This is IBM z16, the server that can handle banking transactions for 8 billion people on its own

Here’s a computer you’ll never buy, but likely use every day. No, it’s not a Netflix video server, it’s the new one mainframe From IBM, without any originality called z16. Logically after z15 (which, boldly, behind z14, etc.), this IBM super server, with the processor Made by IBM, will not be tested by No, never, never mind our question.

The waiter said it’s huge mainframesomething as big as a cupboard – because it’s overrated and because there is no chance to play Cyberpunk 2077 movie With – yes, this is important.
It must be said that the Tellum processor using Power instruction sets has nothing to do with our x86 or ARM chips.

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This does not mean that he cannot do anything, quite the contrary. This type of chip can perform complex calculations and does so in a very secure manner. If the world of supercomputing and web/video servers doesn’t need that kind of security, that’s the case for banks, insurance companies, the medical community, etc.
IBM claims that “ Two-thirds of the world’s 100 largest banks, 45 of the world’s 50 largest banks, 8 of the 10 largest insurance companies, 7 of the 10 largest banks retailersThe top 10 telecom companies » Use its own z servers for mission critical.

Understand here that once there are major money transfers or super secure data exchanges in the world, there is a good chance that IBM z will take over.

One server = eight billion bank transactions per day

If all the inhabitants of the Earth decided to make a transaction with their bank card on the same day, the new z16 could process these 8 billion transactions within 24 hours Ross Morey, President of IBM Systems Division, boasts during the presentation of the z16.

to cut off the legitimate reaction to the ” Do we need that much power? ‘, a person with more than forty years at IBM quotes Thomas Watson, one of the presidents of IBM, who predicted, wrongly, in 1943 that I think there should be a global market for about five computers We have seen how wrong he was!

It must be understood here that once humans take advantage of the extra power, they quickly find uses for it.

We are not yet fully aware of everything our z16 server can achieve Ross Morey continues. Even if he already knows that only one of these servers is.” 10 million passengers can be redirected in one day who have a problem with the flight plan every year “.

In terms of artificial intelligence, the machine can process 300 billion inferred requests with a response time of just 1 millisecond. This already says a lot about its strength.

But if only financiers, bankers and other security professionals are fully aware of the power and characteristics of its chip (a lot of cache to avoid memory leaks, real-time fraud detection, artificial intelligence, etc.) and the system as a whole, an element of His security elements defies all: his supposed resistance to quantum attacks.

Protected against future quantum machines?

When a quantum computer fires, all current classical protections will explode. IBM knows this well: the American is at the fore in this field with the most powerful chip at the moment (Eagle, 127 qubits) and the only reliable roadmap to 2025.

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Therefore, IBM took the lead on the z16 system that incorporates a computer-resistant quantum device. In fact, this system is based on a PCI Express card called Cryto Express 8S as well as algorithms that are protected against quantum attacks, those recommended by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). A couple of hardware/software pairs prevent quantum algorithms (known, to be defined) from taking away and simplifying current protection.

See also the video:

See also the video:

The challenge for IBM is twofold: to protect as much as possible against future breaches… and against previous ones. An IBM spokesperson adds that “Some of the previous hacks contained data that will be decoded in the future when quantum computers are turned on.”.

With its “Quantum Protection” system, the z16 seems to promise that even data stolen/intercepted (via the web, through physical theft) can’t be easily decrypted then. The future will tell us whether the promise of IBM, which develops both sword and shield, will hold true, yes or no.

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