The basketball department of the Jacques-Prévert College in Migennes in search of students

Jacques-Prévert College in Migennes intends to boost the workforce of its basketball department, the only one in Lyon, for the upcoming academic year. “The ideal size would be between 30 and 32 students, points out Aline Bodard, physical education and sports (EPS) teacher and coordinator. This year we have 19 students, including two girls.”There is only one girl left in the basketball division with Allen Bodard and coach Andrzej Janicki this year (here, Group 4 and 3)

If the teacher is focusing on the female audience, it is because it has been regularly lacking since the department’s inception. She noted that the situation is always volatile. We started with sixteen students including four girls in 2018-2019. The number of our students increased to 33 students in the preparatory stage, including ten girls.

A phenomenon exacerbated by the Covid-19 crisis

This year, there are only two, one for each group. Or rather “was”. “The sixth to fifth level gave up all the way, she says. She didn’t have the profile for the sports department and shouldn’t understand what she was going to get into.”

When we asked them about this, these little girls couldn’t explain their reasons

Allen Boddard (EPS Instructor, Basketball Division Coordinator)

The epidemic has exacerbated the phenomenon of desertion from military service. “Of the 14 students who stopped during the year 2020-2021 that followed the first confinement, the majority were girls, says the teacher. We didn’t understand. They were very good. But when we questioned them about it, they couldn’t explain their reasons to us.” And apparently their parents didn’t do that either.

This trend, which can be observed in the school environment, is found in local basketball clubs with which the department maintains close relations.

Discontent from multiple causes and poor selection

“Philip Rubin, the principal of the college since the beginning of the school year, believes that there are several reasons that could explain this situation. Certain representations can discourage them from enrolling, for example. Students also have a more consumeristic attitude … This is of course not limited to the public. in this institution.”

Two distinct groups in the department

To make up for this absence, Allen Boddard has made changes to the basketball department’s organization that will take effect at the beginning of the next school year. “It will remain divided into two groups, she explains. The first, called ‘Discovery’, is open to sixth and fifth graders and welcomes any child with a minimum athletic level. The goal is to prevent sixth graders who already have to accommodate the start of the school year overcrowded. I’ll take care of supervision. them during the first semester.

We bet they’ll love this sport in the end. The challenge is to end up with the sixth and fifth in the club.

Philip Rubin (Director of Jacques Prevert College in Mejen)

The second group, called “franchise”, will merge the fourth and the third. “We will only take those who are already licensed in the clubs,” she said. Their follow-up will be conducted by the instructor who actually handles student affairs. “We bet they will eventually love the sport,” sums up the principal. The challenge is that 6th and 5th graders end up signing up for one club. We will also improve the one-year follow-up over the other. Trying to meet families.”

Emphasis is also placed on the initial contact to make the department known. “I haven’t worked on it much before, I’ll admit. I left a lot of flyers in area primary schools and put up posters in public this year.”

An extension of the Louis Daviere Basketball Division

The Jacques-Prévert College basketball division first opened its doors during the 2018-2019 academic year. “She’s the only one in the department,” says Aline Bodard. “There are only four in Bourgogne-Franch-Comte.” Its location in Migennes is ideal, as it allows you to extend your learning in the sister department of the Lycée Louis-Davier in Joigny.Aline Boudard will focus work with the sixth and fifth grade group around discovering basketball to avoid any student rejection afterwards.

The emphasis was placed on two levels (sixth and fourth) originally, and was heard on the other two levels thereafter. It represents three hours of lessons per week under the leadership of Andrei Janecki, coach of the Joigny Sports Union (USJ), “to which are added courses for those who have been licensed at the club,” -she adds.

Department is available to all students of Yun by opt-out

Pupil registration gives parents the possibility to request an exemption if the child does not live in the sector of the institution (School Marcel-Bagnol in Megénes, Bonnard, Basso, Bossy-en-Uthe, Charmoy, Chemille-sur-Yonne, Épineau-les-Voves and Laroche-Saint-Cydroine) . “A certain number of young Jovignans come to us instead of Marie-Noel College for this reason,” she explains.

Participation is not approved by an additional note on the quarterly newsletter, but by discretion. “We try to highlight the student so that he gains self-confidence,” the teacher comments. However, young people participate in competitions within the framework of UNSS. “They are expected to participate in the academic final at Longvich College, near Dijon, on Wednesday, April 6,” she affirms.

Pierre Emmanuel Errard

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