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Three basketball coaches from Saint-Laurent High School in Montreal were arrested Wednesday on suspicion of committing crimes of a sexual nature against minors, causing an uproar among the 2,000 students at this institution and their parents, staff, management and environment. The sport that is the pride of the school.

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Daniel Reno

Daniel Reno

Alice Gerard Boss

Alice Gerard Boss

Henry Owlette Vezina

Henry Owlette Vezina

Daniel Lacas, 43, the head of the school’s basketball program, and two other coaches, Xavier Boeslard, 43, and Robert Low, 31, were arrested by sexual assault investigators at the City Police Department in Montreal Wednesday morning and will be charged. Various crimes of a sexual nature Thursday afternoon in a Montreal court.

  • Daniel Lakas

    Photo from the website of Saint Laurent High School Online

    Daniel Lakas

  • Xavier Pollard

    Photo from the website of Saint Laurent High School Online

    Xavier Pollard

  • Robert Low

    Photo from the website of Saint Laurent High School Online

    Robert Low

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Daniel Lakas, who is introduced as the school’s “administrative director,” is arrested at the school. The three men, particularly Daniel Lakas, are well known and well respected in the world of school basketball, and the Saint Laurent High School program has, for years, trained very good players, many of whom have been accepted into colleges or universities in the United States.

“We have arrested three coaches for a sports team,” said Agent Véronique Comtois, a police spokeswoman, explaining that the case was linked to the sexual assaults allegedly committed. From 2008 to 2014″. These two victims are reported to have come directly to the police.

SPVM should publish a press release Thursday after the three men appeared and could take the opportunity to invite any other potential victim to come forward.

Looking for videos

According to our information, the victims will be former school basketball players or players, short-time juveniles, from disadvantaged or single-parent families, whose ambitions were to be part of the elite in their sport. Among the offenses, it would particularly be the question of sexual gestures that would have been made during parties watered with players.

The alleged acts had been spread over many years, and some of them could have been filmed or photographed, which may explain the presence of investigators from the SPVM’s Electronic Investigations Division during a search of Daniel Lacasse’s home on Wednesday, in Laval.

Photo by Sarah Mungo Burkett, press

Police officers search Daniel Lacasse’s home on Wednesday in Laval.

“And I was really surprised. I couldn’t believe it. When it happens near your house, to people you meet and your kids see, it’s shocking,” says Isabel Michaud, a neighbor of Danielle Lacasse.

His 7-year-old daughter often rubs the shoulders of Danielle Lakas. “Since they moved here about two years ago, they have always played together. My daughter was always at his house.

“It is not reassuring to know that such things happen near your home,” she adds.

under the influence of shock

Media coverage of the arrest of the three coaches spread like wildfire and had the effect of a bombshell at high school.

Several SPVM social officers were dispatched to the scene, on the sidelines of the police operation, to provide psychosocial support to students and staff.

The Director General of the Marguerite Bourgeois School Service Center was quick to respond on Wednesday, shortly after the arrests were announced, with a brief press release. He himself was the principal of the school for a few years, during the period when the assaults were committed.

We have just learned that faculty members at Saint Laurent have been arrested this afternoon. We take the situation very seriously. “We will remain in contact with the SPVM and will put in place all recommendations and directives that may be given to us,” said Dominique Bertrand.

PHOTO PHILIPPE BOIVIN, a special collaboration

Andres Pinuela, fifth grader

When I left classes on Wednesday, the students were in shock. “It doesn’t seem real to me. The school is supposed to be a safe environment,” said Andres Pinuela, a fifth-grader.

“I’m really worried about my safety. We’re here to study, and there are guys who do it. It can’t be done,” says Mirjana, a fourth-grader.

Newman Kamiti, a high school 5 student who played basketball at Saint Laurent School for three years, had a hard time believing it.

PHOTO PHILIPPE BOIVIN, a special collaboration

Newman Kamiti, a fifth grader

I was surprised and disappointed. I know the coaches Basketball for many years.

Newman Kamiti, a fifth grader

On Wednesday afternoon, an email was sent to the school’s parents informing them of the situation. The foundation’s director, René Bernier, said he was taking “the situation very seriously”.

The parents, who had gathered at the end of the classes, were worried. “My two kids play basketball on the school teams. That’s what worries me,” said the father, who wanted to keep his name silent for fear of reprisals.

When he heard the news, he hurried to pick up his daughter from school. “Of course we will have discussions,” he said.

He moved to Montreal so that his children could attend Saint Laurent High School, which is known for basketball. “These are very competitive teams, among the best in Quebec. They travel a lot. They go to the United States five to six times a year,” says the father.

Unfortunately, it’s not “surprising” that such things happen in the sports world, according to Olga Hriac, a former director of the men’s basketball team at the University of Quebec in Montreal and a former assistant to Team Canada. I feel bad for these guys. It happens in many situations, such stories. It’s really sad, but unfortunately not surprising,” she explains.


Olga Hriac, former coach of the University of Quebec on the Montreal men’s basketball team

This is not accepted in society as an ethical standard. We have a code of conduct among coaches, but unfortunately it is often broken.

Olga Hriac, former coach of the University of Quebec on the Montreal men’s basketball team

She confirms this by being a Fitness Trainer In an environment made up almost exclusively of men, she always took certain precautions, including having an assistant “enter the locker room after the match or during training”. “These were ways for me to make sure that doesn’t happen to me as a teacher,” she says, adding that such preventions should be more in number nowadays.

‘Hope justice will be served’

On the side of the Quebec Student Sports Network, President and General Manager, Gustave Roel, expressed his deep regret over the situation when he contacted him JournalismWednesday.

“It’s the kind of situation you never want to see. What we want are safe environments. We hope justice will be served and the school will take all necessary steps,” he said, recalling that his group has an online complaints mechanism, called “I file a complaint,” which allows all students Athletes report “any form of abuse, harassment, neglect or violence” against them.

The Minister in charge of Sports and Recreation, Isabelle Charest, also responded in writing, calling on all victims to come forward.

This situation is unacceptable and my thoughts are with the victims. Since my arrival in politics, I have worked to develop athletes and athletes in a healthy and safe environment. I will continue to make it a priority and will continue to work to ensure that sport is a fulfilling environment for all. For those who are going through a difficult situation in their sport, the Sport’Aide and Sport bien-être platforms are available to listen to you.” Journalism.

“This is a horrific and totally unacceptable situation. We were shocked to learn that individuals in positions of authority over Montreal youths have been arrested for sexual assault. We are sincerely with the victims and applaud their courage to denounce their attackers,” said the Montreal Mayor’s Cabinet, Valerie Plante.

To contact Daniel Renaud, call 514285-7000, ext. 4918, write to or write to the postal address of Journalism.

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