Gran Turismo 7: Update 1.11 is here, the end of the bad buzz?

game news Gran Turismo 7: Update 1.11 is here, the end of the bad buzz?

All Gran Turismo 7 players have been waiting for it: Update 1.11 has just been released. Polyphony Digital notably promised many changes to improve the experience…

More money, more shopping

Despite its somewhat honorable start, Gran Turismo 7 will suffer the wrath of its fans after several surely embarrassing gestures: First, an abnormally long server shutdown, which makes the game unplayable for two days, then updates drastically reduce race rewards to encourage microtransactions, which are especially expensive. Decisions that prompted the community to review the bombing: In the face of controversy, Polyphony Digital has apologized and announced an update for the beginning of April, supposed to erase some of these big black spots.

This update called 1.11 was published today, Thursday, April 7th. Is this the long-awaited dress for gamers? If we stick to the official description, it is clear that some improvements have been made: first of all, Increased amount of money to be won for many races; Likewise, the rewards for arcade races, custom races, circuit trials, and even daily races in Sports mode have been tweaked upwards. Also note that he can store 100 million balances in his virtual bank account, up from 20 million previously.

New races have also been added for the global rings mode, all like a quest for the eponymous division, no more and no less than an hour-long endurance race. Finally, note the expansion of the Legendary Car Dealership (which now offers twice as many), as well as several bug fixes and gameplay tweaks. between these, It is impossible not to stress the improvement of the physics of the vehicles, especially after receiving a jump in the rally tests (Which has been talked about…not forever).

All changes in Gran Turismo 7 Update 1.11

1. global circles

  • The number of rewards for events has been increased in the second half of the Global Circles mode.
  • New racing events have been added to the World Circuits mode. The new events are:
    • World Tour 600 Tokyo Expressway East in a clockwise direction
    • The 24 Hours of Le Mans 700 World Car Racing Circuit
    • World Touring Car 800 Sardegna Road Track A
  • Modified rewards for arcade and custom races

2. Circuit experience

  • Rewards are now awarded when you delete all circuit layouts in Gold or Bronze scores. If you have already earned these results, access the menu and exit using the Exit button to claim your prize.

3, Long/Sport mode

  • Increased rewards in Lobby and Daily Races.
  • Fixed an issue where watching while racing in the lobby would not allow you to switch to the ‘Spectator’ cam.
  • The Nations Cup and Constructors’ Cup have been changed to display the helmet thumbnail of the tournament.
  • When the Lobby is set to “Training/Endurance Race”, set the time to finish when the course setting is set to “Schedule Time”.
  • Changed camera movements before the start of the races in the daily races when starting to “shape”.

4. the message

  • Added “Human Comedy” to Quests, which contain 1-hour endurance courses. The Human Comedy will become playable when the player’s collector level is 23. Each endurance race event will award up to 1.2 million cr. for each event.
  • Race information such as starting grid, number of laps or time limit, starting method, etc. They are now displayed in the Quick List of Race Event Quests.
  • The best records for time trial events and buddy ranking records are now saved and displayed in tournament format/count
  • The leaderboards have been reset for the following time events *
    • ・Gone with the Wind – 30 minute high speed chime.
    • The sun also shines – Le Mans 24 minutes.
    • The Sun Also Rises – Battle of Bathurst Group C

5. Game progress

  • The maximum credits earned in the game has been increased to 100 million kroner.
  • New “invitations” received with the agency now have a time limit of 30 days, down from 14.

6. Used Cars / Legendary Cars

  • The number of cars offered at these dealerships is now being increased.

7. cars

  • Mazda RX-7 GT-X (FC) ’90: Corrected the position and shape of the “GT Auto”-mounted pulley rod.
  • Toyota Sprinter Trueno 1600GT APEX (S.Shigeno Edition): a fixed part of the rear wheel design.

8. Delivery Editor

  • The bodywork display issues for the following cars have been fixed. If the vehicle you are currently using is susceptible to this, it will be fixed when you go to “GT Auto” -> “Customize Vehicle” -> “Save Livery”
    • Subaru WRX Gr.B
    • Ferrari F430 ’06
    • Ferrari F8 Tributo 2019

9. Car physics simulator

  • Improved physics when landing after jumping, mostly on dirt tracks.
  • Fixed an issue where the car speed value displayed on other players’ speedometers in online races sometimes differed from the actual car speed.
  • Fixed an issue where the taillights would not turn off during certain operations, such as after adjusting the muffler on 09 Toyota Prius G and 11 Toyota Aqua S.

10. Vehicle parameters

  • Delayed setting changed from on/off to 3 settings, off/weak/strong.
  • Fixed an issue where if I opened Vehicle Settings after selecting a part from the tuning shop, but canceled without purchasing it, the name of the tuning sheet that was created would be cleared and the settings would be reset.

11, racing

  • Fixed an issue where time penalties were not issued correctly when taking short-distance shortcuts or executing successive shortcuts.
  • Fixed an issue where a penalty for cutting the white line would still be issued in Goodwood.
  • The start-stop position has been adjusted for the Daytona International Speedway triple oval.

12. custom races

  • Changed so that the Balance of Performance (BoP) setting can be enabled/disabled when player vehicles are of Gr.1, Gr.2, Gr.3, Gr.4, and Gr.B classes.

13- Competitor Vehicles (AI)

  • Fixed an issue where competitor cars that switched to rain tires in wet weather races after a pit stop would have slow acceleration when exiting the pits.
  • In road racing, procedures have been applied to some cars starting earlier or later on a staggered start due to network issues.

14- Graphics

  • Improve smoke quality in Scapes mode
  • Fixed an issue where debris from cockpit view crashes could enter the vehicle.
  • Fix smoke graphics as it can be seen through car windows

15th. Slower

  • So far, the Control menu has appeared with any button on the console, but that has been changed so that it now only appears with the Confirm and Cancel buttons.

16. Voice

  • Music will now play in surround sound when the audio output mode is set to 7.1 channel surround output.
    • On PlayStation®4, this playback will apply when the connected device is compatible with 5.1 channel or 7.1 channel and the Audio Output Mode in Options is set to 7.1 Ambient.
    • On PlayStation®5, this reading will be applied when the connected device is compatible with 5.1h or 7.1ch and the ‘HDMI Device Type’ on the console is set to ‘AV Amplifier’, and the ‘Number of Channels’ is set to ‘5.1 ch’ or ‘7.1 channel’ “.
  • Added “Music playback volume balance” and “Music playback master volume” options to playback volume and playback options.
  • Music playback options can now be closed using the undo button.

17. Settings

  • Changed so that the Show Stealth Trial setting in Stealth Settings appears only in Passes and Flight Experience.
  • “Temporary exposure setting” has been added to the quick menu settings. Temporary exposure settings allow you to temporarily adjust screen brightness in races. Exiting the quick menu will return the game to the original exposure setting.

18. car collection

  • 3 new cursor moving features have been added.
    • the button It will now move the cursor to your current vehicle.
    • The L2 or R2 button will move the cursor to the next car that has already been acquired.
    • the button edge The cursor will move to cars with “new” designations.

19.GT Auto

  • Standard replacement bulb brightness under “GT Auto” > “Customize Auto” > “Other Parts” > “Bulb”

20. The Cup

  • Fixed “Wheely Good Fun” reminder text to “Buy 10 sets of wheels from GT AUTO”

21 title screen

  • Split the thumbnail and news text so that they are displayed separately.

22. Steering wheels and pedals

  • Dedicated features are additional buttons that become available when replacement wheels are fitted such as the Fanatec Club Sport Formula V2 steering wheel on the Fanatec GT DD Pro*.
    • Fanatec Podium Advanced Paddle Module Top Right/Left Paddle Set for Turn Signals
    • Set the left / right toggle switch and change the MFD function
    • Waive the analog stick for head rotation
  • Additional button assignments are only available when a compatible steering wheel is attached.
  • When connecting a steering wheel such as the Fanatec ClubSport Formula V2 steering wheel to the Fanatec CSL Elite and Fanatec Podium, change the “MFD Change” function assigned to the left and right rocker switches so that the left rocker switch is set to “change” the MFD function.
  • Several other issues have been resolved.
Gran Turismo 7: Update 1.11 is here, the end of the bad buzz? Gran Turismo 7: Update 1.11 is here, the end of the bad buzz?

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