More flash sales: Amazon wants to spoil you

Amazon has launched a huge quick sale related to a large list of products, and in particular everything related directly or indirectly to hardware. Which means this is the perfect time to start investing in new gear! And thanks to this special Spring Amazon flash sale, you’ll be able to make significant savings on your next purchase!

Amazon embarked on a quick sale in the spring and we can tell that the popular company is not ready to give up. With promotions in almost all sections, especially everything related to hardware, hi-tech or even games! So if you haven’t had the opportunity to get started yet, it’s time to take advantage!


  • Amazon Spring Flash Sales: Promotions are back, even stronger
  • Why is Amazon launching quick spring sales?
  • Amazon is doing it again with its quick spring sale: Here are the best deals!
  • Maximize your PS5 or Nintendo Switch memory at the best price
  • Change your laptop or gaming equipment with the best promotions
  • Best prices on LEGO
  • Connected Objects, Home Automation: How Amazon Delights You With Its Prices

Amazon is the go-to website for when you want to equip yourself, buy new equipment while saving money. The American actor was successfully created in Europe and we can clearly say that we can no longer do without him.

Between its extensive catalog and particularly competitive pricing, it is clear that we are facing a major player in online commerce. Plus, its location in France means that wherever you are, you’ll receive your delivery.

And the spring flash sales are an unexpected opportunity to be able to make significant savings on your hardware. Plus, if you’re already in the process of modifying your devices, it’s time to consider this spring sale

Access Spring Sale on Amazon

Why is Amazon launching quick spring sales?

We can say that under the influence of envy, a motive for wanting to make a quick sale drives Amazon to do the process. But, on the contrary, it is more calculated.

In fact, winter sales and upcoming sales next year are only over. Likewise, summer sales are not announced before the end of June. As for Black Friday operations, it’s live at the end of the year.

What makes it so at the moment, we can say that it is very quiet. And if you happen to have this period to change your equipment or simply invest. It has been done poorly.

This is why Amazon is taking advantage of this period of lull to offer such a sale. Thanks to that, you will be able to take advantage of the discounted prices that are worth the sales to be able to save money.

But, make no mistake, Amazon also sees their interest in it. If he is the only one doing promotion, he will inevitably attract more customers. But the competition has not left her and we have seen similar processes on other popular sites on the Internet.

Anyway, the big winner in this story is the consumer. In fact, you will be able to take advantage of several discounts on a catalog that is intended to be comprehensive and affect many areas.

And when you know that buying high-quality equipment in the world of hardware, games and high-tech can be expensive, this type of sale is clearly a good time to start!

Amazon is doing it again with its quick spring sale: Here are the best deals!

As said before, the Amazon catalog is quite bloated and requires a great deal of investigation to succeed in finding the most beautiful products. And if you don’t have the time, or simply can’t find your way around, it can quickly become difficult.

That is why we offer you a selection of the best deals that can be found at the moment on Amazon. Here you will find the best discounts, promotions and discounts on very popular products. However, be careful, because the stocks are not infinite and rips can happen quickly!

Access Spring Sale on Amazon

Maximize your PS5 or Nintendo Switch memory at the best price

One of the best PS5 SSD at the best price

SN_850 from Western Digital is currently under €170 in its 1TB version. Thanks to its built-in heat sink, it is able to optimally manage its temperature and thus avoid the phenomenon of overheating that slows down the SSD. With the latter, you will be able to greatly enlarge the memory of your PS5 or your PC!

Buy WD_SN850 SSD at €169 from Amazon

Less than 160 euros for the main competitor SN_850!

Samsung has also decided to respond to Western Digital by offering an SSD that is also compatible with PS5. In its 1 TB version, the SSD is offered at a price of 156 euros, which is a particularly competitive price. With the latter, you can say goodbye to having to delete games to finally be able to enjoy the last title you purchased or just update it. So you can take full advantage of your game library, without having to delete things!

Buy Samsung 980 Pro SSD for 156€ from Amazon

Heat-free variant: Crucial P5 plus

If you want to lower the bill even more, you can also choose a model without a heatsink (and take it apart). In this category, the Crucial P5 Plus SSD is one of the best SSD holders on the market. In a 1 TB version, it is offered at 129 euros, which is an excellent price for a solid state drive (SSD) specifically equipped with PCIe 4.0 that allows you to transfer your data quickly.

Buy Crucial P5 Plus SSD at 129€ on Amazon

Increasing your adapter memory is also possible!

The Nintendo Switch has many advantages. However, if there is a black spot to notice, it is storing it. And at a time when games are becoming increasingly dematerialised, 64GB of storage can be a bit short. However, once you add the SD card, you will be able to increase the memory size of your console. And this SD card from Sandisk in Nintendo colors would be perfect for that! With less than 25€ you will be able to add 128GB to your Switch!

Buy Nintendo SD Card at €22 on Amazon

More flash sales: Amazon wants to spoil you

A laptop with RTX 3070 is possible!

Thanks to Amazon Spring flash sales, you will be able to enjoy sharp gaming configuration at a very competitive price. The Asus TUF DASH F15 is currently available at a price of just under €1,400. It carries with it the RTX 3070, 512 GB of memory in SSD format, 16 GB of RAM and an 11th generation Intel Core i7 processor. In short, it is a powerful machine with a lid and will allow you to play the latest games of the moment!

Buy the Asus F15 laptop at 1399€ on Amazon

120€ Less on Denon Wireless Headphones

This brand may not speak to you right away, but we are still one of the best helmet manufacturers on the market. The AH-GC25W is a benchmark in the field. With a battery life of 30 hours and a round body, you can wear it for hours. And thanks to the aptX HD speakers, you’ll also enjoy original sound reproduction. It is offered at only 128 €, and benefits from a reduction of almost 50%!

Buy Denon Headphones for 128€ on Amazon

Finally an inexpensive gaming chair!

Oversteel Ultimate is currently available for less than $120 from Amazon. The latter is able to offer you several positions, two-dimensional armrests and a reclining backrest. This way, you can take the position that suits you and in which you feel most comfortable!

Buy the Oversteel Gaming Chair at 119€ on Amazon

Best prices on LEGO

More flash sales: Amazon wants to spoil you

Most Zen LEGO is back!

We find LEGO Bonsai at an even greater discount! Now available at only €36, the latter can sit quietly in your home, quietly presenting its soothing image. Thanks to its spring foliage, you can adopt the ‘sakura’ mode when the cherry trees are in bloom. From the “Adults Welcome” set, usually a building set geared towards adults who have been fans of LEGO since their childhood.

Buy LEGO Bonsai at 36€ at Amazon

LEGO Marvel: You, too, can do ‘Snatcher’

LEGO has decided to dedicate part of the “Adults Welcome” set to Marvel Licensing. This is how we find the Infinity Gauntlet, the tool of immeasurable power that lies at the heart of the ordeals of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With its articulated fingers, you can make it take the shape you want. Full of detail, it’s a top-notch decorative item that you’ll enjoy displaying in your living room. Plus he benefits from a 32% discount!

Buy LEGO Infinity Gauntlet for €54 at Amazon

Hogwarts Express for sale!

Amazon, with its quick spring sale, is offering a deep discount on one of the most popular LEGO toys from the Harry Potter license: Hogwarts Express. The famous train that takes students to the School of Witchcraft at Hogwarts is also entitled to its own building kit. Featuring many characters in addition to the King’s Cross station platform 9, this building set is highly recommended for license fans!

Buy a LEGO Hogwarts Express building set for €69

More flash sales: Amazon wants to spoil you

Finally, the Amazon Echo Dot is on sale

The popular Amazon connected headset that carries Alexa with it is finally on sale. If the price of a connected speakerphone is putting you off, it’s time to get started. With a 20% discount, you’ll be able to make significant savings while getting started on what forms the basis of your connected items. With it, you will be able to connect all the connected objects in your home and thus control with your voice the ignition of the oven, the refrigerator, the closing of the curtains, etc.

Buy Echo Dot at 39€ on Amazon

Netflix, Prime Video, Disney +: Enjoy all streaming platforms with this little addon on sale

Google Chromecast is currently being offered with a small promotion that makes the difference. This little addon will allow you to easily broadcast whatever you want on your screen. From your computer, tablet or smartphone, easily view what you want. Especially practical if you don’t want to invest in a smart TV or just want to use the TV as a computer monitor.

Buy Google Chromecast for €38 at Amazon

Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic connected watch 20% off

This watch is on top of sales and can stand up to the popular Apple Watch. In its classic version, the Galaxy Watch4 features a design more inspired by the sports watches we’ve been accustomed to for years. Thus, he is able to combine design and functionality. For this watch, and in order to take advantage of all its features, we recommend that you have a Samsung smartphone. Thanks to him, you will be able to follow all your vital constants.

Buy the Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic for €318 on Amazon

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