Buffalo German, the first dynasty that stems from the origins of basketball

To understand what we are going through today, it is important to know what happened yesterday. And so, with the image of the different teams that shined long before the NBA was a strong league, TrashTalk invites you to immerse yourself in a piece of US basketball history, away from parking lot shots and more. The 10 most important points in our daily life. Today we landed on the shores of Lake Erie to visit the Buffalo Germans.

Open the file cabinet on the letter G for Buffalo Germans. To be traced back to the origins of basketball. In the story of a team formed by Fred Burkhart, a former student of James Naismith and among the first to play basketball. When the inventor of the sport came up with his brilliant idea to keep the young men of Springfield College over the winter.

victorious youth

Having caught the orange ball virus, Burckhardt will pass on his passion a few years later. Responsible for sports at the Genesee Street YMCA in Buffalo from 1895, he created a team of young men who, in turn, embarked on this entirely new adventure of throwing a ball into a basket. As is often the case at the time, these structures represented rallying points for immigrants – or descendants of immigrants – who wished to meet people who shared their origins. On the side of Genesee Street, the Germans are regrouping. So the newly created formation is called Buffalo Germans, a logical connection between their city and their lineage.

These 14-year-olds are discovering this new sport and doing well. In three seasons in the local junior tournament, they won the title each time. Hands in pockets. Finally a way to talk since they look so good running around, finish each exercise without losing the match. So you have to aim a little higher to face real competition. This means leaving the children’s rink to play in the adult’s circle. It does not matter that they still only have fluff on their faces, but in front of adults they will assert themselves even more. Well, 12 wins in 14 games for the first time between parents. They may only be 16, but they are the bosses who hit nearly everyone.

So when the 19th century ended, German Buffaloes set a valid record of 87 wins for 6 losses. Since everyone was totally crazy about basketball at the time, I’d also tell you that their performance resounded like the basket of my first career in a DM4 Loire match. But the first event will give the Germans the opportunity to show themselves.

Official successes

In 1901, the Pan American Exposition landed in their village. Well, it’s not a panties party either, but it does toss a little bit. Especially since in the festive set, a little basketball competition slips. Nothing really famous, just the first National Basketball Tournament. Eight teams, an outdoor field covered with grass, the final kick of the ball. We’ll cut it short, even if the front page of the news doesn’t earn them – on the one hand, because they let you look for a TV at the time, and on the other because, as mentioned earlier, no one cares about that orange ball – German buffaloes won all rally meetings It is run by the Amateur Athletic Union.

However, they could have missed the nickname. On the last day, the match was scheduled for the morning. No luck, some German members are not present. They have a pool. Or rather, school exams, because not all young people have finished their studies. Some phone calls are made to postpone the meeting, and everything seems to be fine. However, it begins when only three members are Germans. In order not to lose the players, they decided to attack the match in numerical inferiority. By applying pressure to the buttocks while waiting for reinforcements. They keep the score with one in each place until two teammates join them. Surprised that the meeting has already begun. But also a little revered to see the carrot attempt of opponents. In the end, they won 10 to 1 and confirmed their dominance in the tournament.

Good exercise before a bigger stage after three years. In 1904, the Olympics landed in St. Louis, Missouri. Basketball is not yet an official sport within the prestigious competition, but it appears in the demo for the first time. Only American teams participate in the tournament – that means Cousin representation. The buffalo Germans who took the bottle and chin-hair – 23 – are, of course, in the game. If we still have to wait 32 years to see basketball officially enter the Olympic program and almost nine decades for a dream team to flip the sport on another planet, then the Germans will forever remain the first to climb the highest step. Without losing the slightest encounter.

air storm

These two successes in what might be called the major championships – or at least minimal formalities – cause the German Buffaloes to proclaim themselves world champions, in all humility. Self-promotion that does not eat bread and that necessarily helps the team that derives its income from the barn. They also play the role of pioneers of formations that depart on the roadeven if the distances traveled are far from colossal compared to the kilometers swallowed up each year by their successors to the original Celtics, Raines or Globetrotters.

But delirium is not the same for these other formations at all. Buffalo Germans, even if they make a small egg on their travels, are not a professional team. All members of the lists work side by side: accountant, builder, mechanic … You can find everything among the Germans. Is it because of their professional functions that the team has never joined the professional or semi-professional leagues? Or fear of higher competition than those they face in the YMCA or university formations? No, the concern comes rather from their geographical location.

Transportation is not excellently developed in the USA yet. The original Celtics were the first team sparrows to take advantage of the rail network years later. So the organization it takes to participate in the league does not necessarily fit with the vision that German buffaloes have about their passion. To avoid the travel hassles, their tours stay in the area most of the time, with their biggest trip being Kansas.

professionals? not completely

Usually, they instead head to Pennsylvania, Connecticut or Massachusetts when they leave their home state of New York. Sometimes they go to Ohio during the holidays, no offense to Joachim Noah. And in any case, they are not the talkers who dream of being welcomed, as they play almost exclusively outdoors. Regardless, they follow their story out of passion. For the love of basketball while the popularity of the sport remains at an all-time low. Their inability to reach people in Buffalo also explains the need to seek income outside their city.

To maintain a positive balance between income and expenses, Buffalo players reduce costs as much as possible. Only six guys go on the tour, they’re all players. If subsequent barn formations rely on managers to run the organization, it is the star of the Germans, Allie Hurdt, who takes over booking matches and keeping accounts. Boss at least to accompany them? shit. Even potential injuries do not change the way the team operates. This does not prevent them from swinging. as When he scored 111 victories between 1908 and 1911 (average score from 54 to 18). They certainly don’t face any of the professional leagues in the region. And by rubbing shoulders with one of them, they see that their series is over. But still, wrapping up his story with a record number 792-86, it ranks formation.

Until what age can we play?

However, Buffalo Germans do not rely on a particular style of play to win. But while players go from team to team to collect as many checks as possible, the formation has rare stability that allows them to build up continuously. In 1916, 21 years after their debut, four of the kids who had begun the adventure are still on the team.. Even if she has now passed puberty and some wrinkles.

The slow but sure democratization of basketball, with that in its wake. While the orange ball was on its first stuttering bounce in 1895, it sped off quietly. But for the Germans, the end of the story is near. They present themselves with a farewell tour inside the NBA – the peak at the time – for a season sadly below their standards. The last in the first stage, then the sixth out of eight in the next stage. The cards of the first dynasty to dominate basketball are still a long way off.

In 1929, this beautiful story ended despite the addition of new youths to the workforce. But like Michael Jordan, five of the original members returned in 1931 for one last meeting. In their fifties, they won this last match by one point.

Few teams are inducted in their entirety into the Hall of Fame. In 1961, the Buffalo Germans joined the Original Celtics and are members of the first-ever induction into the Basketball Hall of Fame. A fair reward for a group that fired the orange ball on the right track for their successors.

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