Masters Tournament: The Rich Legacy of Tiger Woods in Augusta

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Even in their wildest dreams, golf fans couldn’t have asked for better news than the news that fell on Tuesday: Everything indicated that the Masters would welcome Tiger Woods back to the PGA, after a 17-month absence. In fact, the last official tournament Woods played was the 2020 edition of the Masters, when he wrapped up his tournament in 38And the Rank.

Since this Augusta presence in November 2020, Woods’ life has caught up and put his perseverance to the test. In February 2021, Planet Golf was shaken when it learned that Woods was about to die in a road accident and that he was seriously injured. Despite avoiding the worst, no one really dared to ask questions about Woods’ future in golf, simply reassuring himself that he was still alive.

As he has done a lot in his career, Tiger He thwarted the odds and showed an unparalleled determination to find the pitch. In November 2021, Woods shared a video of his return to training, before storming the PNC Championship with his son Charlie a few weeks later, in December. Then, here he is in April 2022 in the world’s most prestigious tournament for 24 yearsAnd the sharing.

Since his first Masters in 1995 as an amateur player, Woods has written his legend into the Augusta National year after year and has become an iconic figure in the tournament, with his five wins. Only Jack Nicklaus can claim to have done a better job with six crowns. On the eve of the 86th Masters, invites you to re-visit Woods’ five victories in Augusta.

Unprecedented domination in 1997

In April 1997, Tiger Woods appeared on the Greens at Augusta National for his first major tournament as a professional on the PGA Tour, after winning the Rookie of the Year title in 1996. But not at the baptism of fire, he’s the one who competed in the previous two editions as an amateur.

“I feel like I’m going to play”

Woods was already writing the first chapter of a captivating novel that year. Tiger comes to green from 72And the Championship pit to loud cheers from the crowd. Already ahead by an impressive margin, Woods took the opportunity to break Jack Nicklaus’ famous record for the largest gap to win the championship.

At just 21 years old, he put his first green jacket on his shoulders by winning 12 strokes over Tom Kite, his closest pursuer, and became the youngest Masters champion. To date, this is still the biggest spread to win a Masters course. During his dream week at Augusta, Woods handed two notably 66 and 65 cards. A few months later, he saw his name at the top of the PGA rankings.

The tiger slam

Woods came to the 2001 Masters in good shape and with great confidence, having won his last two tournaments – the Bay Hill Invitational and The Players Championship. But there is still a lot. Woods won the last three major championships on the track to complete the year 2000. So he came to the Greens at Augusta with the amazing task of holding four major PGA titles at the same time.

newly in 1Verse Ranked first in the FedEx Cup, Tiger starts his career with a 70 card, before going on to score 66, 68 and 68 to win a two-stroke ahead of David Duval, and a three-stroke lead over Phil Mickelson.

If one of the major tournaments has not been official since the four were not won during the same season, we nonetheless see the birth of an unprecedented feat.: tiger slam. How smart can anyone expect the next player to win all four consecutive Grand Slams – if someone achieves that feat.

defending his title

Upon arriving at Augusta in 2002, Tiger Woods set out to become the third golfer in Masters history to defend his title and win back-to-back titles. He would join Nick Faldo (1989-1990) and Jack Nicklaus (1965-1966) at the same time.

Since nothing is too big in my eyes Tiger, posted a performance that met expectations and started the final round by four strokes. After a good front nine, Woods made two ghosts in the back nine, but his lead was enough to make history with the defending champion’s best overall team (-12).

The end of the epic final round of 2005

The 2005 Masters showed the incredible resilience of Tiger Woods, but it was also a reminder to never count him. The workweek doesn’t start as expected for Woods, who gave 74 cards at the start of the tournament.

The best player in the world enters the second round with the aim of regaining his throne. He turned in a card of 66, before continuing the round of 65 to clear the way for a legendary final round. The leader when he reaches the third level of the 16And the Pit, woods tees off the green. Moments later, his approaching shot seemed to stop just millimeters from the cut… before falling to the bottom of the hole shortly after, in what seemed like an eternity. This scene will remain etched in the Masters tournament records forever as one of the most important.

Back to Woods though, who stumbles with stealth on all 17And the and 18And the Holes, forcing him to stay on the field for extra time against Chris DiMarco. The Tiger He didn’t let the suspense last long: He chased into the first overtime hole and dropped the green jacket over his shoulders for the fourth time in his career.

The official return of the tiger in 2019

After several years of misery, including surgeries to his left knee and back between 2014 and 2017, Woods returned to the PGA by winning the Tour Championship in September 2018, his first win since 2013. The following year, in 2019, Woods subsequently participated In the Masters Tournament for 22And the Times of his career and while expectations are not as high as they used to be, fans can look forward to a good performance.

Tiger turns 70 in the first round, then hits 68 on Friday to advance to the weekend rounds. within 3And the On the tour, Woods hands his best Masters card since 2011 with 67 and is two points off the lead, held by Francesco Molinari, with 18 holes to play.

The final round is worthy of a Hollywood script. Woods appears in the final round wearing his legendary red polo shirt and eventually leads in 15thAnd the Gap. Perfect yet in his nine-back but incredibly tough, Tiger 5 makes an iron shot worthy of his best years, before completing it with the jumper. Then on par-3 of 16And the sends his tee two short feet out of the hole to sew another bird.

The rest of the day is history. at 18And the And the last hole, Woods scored the biggest bogey of his career to finish the championship 13 under par. Now the holder of 15 major wins, Woods sacred Augusta for the fifth time, allowing him to take second place in championship history, ahead of Arnold Palmer’s four wins and behind Jack Nicklaus’ six.

The simple opportunity to see Tiger Woods again on the greens in the next few days at the Masters, regardless of his performance, will send strong emotions to golf fans. However, Woods has bigger ambitions than that: He firmly believes he can look forward to victory. As he has done so often in his career, Tiger made a friendly reminder to the world of golf: Never bet against him.

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