Tips for iOS: Golf Peaks, Hex and Filme

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Today’s great iOS deals: 3 free apps, 3 free games, and 5 promotions including Golf Peaks, Hex and Filme. Chance to save €31!

Daily our editorial staff discovers the best daily deals on the App Store: free app, free game or on sale for a limited time. If an iOS app tempts you, hurry up to download it during the cuts! Developers can raise the price at any time, and this is also a good iPhone plan or a good iPad plan.

iOS Tips

Free iOS Games:

paintiles ipa iphone ipad game codePlates (Game, Puzzle, iPhone/iPad, v1.3.5, 12MB, iOS 12.0, Andrey Spencer) It goes from 1.99 euros to free.

The game starts simply: you have three colors to color the tiles and make them disappear. As you gain the skills to solve increasingly challenging puzzles, you’ll have to deal with new mechanics – solving land, bombs, and rainbow tiles, which make you think in new and interesting ways.

Paintiles is a must for puzzle lovers!


Download free game Plates

Some peace of mind ipa iphone ipad game iconsome peace of mind (Game, Puzzle/Adventure, iPhone/iPad, v1.2.3, 172 MB, iOS 12.0, Stefanos Kostaras) It goes from 0.99 euros to free.

In the game Some Peace of Mind, you will have to play the role of a detective in your bedroom to uncover clues and solve puzzles. You wake up in the middle of the night and find yourself in your bedroom, but everything seems out of place.

Someone has locked your computer, browsed through your items, and left clues everywhere to help you crack the password. It is up to you to find out what happens. Remember to try everything and watch carefully.


  • If you like puzzles

Download free game some peace of mind

Some peace of mind ipa iphone ipad game

ipa iphone ipad hex icon gamehex (Game, Strategy / Board Games, iPhone / iPad, v1.5, 20 MB, iOS 10.3, Grzegorz Surma) It goes from 0.99 euros to free.

Hex forces you to connect the blue sides of the board to create an unbroken chain in front of your opponent. In turn, the AI ​​opponent fills the grid with hexagons. It may occupy any hexadecimal of your choice; Your movements do not have to be contiguous.

If you fail again and again, run the visualization of the shortest paths.


  • Work on your strategy

Download free game hex

ipa iphone ipad divination game

Free iOS Apps:

Find ace pro icon app ipa iphone ipadSearch IcePro (App, iPhone/iPad, v6.2, 104MB, iOS 15.0, kimihiro kubota) It goes from 2.99 euros to free.

Search Ace Pro, with a single search word, allows you to aggregate websites and keywords during searches. It is a safe and fast browser that is also equipped with an ad blocker.

Il affiche votre moteur de recherche, votre jeu ou votre application préférés, de la taille d’une main sur l’écran de recherche, et avec la recherche par mots liés, il vous permet de trouver les mots de cuterched optimaux For your sake.


  • Also available on Apple Watch
  • Very strong

Download the free app Search IcePro

Find ace pro capture ipa iphone ipad app

tageslicht ipa iphone ipad code appTageslicht (App, iPhone/iPad, version 1.02, 1MB, iOS 13.5, TheCodingMonkeys) It goes from 1.99 euros to free.

Tageclicht allows you to mirror your camera without borders or bars. You can either connect a screen or enable screen mirroring in the settings.

The app has a rotation lock, focus lock, and a very intuitive preview.


  • The app that takes the projector to the attic

Download the free app Tageslicht

tageslicht capture app ipa iphone ipad

ipa iphone app icon moviefilm (App, iPhone, version 1.2.6, 325 MB, iOS 11.0) It goes from € 9.99 for free.

Filme is made by designers, for creatives – giving you access to our catalog of insanity: film frames, filters, textures, grains, light leaks, chroma, date stamps and scrapbook stickers. We hand-created each item from high-resolution scans of old photos, scrapbook pages, posters, tapes, magazines, and more.


  • great choice
  • The most important results

Download the free app film

movie capture app ipa iphone

iOS Specials:

inbento ipa iphone ipad icon gameinbento (Game, Puzzle, iPhone/iPad, version 2.0, 322 MB, iOS 9.0, Lukasz Spierewka) From 2.99 euros to 1.99 euros.

Play with food, solve homemade recipes and enjoy a great story in this cooking puzzle from the creators of Golf Peaks!

Over 100 unique fusion puzzles and mechanics, a great textless story about cats and fatherhood.

Download inbento priced at 1.99 €

inbento pick up ipa iphone ipad game

Inspiration Pro ipa iphone app iconInspiration Pro (App, iPad, v3.8.8, 284 MB, iOS 13.6, SnowCanoe) From 9.99 euros to 7.99 euros.

Exclusive to the App Store, the Inspire Pro app is extremely powerful and designed strictly for the iPad, providing an incredibly fast and realistic drawing, sketching and drawing experience that you can take with you anywhere, and use anytime.

Sorcery’s exclusive paint engine takes advantage of the graphics processing unit (GPU) to deliver brush strokes with vivid 64-bit color, exceptional sub-pixel accuracy, and blazing speed. While oil brush strokes are beautiful on their own, the amazing blending effects of a dry brush will amaze you.


Download Inspiration Pro Priced at 7.99 €

golf tops ipa iphone ipad game iconGolf Peaks (Game, Puzzle/Sports, iPhone/iPad, v3.01, 174 MB, iOS 9.0, Lukasz Spierewka) From 2.99 euros to 1.99 euros.

Golf Peaks is a puzzle game where you climb mountains while playing golf. Use the cards to move the ball.

Solve more than 100 original levels and conquer the peaks!


Download Golf Peaks priced at 1.99 €

golf tops pick up ipa iphone ipad game

sketchparty tv icon ipa iphone ipad gameSketchParty TV (Game, Board Games, iPhone/iPad, v4.5.3, 57 MB, iOS 12.0, Magnate Interactive Ltd) From 6.99 euros to 0.99 euros.

SketchParty TV is the Pictionary-style drawing and guessing game for iPad and Apple TV!

You can buy an easel, a huge pad of paper, some markers, write a long list of words and make some rules, then try to follow the points and mark all your furniture. But who wants to do that?


You can play a drawing game using things you already have at home, like your iPad, HDTV, and Apple TV. Simply enable AirPlay Mirroring, choose sides, and start SketchParty. Simply!


Download SketchParty TV at 0.99 €

sketchparty tv ipa iphone ipad pick up game

Kingdom Rush Origins hd icon game ipa iphoneKingdom Rush Origins HD (Game, Strategy, iPad, v5.6.21, 190 MB, iOS 11.0, Ironhide SA) From 4.99 euros to 2.99 euros.

Kingdom Rush: Origins is the third installment in the award-winning Kingdom Rush saga, adored by millions of fans and acclaimed by players and critics worldwide. Go back to the origins, even before Vez’nan planned to threaten the kingdom with the Jewel of Power, and find the frenetic and fascinating gameplay that made the franchise a staple of the Tower Defense genre.

In this amazing game, lead your army of elves and defend the mysterious lands against sea snakes, evil wizards and endless waves of gnoll warriors with brand new towers, heroes and spells.


  • One of the best tower defense games out there

Download Kingdom Rush Origins HD priced at 2.99 €

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