First contact: The new Volkswagen Golf 7

February: Smallest month of the year punctuated by 2 major events, and 2 rehousing.

Autoday’s website redesign on the one hand, and on the other hand, a file Presentation of the new Golf 7.

And since the German brand had the elegance of inviting us to introduce the new version of its flagship model the day the new Autoday website launched, we won’t be talking to you about the “new Autoday”, but we will detail the new features of this Golf 7.

As for the Golf, Volkswagen has in the past been accustomed to changes in continuity. We suggest introducing these new features to you through small classes that allow you to pick up this article as you see fit.

Exterior Design News

Admire the old saying ‘You don’t change the winning team’, Volkswagen is a supporter subliminal styling. Evolutions, but not revolutions.

The new Golf 7 is part of that strategy and stays very close to the current version but it does show off some very cool new features.

The redesign wouldn’t really be one without one new light signature. The new Golf 7 introduces new, redesigned front and rear lighting units that offer a daylighting identity similar to the Passat. Additionally, 100% LED taillights and headlights are offered as standard or as an option depending on trim levels, but without the need to systematically target the top of the range. generous.

4 new rims and 5 new colours They are offered, including “yellow turmeric” which I find wonderful. Admittedly, it must be assumed and yes the question of ease of resale does arise, but I urge you to go see it to form your opinion.

front grille Almost completely redesigned:

  • The redesigned lower part of the bumper visually expands the golf course
  • The chrome strip extends from the headlights to the headlights and accentuates the logo
  • The logo is also a novelty … invisible, as it includes, in particular, the automatic cruise control sensor

New Driving Help

We take a deep breath and go: Traffic Assist, Lane Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control, Emergency Assist, Front Assist, Trailer Assist (trailer maneuverability assist, which is unique in this segment), Park Assist 3.0, Advance Wrecking and … Brian in the Kitchen .

And breathe!

Didn’t you understand something? We’ll make it simple: you see all the files Aids and assistance found in high-end tourist cars ? There you go, they’re all in Golf 7. It’s clearly not a Tesla self-driving car, but it’s almost a self-driving car, especially in traffic jams with “traffic jam assist” (semi-automatic driving in traffic jams).

New infotainment

In terms of connectivity and infotainment, the new Golf 7 will put a huge slap in the face to its direct competitors.

The cabin is almost completely numbered and all previous systems have been replaced.

Let’s start with View active information And its screen is 12.3 inches. It is in short Move to Golf 7 of the Virtual Cockpit from Audi. Intuitive, fun and customizable.

The other 9.2 inch screen is that of Discover Pro, the entertainment interface that allows managing radio, navigation, telephone, etc. by pressing the touch screen or, in some menus, by simple gestures in front of the screen, the first in this segment. The process is striking and very practical. The only point that requires a bit of adaptation for the least geek among us is knowing which menus are compatible with gesture control.

Finally, it seems a long time ago that I was amazed to find in a generic manufacturer’s SUV charging by extrapolation! In the new Golf 7 that goes beyond recharging, you can take advantage, if your smartphone is Qi-compatible, from a inductive coupling Allow charging, connecting to the infotainment system, and connecting to the vehicle’s external antenna at the same time. Thus, the grid capture is improved and the radiation on board the vehicle is reduced.

In short: our impressions of the motors were tested.

Golf 7 1.5 TSI 150 hp: Das novelty.

This new exclusively presented engine will be available in May 2017 and I can only invite as many people as possible to try it out. Silent, inactive and soberIt is characterized by its versatility. Of course it is as well suited to the sedan version as it is to the station wagon body.

Golf 7 SW 2.0 TDI 150 HP 4 strokes: full all the time.

In the 4 Motion version, the new Golf 7 SW surprises with silence, low torque and driving pleasure. Moreover, just like Megane Estate, This is a real station wagon This means a different type of bodywork that is not only aesthetically pleasing and presents The trunk volume is much larger than that of a sedan. On the other hand, the six-speed manual gearbox of our test model offered a gear designed with 3 very short initial reports and 3 very long initial reports. Nothing embarrassing, once you get the hit…or pick out your new DSG 7 box.

Golf 7 GTD: is it reasonable?

Diesel and 184 horsepower… Let’s be clear: I’ve never enjoyed driving a diesel as much as when testing a GTD, and I keep my words in mind. On the other hand, at a time when buying behavior has changed (the French are increasingly choosing gasoline) and diesel engines are being blacklisted in our major cities, we can’t help but wonder what this version is for. The fact remains that it is fun machineThe stability under the cap pulls you up on the arms and pushes you into the buttocks from 1500 rpm and He never seems to want to stop towing. What happiness!


This new Golf 7 isn’t just about a few strokes of the scalpel on interior design and presentation.

The definitely shy sophistication on the outside is more than complete on the inside. With its technological talent, infotainment system and driving aids, this new Golf 7 is positioned in the Premium waiting room Without being more expensive to buy than a Golf 7 “Phase 1”.

More great news: The well-known and very small and excellent 1.4 TSI 125 hp MultiFuel engine has been renewed in the new Golf 7. You do not know him? Try it, I ask you a favor! And believe me, if you are hesitant between the different engines, everyone will agree with this engine, including your banker due to its very low cost to use because it accepts, among other fuels, E85 (€0.72 at the station 4 km from my house Who says better?).

Finally, to spoil nothing, the passenger compartment still exudes seriousness with quality fittings and materials that will age well. Because that’s also why you buy a golf: it’s Residual value on resale.

Image credits: Autoday and Volkswagen

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