Jean-Christophe Pratt, Basketball Coach in Paris: “I think this club has a bright future because we feel like there’s crazy energy”

The club’s coach since its inception, renowned for being an excellent coach, Jean-Christophe Pratt firmly believes in the Parisian project, both on and off the field.

How do you feel when you compete in these European Games with Armani Milan and Alba Berlin as competitors?

We couldn’t dream of better. You have to put things in context. We’re three, and we’re Pro B. We have six players aged 20 or under on the team today (Editor’s note: Interview took place on Saturday, at the end of day one). I don’t want to talk about absentees, but there is an important player missing (editor’s note: American Kyle Aucoin), and we face a team that was in the fourth final of the Euroleague last year. 12-0 (Editor’s note: At the start of the match against Milan) Fear. They weren’t playing. I warned them anyway. You were told “Wolf! Wolf”, but when the wolf arrives in front of you, no matter how much we warn you, it is different (laughs). Once we get through that, I find that up to 25And the Minute, it was consistent, even if we realized the movements were difficult, to pass as well. Very high level, he defies all movements, there is solidity both in attack and defence, in everything they do. We paid him cash, plus the match scenario was terrible. Ishmael (Kamagati) immediately took two defects, then entered again, and took a third. On sait que c’est notre seul poste 5. Après, tu mets Dustin (Sleva), qui est un 4, à jouer en 5, et j’ai même mis un moment Amara (Sy) en 5. Ce n’est pas dangerous. I found this first match to be more intense than the first (Editor’s note: ASVEL-Berlin) when they were two teams in the Euroleague. After the Berlin match we will be doing a lot of individual and group videos because I think these matches can be growth accelerators for our young players. It was almost a playoff after fifteen days of preparation. I can’t ask for more. I even want to tell you that I want Milan to play until the end. When top-ranked teams lead by 20 points, their goal is to get 22, 23. Last season, we finished the season with an average of 22 points. It was the same, we were steam players because we dominated, and 6 minutes into the end, when there was +26, I told my players the goal was to get +28. , +30. They are all the same. This is respect for yourself and respect for your opponent. It is to play to the end. And there, it’s perfect for us, we’ll learn a lot from these oppositions.

Photo: Johann Bejarin (basketball in Paris)

“Whatever level this club will play in the future, they will always put young people on the field.”

There, Paris was small versus Milan, a monument to European basketball, but this year it won’t be a bit inverted, meaning that Paris basketball can be a target. It’s a team from the capital and we know that in the provinces, there is a lot of jealousy towards Paris. Isn’t that a bit disproportionate compared to a young team with players who don’t have elite experience?

It’s an interesting question. We tried to build a balanced team between the older players and the younger players. This balance will come from our previous players. There is a lot of pressure. Young people are fickle, and that makes sense, so our CEOs should be stable. If so, we will have a good season because the stability of the CEOs will allow the young players to gain experience, on a daily basis, in training, thus gradually transforming that experience, plugging the gap compared to perhaps other Betclic Elite teams. That’s the bet we made, it’s the club’s DNA. Whatever level this club will play in the future, they will always put youngsters on the field. It’s the identity of the club so it’s not a problem. To answer the second part of the question: We know that whether it’s handball or volleyball or any sport, Paris will remain Paris, but I, the fans, don’t hear them, it’s the smallest thing that worries me. we

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Opening photo: Milan Barbic (basketball in Paris)

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