C’Chartres Basket Masculin in Lorient to try and make a move

Kervaric gymnasium, home of CEP Lorient, where CCBM will play this evening, will bring back some good memories of some Chartrains such as pivot Patrick Clerence, winger Christopher Békoulé-Ekambi and crew with coach Sébastien Lambert, his deputy Guillaume The Pope or manager Milan Vasic. These five are among the survivors of the glorious saga, which saw, on June 12, 2018, the victory of Chartres at Lorient (86-91), in the qualifying final. Success is synonymous with a rise in ProB.

A week of popology treatment

Almost four years later, the two teams are no longer in the same formation, even if hopes of joining have not faded yet, as there will be a third stage, the playoffs, to try and get the second ticket to LNB. As for Lorientais and Chartrains, we’re still a long way from that. For now, the goal in this second stage is to position yourself as best as possible, if possible, in the top five to get a ground advantage, at least in the round of 16 and the quarter-finals, knowing that the first place is the first place . It seems that the hen promised to pay Anger Basket. Specifically, the Angevins could confirm their rise this evening should a home win against Lyon be accompanied by a setback for the Poitiers, on their own turf, against Mulhouse.

First leg match against Lorient

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Lorient and Chartres could no longer worry about EAB for long. But there are still some issues. Lorient, to finish this chicken high in the top five. For Chartres, who was behind in the match*, trying to get back into the top five, but above all to avoid 10th place, he must move to 9th from the round of 16. Analysis confirmed by coach Sebastian Lambert. “The target is the Lorient match. Objectively speaking, it’s going to be difficult to be in the top five. We shouldn’t look further than the tip of our nose. To see a little further from this Lorient match, is to at least keep the ground advantage in the round of 16. We’re going. To Lorient for a chance. It is possible that you are in the same state of mind as Angers…”

Chartres was 64% successful in Angers…

A week ago, in Anjou, without Ucles (peritoneum), Clerence (ischios) or Siegwarth (funeral) and with dwindling players – Polukwet (thigh elongation), Sencanski (wrist), Bernawi (sick) and Mikdad (calf contraction) – the CCBM shook the walls Jan Bowen’s room. The undisputed leader of the N1 had to rely on his American counterpart Akimji Williams to beat the brave Chartres (101-89). “We didn’t have much to lose in this match. We played liberal. What we missed, in the last five minutes, was a bit of clarity and a lack of internal rotation, I would say again in the important moments”, sums up Sebastien Lambert.

If the CCBM is still deprived of strong Spanish winger Ucles, pivot and captain Clerence, it will restore its captain Siegwarth and all the players affected by the Angers match who were able to recover their health over the past week.
In the first leg against Lorient (73-86), on March 15, Chartres completely missed the first period (29-44). More “liberal”, according to its coach, the CCBM will try to discredit a Britton formation that has struggled offensively in two matches (63-67 defeat at home against Caen and 88-66 at Le Havre). Although the charterers dwindled at Angers, they regained their appetite for irony, turning in a 64% success and scoring 58 points (first of the season!) in half time, before the charterers finished at 54% (versus 49% in Angers!).

* The Poitiers stadium match, which was postponed last Thursday due to coronavirus cases in the Poitivine workforce, has been scheduled for Monday, April 18 at 8 p.m. This will be the top hen’s last game, before attacking the qualifiers (April 24th).

Lorient (Morbihan), this evening at 8 pm.
CEP Lorient:
Doumbia, Sonera, C, Djambo (money), Jean-Francois, Coulibaly, Adala Moto (cam), Kip, B. Mondesier, Hank.
C’Chartres BM: Sigurth, Tallinn, Mikdad, Doumbia, Polokwat, Pkoli Ekambi, Sensanski (Serbian), Bernawi, Mukona.

Jean-Andre Provost

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