Virtus Bologna blows up JL Burg after the break

What happened in the first half in Virtus’ locker room? To tell the truth, given the palpable anger on Sergio Scarello’s face at the end of the second quarter, we weren’t particularly wishing to be a Virtus player during those 10 minutes we spent between four walls… “No, it wasn’t hot but the message was clear”, I smiled after the incident, Mam Jaith. “We started the game very badly, me first. We had to start the second half being very strong defensively and very difficult. Everyone understands what that means.”

GL Burg’s dream of a final achievement

In any case, it was difficult to do worse than the first act. Without defensive intensity (40 points conceded in the 15th minute), “without concentration” according to Sergio Scarello, Virtus Bologna allowed JL Bourg to settle into their game and play basketball. Fun game, all in ball movement and skill (7/12 at three points), plus some rebound control (13 to 16) and respect for defensive principles. This allowed Axel Julian’s teammates, who are brilliant in this comma (10 points at 3/5 and 3 assists), to count up to 13 points ahead (47-34, minute 19). “It was a great first half, one of the best of the season,” noted Laurent Lignam. But in the face of such a large number of superstars, and additionally playing a crucial game to secure a field advantage during his 16th round, a reaction was bound to occur.

As in Nanterre, Maxime Roos was one of the best Burgiens
(Photo: Jack Cormarch)

did not wait. 90 seconds, at most, is the time it takes Hugo Benitez to maintain a flame (51-40, minute 21). Then the curtain fell on Burghian’s illusions. There, Virtus was no longer in Al Ain tourism under the gaze of its legend Antoine Rigaud, but Virtus’ candidate for the ultimate victory. Envy, combativeness, and sheer defensive impermeability, seeing Milos Teodosic’s superb game (9 assists) making the offensive game more fluid, then amplified by the strength of Daniel Hackett (17 points on 5/8 and 5 rebounds), Isaïa Cordinier’s activity (passed by – 2 to 10 of the rating). However… “We haven’t changed a single line of our strategy,” revealed Sergio Scarello. “I don’t have any advantage to get in the second half, I didn’t make a single adjustment. But the players took it more seriously. Renewed focus resulted in a defensive masterpiece after coming back from the locker room, sending JL to the ropes through an infernal 48-13, from 51- 40 to 64-88. “Defensively, it’s one of our most successful runs,” said Mohamedou Gaiteh (11 points at 4/6, 5 rebounds and 2 assists). “We showed character and this will serve us in the future. “The rest, for Virtus, is the start of serious stuff, a season that will be played over four dry qualifying matches.” The title is clearly the goal, everything is ready for that. It’s up to us to be there, we have it all anyway. »

‘It’s bad season’

As for JL, the rest will be time to regret its European campaign, which could have easily stretched to the prestigious Round of 16 in Badalone or Partizan. But this is unlikely to last, as the race against time to suspend the Betclic ÉLITE qualifiers becomes a priority. It will remain this last half-toned image, of a sexy first half against a great European, then an avoidable resignation, almost submission. “It’s the evil of the season, we lost our aggressiveness and our strength for no reason,” Laurent sighed. “Once it went well we lowered our heads very quickly, we weren’t there anymore. It’s hard to take it because even if they were stronger, we should have had better intentions. Maybe the players believed in this achievement and had a backlash, it wasn’t They have the mental ability to go out and finish the competition with their heads held high. It’s a shame it ended because we probably didn’t deserve such a gap.” Bad note for the finish (68-90, final score), but it was the season-ending Joker game for JL Bourg, who was allowed to by loss. Indeed, for Virtus, the sequel is also the beginning of serious things.

In Bourg-en-Bresse,

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