Basketball (Pro B): Sebastian Machuski no longer coaches Ilan Chalon

The German coach did not escape drowning in Quimper after the defeat against Saint-Chammond.

On Saturday against Evox, Maxime Bakua will take charge of the team. Ilan is looking for a new coach.

As we wrote in our previous article, since the defeat scored against Saint-Chammond and even more since that was conceded in Quimper, Sebastien Machuski’s future as coach of Aylene Chalons has been very uncertain.
In a press release, published at 10:45 a.m., Ilan Shallon has just announced that he is parting with the German coach: “Ilan Schallon has made the decision to separate from Sebastian Machuski, the coach of the professional team from this day on.

For Evreux’s reception on Saturday, Maxime PACQUAUT is the assistant coach who will manage the team “…
So decided President Vincent Berger and the Steering Committee. Sebastian Machuski is paying for the regular and persistent decline in Ailean Chalon’s performance in his final weeks, with results that, as we wrote, are not at the level of Ilan claiming to find a Pro A and so he will have to win the playoffs.
It is clear that Vincent Bergerette and the club’s management are looking for a new coach. It’s not necessarily easy and they don’t want to act in a hurry.
On Saturday against Evreux, so it is Maxime Pacquaut who will lead the team.
He will take on the challenge of finding a way to beat Evro, to finish completely in his first 4 matches and secure 2 home matches during the play-offs.

Alain Boullieri

Our previous article:
Elan Chalon was defeated at the Colosseum on Friday by leader Saint-Chamond, and was expected at the bend in Quimper as he was traveling on Tuesday evening. Fans were waiting for him to come back with a win. But he will return from Brittany with a defeat.
Well-started Challoney who went 64-58 at the end of the third quarter-time, sank through the final 10 minutes, conceding 34 points, while scoring 22. He only made 17 free throws…
On arrival defeat six points, especially more than 90 points ceded. The numbers are harsh. Alain Chalon lost in the last three games and received more than 90 points, as was already the case in San Quentin. For the record, Ilan Shalon scored the same number of points in three consecutive games: 86.
It is clear and above all that his impenetrable defense is what worries him. This is worrisome since he arrived at Elan Chalon, Sébastian Machowski declared that the defense would be like a totem.
It’s less and less fact and Jelabel’s injury can’t explain everything. Against Saint-Chamond, it was unfortunate that fans saw Chalonnais being punched, often with the same playing styles. Several fans also noted Elan’s poverty in attack.
As if the Elan Chalon has lost its luster over time. Since scoring 103 points in Rouen on February 11, Alain Chalon has recorded only one win away from home, in Evreux. I bowed to Vichy. in Saint-Quentin, and thus in Quimper. But also in front of Polzac and Saint-Chammond.
Since his trip to Normandy and his trip to Rouen, he has played nine matches and won only three times.
It’s not the standard for a team that claims to return to the elite. And sure enough, after the three setbacks he just suffered, the question is whether to keep Sebastian Machowski as coach. In decoded, he is the German man in charge of the task to correct a situation that has become so complex regarding the goal of returning to the elite this season.
There is an urgent need to restart the mechanism to absolutely stay in the top four. Knowing this is that Evreux, who will present himself on Saturday at the Colosseum, can still dream of play-offs provided he wins on the banks of the Saône.
Evreux has just had four straight wins: 96-82 in Vichy, 88-61 against Saint-Vallier, 88-81 in Rouen, and thus 90-84, Tuesday night against Lille…
So the challenge will be important for Chalons in the Colosseum that can ring loudly…because supporters anticipate the results. He’ll understand, Sebastian Machuski on an expulsion bench.

Alain Boullieri

Kimber 92 – Ilan Shalon 86 (21-24; 22-18; 15-22; 34-22)

QUIMPER : Phillip 19, Vautier 18, Diawara 17, Leon 13, Joseph 10, Duwiquet 5, Reid 5, Ruel 5, Le Carour 0, Randriamananjara 0, Sclear 0
Ilan Shalon Washington 21, Ito 18, Dosso-Yofo 16, Bouquet 10, Fremanes 7, Augustin-Ferrell 6, Abodo 6, Gabrik 2, Eliezer-Vanero 0

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