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Scott Challenge Team

No less than 90 Brogélians have made the trip to the Coliseum for a head-to-table Pro B match between Elan and St Chamond, but also to see a reunion of Scott, Mascot, and Croco. Challoney claimed to win the match but they weren’t able to convert it. They let their evening opponents escape on top of the championship.

CS de Mervans-U9 M: 0-0

Congratulations to the little boys who came back from Mirvan with a 4 straight win and 2 draw. They are getting better with every outing and it shows on the field.

CS St-Loup Geanges-U15 F: 38-35

This trip to the St-Loup was a stage in the season for the Entente Féminine girls: they were going to face a team contending for the title, just like them. They played head-to-head against local players but ran behind the score throughout the match. They are back to -1 before the money time but the last period will be put in favor of the players in green. Defeat 38 to 35. This does not yet stake the odds of pursuing the title of Blue and Roses even if it goes through a mistake on their part.

AS Tournus-U15 M: 46-38

This Saturday, Nicholas’ companions made the trip to Turnu without their usual leaders. This made it possible for Léo and Maxime to audition for the role. The match starts timidly on both sides but the locals find the breakthrough at the end of the first QT and lead by 7 after 8 minutes: 10-3. Until the break, the Blacks and Pinks put together what the coach suggested and found access to the basket more easily. Unfortunately, they only completed one point at the break. They continued the 3 QT with greater success and found themselves at two points at the beginning of the money time. But the last period was in favor of the Tournusiens who managed to score against a very impenetrable Brogelian defense. In the end, despite a good match, they came back from Tournus with a 46-38 defeat.

palingeois-Seniors Club Basket F: 51-45

In the second pool match, Seniors F had to show something other than what they did against Sancé. And it had to happen in Palinges. They started the game well, by 13 points after 15 minutes of play, but something must have gone wrong and the local players recovered to 5 points at the end of the first half. Nothing is going well with the Blacks and Roses during the third quarter of a 25-for-9 QT loss. They find a bit of basketball in the last QT but the gap the palingeoises dug before money time can’t be filled at the end of the game. Defeat 45 to 51.

U17 M-US San Rémoise St-Rémy: 45-126

By welcoming St. Romes this Sunday, the Blacks and Roses anticipate a tough game. Looking at the final result (45 to 126), we can say that they got it. Therefore, Saint-Rémy players impose their game against Gabyn’s sponsors and continue to stand atop the top hen of the U17s at Saône-et-Loire.

ASA Vauzelle-Basket Armchair: 10-60

Players in the wheelchair basketball section do not have much opportunity to conduct friendly matches against neighboring clubs. Once it appears, everyone responds present, even if it takes 4 hours of the round trip. On Sunday, they responded positively to the call of the Varennes-Vauzelles Handibasket club to play the opening game of Seniors M. Once in, the players are pampered by the local club: an aperitif and sandwich allow them to grab a match in the best conditions. The first QT allows the two teams to measure each other and open the meters one by one. The Vauzelliens are taking advantage of the generosity of the Brogélian defense to stay in touch after 10 minutes of play. During QT 2, the Whites and the Roses came close to hitting the racket through the area defense and widened the gap in attack. The second half will be like QT, but this time with a solo defence. White and pink are disobedient and do not leave much room for attacks. But the locals do not lose hope and will continue to try their luck to the end. The final score is 60 to 10 for the Brogéliens but the important thing is that the two teams enjoyed this encounter and the revenge at JB Dumay Hall is done in such good conditions.

Basketball Club Ballingues – Seniors M: 64-73

This men’s pre-regional tournament is fairly open. This weekend, the Blacks and Roses went to Palinges, the club that ousted the undefeated leader in last week’s first leg. Realizing this, the Brogéliens come with an experienced team that will play head-to-head with the young Palingeois. The scoring difference is in favor of the visitors during QT2 and 3. Seniors M win the match 73 to 64 and go back to the title contenders. But this place is still accessible by 5 teams.

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