Fitness and relaxation … they launched 100% Rhône-Alps clothing brands

After several years of slumber, “Made in France” is slowly starting to recover its slack. Having been driven out by its Chinese or Indian competitors, the production of clothing in these countries is increasingly frightening the population. To ensure high-quality collections for their customers with complete transparency, young entrepreneurs from France have created clothing lines designed exclusively on French soil and even primarily in the region. writing 20 minutes He chose two, very different in their range but identical operation.

Les Poulettes Fitness: Combine sport and mojito

Amélie Rivoire (25 years old) and Roxane Sutet (24 years old), are sports friends and animators who launched in February 2017 in Lyon, a sportswear brand that specializes specifically in fitness. Dedicated to all women, whatever their level of training, the brand allows us to glimpse, through its creations, a committed message. In this case, “doing a regular sporting activity while enjoying, from time to time, the little pleasures of life.”

Passionate about French gastronomy, we offer colourful, sparkly and whimsical sportswear. The brand released its first collection a few months ago. Leggings are available with mojitos motifs or bras dotted with pink flamingos. Themes of femininity, sports and food are represented in order to “encourage women to keep fit without striving for perfection”.

Clothes Made in Isere

To prepare their project as well as possible, Poulettes Fitness bet on surrounding themselves exclusively with French suppliers, by offering high quality spare parts. The two young women wanted to participate in maintaining employment in the textile sector, which has been undermined in recent years by competition from developing countries. It is located in particular about fifty kilometers from Lyon, in Bourgoin-Guilleau, where the raw materials are woven within the factories of the city of Isere. A little further afield, near Grenoble, the company makes the packaging.

Outside the area, there are various workshops in Lille or Vendée. The only item produced abroad is the ‘handbag’, a bag for which 40% of its price is donated to an Indian NGO.

Tranquille Emile: French font from label to embroidery.

Born in 2016, Emile Tranquil, at the foot of Mont Blanc in the French Alps, is a casual-look clothing brand for everyday life. Its founders, Samuel (23) and Emil, are based in Megève () in the production offices. From the company’s headquarters, the two men work directly with clothing workshops spread across France to develop the new collections.

The brand already has an e-commerce site and six physical stores in France, including one in Lyon and Rouen, in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes. Several items are offered there: polo shirts, blouses, and T-shirts as well as hats and phone cases, all featuring the brand’s mascot. At the beginning of 2018, she chose to expand her collection by creating new models of polo shirts, socks, canvas shoes, duffel bags and even swimwear, all of which are made in France.

Partners based only on French territory

The peculiarity of the ready-to-wear collection is to bet on exclusive national know-how. Samuel Mapeau, one of the founders of the start-up, sees in this project, “The potential for doing business in France today. I think the excessive consumption of low-quality clothes, made on the other side of the world, has reached its limits. This is why Tranquille Émile is A brand where ethics is the key word. I still have the desire to do and advocate for rational consumption! I am very pleased to be able to work with partners based in France, to offer clothes made in the country where the people who wear them live.”

The Made in France brand takes into account the cost of production and anticipates its development. The designers also wanted to use resistant, eco-friendly materials with 100% organic cotton fabric for the shirts. Responsible and innovative approach to fashion.

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