What do we remember from the interview with Vladimir Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov on “LCI”

This is an interview that is unprecedented in the current context: that of Vladimir Putin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov. It was filmed the day before and broadcast on LCI On Wednesday, April 6, 2022 at five in the evening, the right-hand man of the Russian president answers the questions of journalist Darius Rushebin for twenty-four minutes. The necessity of a meeting between Volodymyr Zelensky and Vladimir Putin, the refusal of any responsibility of the Russian army for the crimes committed in Bucha, Russian losses … Here is what needs to be preserved from this interview.

Follow the live broadcast dedicated to the war in Ukraine, on Wednesday, April 6, 2022

A “high-level” meeting between Putin and Zelensky

The Kremlin spokesman, who for the first time digressed about the political history of Ukraine since 2014, finally described Volodymyr Zelensky as “President of Ukraine”. Then the latter felt that there should be a meeting “on the highest level” Between Vladimir Putin and Volodymyr Zelensky. An announcement with strong symbolism as the heads of the two countries exchange, for the time being, through their Western counterparts.

Dmitriy Peskov refutes any responsibility of the Russian army for Bucha’s crimes

On the accusations that the Russian army was responsible for the crimes in Bucha, the images of which sparked outrage around the world last weekend, Dmitry Peskov has remained faithful to the Kremlin’s rhetoric: to deny any Russian involvement. “ We categorically deny the idea that members of our military might have been involved in such crimes (particularly those committed in Butch).”Confirmed before denounced “The fact that the photos, recordings and images you may have seen is the result of systematic fraud.”. In response to a question about the satellite images on which we see the corpses, which date corresponds to the presence of the Russian army in Bucha, the spokesman confirmed his statements. “We are adamant that these satellite images must be investigated very carefully.”did he say.

The “very special role of France” compared to other Western powers

When asked about France’s place in the context of the war, referring to the many exchanges between Emmanuel Macron and Vladimir Putin, Dmitry Peskov assured him: France played a very special role. » The latter was praised on several occasions “Efforts of Emmanuel Macron” Who is the “Much appreciated”as Ongoing dialogue with President Putin and efforts to facilitate negotiations between Ukraine and Russia. Finally concluded Few countries can do the same, France and Macron are among those exceptional cases..

Faced with the dangers of American weapons in Poland, Russia will deploy more in the West

Then Dmitry Peskov responded to the possible presence of US nuclear weapons in Poland, which she said was ready to welcome American nuclear weapons are permanently on its soil. “It would be a great threat to us.”He said before adding: “We will make sure Our nuclear power is sufficient to delay the deployment of new nuclear weapons in Poland.He explained, noting that the possibility of Russia deploying more weapons on the western border was “the inevitable”. Finally: The question is the balance of forces, and if the imbalance appears on the one hand, it is necessary to restore the balance on the other hand. »

The “tragic numbers” of Russian losses

In response to a question about the losses of the Russian army in Ukraine, Dmitry Peskov referred to the Ministry of Defense figures without disclosing them. “These are tragic figures, but it is a military operation.”considering that Nationalist elements prevent civilians from escaping and do not allow the process to proceed normally. »

Preconditions for negotiations with Ukraine

Dmitry Peskov also noted that the withdrawal of Russian forces from the Kyiv region was a precursor to the re-launch of negotiations. He considered that there was still a long way to go and set preconditions for negotiations, namely: Ukraine’s neutrality and Russia’s inalienable membership of Crimea.

“Resistance” will not be enough to “stop the attack.”

In response to a question about the Ukrainian resistance and Western aid that allow the country to withstand the Russian invasion, Dmitry Peskov admitted the existence of “resistance” And the “Physical damage caused by these weapons”. However, he quickly explained it “These weapons will not be enough to stop our attack, and they will not prevent us from achieving our goals.”.

What do we remember from the interview with Vladimir Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov on “LCI”

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