In Mali, an anti-terror operation turns into a massacre

Omar* can’t help but look over his shoulder for fear of being watched. I’ve never heard such a thing before in MaliThe young man was angry from the village of Mora in the center of the country. According to the NGO Human Rights Watch, nearly 300 civilians lost their lives there during a major operation carried out by the Malian Armed Forces (Fama) and their Russian aides, between 27 and 31 March.

The “white” paramilitaries begin in the ground, the nightmare begins

It was a Sunday, the day of the fair, the only day he was there. Traders came from all over the region to take advantage of the last market before Ramadan. At eleven o’clock, helicopters appeared. They flew over this village, according to two sources who preferred to remain anonymous, the Capital The Macina Brigade, a jihadist group affiliated with Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb.

The jihadists opened fire, one of the helicopters returned fire, then a stampedesays Mohamed*, a resident of Mopti, the main city in the area, where survivors have taken refuge.

Arrests, interrogations and executions

According to the cross accounts collected by West of France According to a Human Rights Watch report, helicopters were shot down white soldiers (a hundred paramilitary elements, probably from the Russian Wagner militia), as well as the Malian armed forces on the outskirts of the village of 10,000, before encircling them and shooting the escapees in sight. The following days were punctuated by the arrests of the village men, interrogations, and executions.
The nightmare continued past the weekend. On Wednesday morning, very early, the soldiers told the women to leave Mora and join the men who had surrendered.Omar says. On that day, the people hiding in the houses were executed on the spot, those interviewed were reassured; Shops and homes were looted.

This process is followed by very accurate information that made it possible to locate a meeting between the different battalions in Moraas stated in a statement issued by the Malian army referring to 203 fighters neutralized, 51 people arrested (sic).

“And all this for what?”

Several sources confirm the presence of fighters in the area on the first day of the attack. They also caught a big fish, named Amado, who was the head of the districtrefers to a mediator close to the armed groups. But this compilation story is not consistentAdds a human rights defender in the center of the country. Mora is known. There are military operations in the area, but the jihadists would not have faced this dangernotice.

France, the United States, and the United Kingdom shared their concerns about these allegations of abuse. In a press release, the Quai d’Orsay Wishes that Minusma (United Nations Mission in Mali) She uses all means at her disposal to highlight these events. But the Blue Helmets do not have the green light from the Malians to go to Mora.

And all this for what?Omar asks. Annoyed, he says that the jihadists returned to the village the day after the Malian and Russian soldiers left (one was allegedly killed). They came to deliver a sermon in the mosque, before making it clear that they would not leave the areaConcludes.

*Name changed

In Mali, an anti-terror operation turns into a massacre

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