Golf du Luberon: something new in the kitchens!

At the dawn of his forties, Alexis Mathey turns a page in his life as a conductor by settling on a piano. Luberon golf course in Pierrevert (Alpes-de-Haute-Provence).

After this Vosgien traveled” Birth and heart ‘, he said, trained in his area at the hotel school Notre Dame Debinal, bac pro CAP and BEP in his pocket at the age of eighteen, he left to hone his skills at ‘beautiful houses’.

First and foremost in his culinary favourite, pastry at “Coupole,” the Monegasque starred restaurant where he collaborates with pastry chef Fabrice Mathieu and chef Didier Agnes. This is followed by a very long journey, passing through Switzerland in second place in the kitchen in “Combyre” in Veysonnaz, through Corsica in “La Fiesta?” In Porto Vecchio or “Grand bleu” in Solenzara, a Parisian residence alongside Cyril Lignac then worked as assistant chef and kitchen manager at “L’hôtel le Concorde Opéra” and in the cabaret “Le moulin rouge”. At the same time, he created his company as a culinary consultant and worked in several Parisian establishments.

During this stay in the capital, he rubbed shoulders with Claire and Arnaud Beirut and the sauce thickened between them, so when the Golf du Luberon searched for a chef a few months ago, the right person was found. “ We’ve been in touch.” Identifies the interested party and the persons responsible for golf. this is “ Life changing, this back to nature He was waiting for her. “ I left everything in Paris and landed here at the end of February ‘, recognizing that’ Immediately I understood well with Charlotte?“Restaurant manager who explains”?That Alexis brings a fresh modern touch “as orderd.

The chef would work in short circuits, very short, such as with vegetables from the golf garden or with various meats also locally produced with the family, but also cheese and wine from neighboring estates in order to build a seasonal menu, renewed every quarter.

It will include a weekly short term suggestion! ” Suggest a complete offer for all types of customers, vegetarian, vegan but also with meat Restaurant manager adds. New Chef Alexis Mathey specializes in low-temperature cooking, such as nine-hour lamb shoulder with mild seasoning and also delicate smoking, as the menu features pork chops with Provencal herbs. Which I’ll pick up every morning at the estate Chef adds. He is also a family Canned Food Lovers » He was trained to make pies, head cheeses and ham from an early age. ” I was born in the pots of my grandmothers Alexis Mathy adds.

It’s a new way to see things in a beautiful place with a lot of potential to develop and experiment It is in short a summary of what is the leitmotif of the new chef of the golf restaurant that adds Take your time creating Together with a young and dynamic team.

And… you don’t need to be a golfer to come and eat, enjoy the golf restaurant and have fun in a rare place!

Map preview:

What homemade Appetizers including semi-cooked foie gras from sour apple and ceviche of bream with citrus fruits …, salads …, mini penne pasta with morel cream, peas and pancetta, or orucette with smoked salmon and artichoke oil … , vegetarian dishes, a plate of grilled cauliflower, sweet potatoes, chickpeas, herbed cottage cheese or lentil salad with smoked salmon and salmon eggs … dishes, grilled veal chops with glazed carrots, ginger, caramel, homemade mashed potatoes or roast beef confit steak leeks, bordelillas sauce, tartar Either chef style or unprepared…, desserts, raspberry-almond tartlets and mascarpone whipped cream…, not forgetting the Club House menu » and soon breakfast or« appetizer », including cheese plates, ham bowl From the Basque Country, a creamy tapinade burratina and toast…

Golf du Luberon – Restaurant La Gardette – 1, Chemin du Golf – La Grande Gardette – 04860 Pierrevert

Opening: every day at noon, noon and evening in the summer. Tel: 04 92 72 17 19

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