golf. Who is Scotty Scheffler, this “unknown” player who became the number 1 in the world?

Of course, Scotty Scheffler is no stranger to golf professionals, those who watch the PGA circuit races, the best in the world, until late into the night. Winner of the 2021 Ryder Cup last fall with the US, the 25-year-old Texan is guilty despite his skyrocketing rise in the global golf hierarchy. Above all, compared to Dustin Johnson, Jordan Spieth, Justin Thomas, Brooks Koepka, John Ram, Rory McIlroy or others, he didn’t have the same media weight until then.

Six weeks ago, he had not yet won any senior singles tournament. But in the course of this month and a half, he was calm and without shaking at all, winning the Phoenix Open, the Arnold Palmer Invitational, and the World Championships in Match Play. “You’re good at golf, boy!” »His father told him, right after his victory he made him the number one seed on the new world.

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In fact, his progress has been fairly steady, and he was noticed by all the radars among the excellent hopes of the golfer a few years ago. This Texan—who lives in Dallas—remarkably distinguished himself in college by winning three titles in the Big 12, which lists prestigious American universities. Just prior to entering this university, from 2014 to 2018, he won the American Amateur Junior Award in 2013. In 2017, he was part of the US team that won the Walker Cup (equivalent to the Amateur Ryder Cup). Those who have followed youth shows across the Atlantic have also noticed it.

“It’s very quiet”

A basketball fan, a fan of Michael Jordan or baseball player Derek Jeter, Scotty Scheffler turned pro in 2018, then joined the PGA Tour in 2020. His debut was promising, but it’s already been a year since he made his debut. Not necessarily the most exciting, with a clean game, he initially remained in the shadow of the greats, but his persistence quickly made him stand out. To the point of being chosen from among the Americans present at the last Ryder Cup.

We saw him go down two years agoAs Raphael Jacqueline, a professional French golfer, says. It’s a little bit Chef’s surprise compared to all of these big names we’ve been talking about a few years ago, but there’s a lot of intensity to world golf right now. He made the Ryder Cup last year, and he’s part of this generation of very strong Americans. He’s tall, strong, hits the ball hard and very well. » Antoine Rosner is one of the best three colors right now: “He has a stove and it works really well for him!”

He has a Roger Federer team.

In short, Scotty Scheffler has almost nothing wrong with his game, and it’s necessarily natural to get to that level. “He does everything well, he is very calm, he is a bit like Roger Federer in golf, he is less technical but on his perfect team. He is very effective”boasts Thomas Levitt, a former French professional golfer who was selected for the 2004 Ryder Cup and is now a consultant at Canal+. He’s still very young, and we haven’t seen him in the ring for a long time. Ryder really brought him to light, and the fact that he was chosen says all about his talent. It’s solid, huh… Win complex tournaments. »

On the eve of the Master in Augusta, is he considered among the real applicants? “With the match we are seeing him producing at the moment, he can of course win Augusta. His consistency is impressive!”predicts Raphael Jacqueline. “He’s one of five nominees for the championship, yeah”Thomas Levitt thinks. “But he doesn’t have the experience for him, and Augusta requires it. It’s separate, this heroism. Will he be able to keep his cool there?” The victory and the green jacket in Georgia could really take him to another dimension.

golf. Who is Scotty Scheffler, this “unknown” player who became the No. 1 player in the world?

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