies. “I tried the path of unity. I have worked a lot for this alliance, but unfortunately I cannot harm the Jewish identity of IsraelEdith Silman said in a statement givingTheTo an intense political day in Israel, a country that has held four legislative elections in the space of two years, from 2019 to 2021.

Diverse coalition

Last June, Naftali Bennett and centrist Yair Lapid finally assembled a diverse coalition backed by 61 lawmakers that brings together the left, center, right and Arab formation parties, the first in the country’s history, to put an end to more than 12 consecutive years of Benjamin Netanyahu’s rule.

I am ending my coalition presence and will try to talk to my friends in order to come home and form a right-wing government. I know I’m not the only one who feels this wayRep. Silman, who immediately welcomed his statement, added Benjamin Netanyahu. “Idit, you have just demonstrated that what guides your work is the Jewish identity of Israel, the Land of Israel, and I welcome you back to the national camp.He said in a video Benjamin Netanyahu, who leads his party’s caucus bloc, Likud and the ultra-Orthodox and ultra-right formations.

rage bread?

Legislative work in the Knesset is currently suspended, and Parliament has already approved the budget, which must be passed by a majority to avoid dissolution. The coalition now has 60 seats, that is, the number of opposition seats. But if she can muster at least one other deputy into the government, she can make a motion to assign blame and thus potentially lead the country toward new legislation. Benjamin Netanyahu, who is seeking a return to power despite a corruption trial, has called on other right-wing lawmakers in the government to join his camp. “You will be welcomed with open arms and honorsHe said Wednesday, while the right-wing opposition had already planned a large demonstration this evening in Jerusalem against the government coalition.

Rep. Silman’s departure follows a row this week with Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz (left) after he asked hospitals, in line with a Supreme Court ruling, to allow the distribution of leavened bread — not unleavened bread as Jewish tradition dictates — during the due Passover. To start next week. But political commentators on Wednesday questioned that reason alone, pointing to tensions within the parliamentary coalition that includes radical right-wing lawmakers and Arabs and pressing the MP to leave this camp.

She is a religious woman, and the power of theology is not to be underestimated, but another element comes into play: she was under constant pressure.“Since”Make the brave decision to join the allianceAnalyst Dalia Sheindlin told AFP. This political crisis comes after three deadly attacks in Israel, two of which are linked to the Islamic State jihadist group. The Jewish state has since doubled down on its operations in the occupied West Bank and fears clashes on the fringes of large gatherings associated with the fasting month of Ramadan.

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