Albove: After twenty years, CORE Basket is back at the regional level

Climbing actors saw their coach

Tribal Theo
20 years ; 1.78 m.
Center: 1/2.
He trained in the club.
Bruno Duquen’s opinion: “He is a great defender. When the opposing team has a good exterior, he is the one who makes his mark because he is a real leech. He runs fast and has three lungs. He is also of high quality. He averages 10-15 points per game.” His season is already over, after he injured himself against Goderville on March 27 (sprained his ankle).
Alexis type
32 years ; 1.80 m.
Position: 1.
She played in Oissel and Les Essarts.
Alias: Alex.
Opinion of Bruno Duquen: “He has peripheral vision, sees the game well and has real passing quality. He lifts very quickly, sometimes gets passes from elsewhere and is involved in developing the beautiful game. It is the insurance of the team against all risks, when he has the ball, he does not lose it He also has a good shot quality.
Matthew Lefevre
19 years ; 1.82 m.
After: 2/3.
He trained in the club.
Alias: Matt.
Bruno Duquenne’s opinion: “Biggest development of the year. It wasn’t initially planned for the group, but his great pre-season prompted me to integrate it. After a good first league game, he exploded during the comeback phase. He has become a major asset to the team. He has improved His defense is very fast and he has an uncommon ability to withstand shocks. He touches, deflects and is also skilled at the end. He is very reliable in three-point shots.
Hocht Thomas
33 years ; 1.77 m.
Position: 1.
In the club for five years.
She played at Les Essarts.
Alias: Tom.
Bruno Duquen’s opinion: “Technically less powerful, compensates with a large and large expenditure of energy. He has only one desire, and that is to do good. He is in the whole club project with the team. He is influential, takes others with him, unites the group. He is also a fraud, a thief. WL! “
Benjamin’s sweat
31 years ; 1.86 m.
After: 2/3.
In the club for three years.
He trained at Les Essarts. Deville passed by.
Alias: Ben.
Bruno Duquen’s opinion: “He is an enigma. He has a lot of assets but does not exploit his potential enough. He is a good man, well integrated and capable of good things but does not give what he can give. He can do much better, bring in more.”
Dargod Benjamin
36 years 1.93 AD.
Position: 4/5.
In the club for two years.
Trained at Oissel. She played the Gravenchon in N2.
Alias: Ben.
Bruno Duquen’s opinion: “Indispensable. He knows how to do everything: reliable in shooting, present in rebounding, ungainly in defence, he is also a great winner. He hates defeat even in training. He is a great and great uniter. It was not for nothing that he was Commander of the Gravenchon in N2. He knows how to take young people under his care, everyone listens to him. He is also a very simple person, practical in the field.”
Sanson Clement
30 years ; 1.85 m.
Center: 3/4.
In the club for 7 or 8 years.
Trained at Cleon.
Played in Bihorel.
Alias: Tweety.
Bruno Duquen’s opinion: “His knees are loose (ligaments, meniscus, osteoarthritis) and he’s no longer playing. He’s had so many gaps throughout his career, it’s exhausting him. He’s done with us the first half of the season. He’s a dependable outdoor shooter with a good mentality. Very.He is a local guy, who was at the beginning of the project and believed in. It was heartbreaking for everyone when we saw the condition of his knee.
Matthews Damien
30 years ; 1.87 m.
Center: 2/3/4.
He trained in the club.
She played for Essarts and PTT Rouen before returning eight years ago.
Alias: dams.
Bruno Duquenne’s opinion: “Elbeuvien. He played in the Pre-National and didn’t hesitate to go down five divisions out of love for his club and take it to the regional level. He’s totally on the project. It’s a Swiss military knife, knows how to do it all. Great defender, outdoor shooter.” Big, a stealer, he has a good vision of the game, he has good stats but his influence goes beyond stats and points. He is the lung of the team.”
Yannick Jean Baptiste
39 years 1.95 AD.
Position: 4/5.
The club’s first season.
He played for several clubs in the region of Le Havre, Montvilliers and Octville in particular. as well as in Angers (N2), Montauban (N3) or Saint-Nazaire.
Alias: JB.
Bruno Duquen’s opinion: “He blows the stats every week with at least 20 points per game and 20 offensive or defensive rebounds. Tall and a good jump, he has a great presence under the basket where he is a defensive deterrent and he also hits hard near the hoop in attack It’s fake slow and easy to play.It integrates instantly.
Limesel Benoit
42 years 1.84 AD.
Center: 3/4.
In the club for five years.
Originally from Brittany, he worked for a long time in the Rennes region.
Alias: Ben.
Bruno Duquenne’s opinion: “He arrived from Les Essarts at the same time as I arrived. He is at the end of his career and takes what is given to him but is very present. He has a good mentality, he is a facilitator.”
18 years ; 1.92 m.
Center: 3/4.
He trained in the club.
Bruno Duquen’s opinion: “He’s athletic, he doesn’t have chubby hair! He can play indoors and out. He’s 18 and still looking for himself. I joined him at the end of the season to replace Titi Sanson, but I make him play home games just because he started in Team 2. He’s very fast, dunks in half the time.He’s a boy in the making with great potential, a diamond in the rough we’ll try to polish.

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