Basketball: Why is Aurore de Vitré coach Julian Corte leaving the club?

Julian Corte Aurore Vetere © Florian Buch

Julian Corti No longer a coach Aurore Vitré Basket (NM1) Next year. The club announced it on its social media, Wednesday 6 April 2022.

Arriving in Vitré in 2019, Julien Cortey made the decision to leave the club several weeks ago. I announced my decision to the leaders and my group before the second stage. I thought about it carefully. I have a family so it involves a lot of things. This is not a whim,” the former future coach explains.

Can you explain your choice?

I am a legitimate person. I need to see. I have to believe it 300% when I wake up. I think I’ve reached the end of what I can bring, and that if we took Vitré three years ago and Vitré today, things have changed a lot. We went from a club that was doing the lifting to one that settled at the top of the NM1 chart with convincing results.

We have also gained traction in recruitment. Clearly, we were referred to at NM1 as a health club. This is the entire project that I’ve worked on with the President and Vice President. When I have a project, it’s not just an output project in the field, it’s a global project. I’ve been at it for three years and I think we’re at the end of what we can do.

How do you judge the development of the club during these three years?

There are goals like the top five or promotion to Pro B… but we have half the budget of the clubs that announce promotion to Pro B. So yes, we can achieve feats in a match but over the course of a season, when going up, it becomes almost fantastic.

I think today in Vitré we have reached its limits. And then, here, people quickly forget. They forgot they had a team that restricted climbs and descents before. Today we have a real team with real identity and human values.

that by saying?

I feel like it’s never enough. I do not include club leaders who are very involved and grateful. But it’s more about the vibe, the club, some donors, some supporters. It’s not good enough. They don’t realize that we are over-performing now.

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Once there is a slight slack, we fall to the top. The words are powerful but it is an almost unhealthy environment. But this context is beyond the control of the leaders. I’m not on bad terms with them at all. I explained my choices to them clearly. I could have waited until the end of the season to announce that because I had an exit clause in my contract, but I have to be honest. I’m tired of this project. It’s been three months since the players learned about it. So I’m leaving not because we lost two games.

How will your future be?

I have made the decision to leave the club without a parachute for next season. So I could have waited to secure the future of next season. but I’m not. I am a complete person. I wouldn’t stay here if there was nothing else.

I’ve come to take a step as a coach and now I’d like a project that takes you higher. But I keep looking and I hope to find a club.

Are you still 100% invested until the end of the season?

Whether you go or not, it doesn’t matter. When I play a game, I win it. Leaders know this. The players know that. Until June 30th, they know they can count on me 7 days a week like I always did.

There are volunteers from the pro team fighting to keep the club alive, so you have to think about them too. The most important thing is that the club keeps moving forward. I brought what I can. I wish my successor. I’m just a pawn moved to Aurore and I hope the club continues to move in the right direction.

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