At €899, this is the new flagship PC

MagicBook 16 Edition 2022 is available for purchase from today at a minimum price of €899. With this new laptop, Honor offers the best value for money right now. It is the worthy successor to the Magic Book Pro. Here’s why.

The Magicbook 16 (2022) (and coffee) // Source: Johanna Holman for Humanoid XP

Honor first became famous for its smartphones and has been able to find a place in the laptop world for two years now. its domain? Killer flagship computers. Powerful, well-designed laptops with beautiful screens and systematically sold at very low prices.

So Honor returns with the MagicBook 16 (2022) that applies this formula to the letter. The promise is tempting this year: the latest generation of AMD processors, a beautiful 16-inch 144Hz display, 66W fast charging, all for an introductory price of less than 900 euros. No competitor fits in as many arguments at this price. Best, by purchasing it on the official Honor website, a free PC transport backpack is offered.

A computer designed for comfort

There are purchases that we don’t want to make every year or every two years. The laptop at home, for example. We want it to be large enough to watch a series quietly, efficient enough not to paddle during remote work periods and above all to last. MagicBook 16 is that laptop.

MagicBook 16 is first and foremost a large 16-inch (Full HD) display designed for viewing comfort. The screen borders are very small, its IPS panel has anti-reflective processing and its colorimetry is excellent (100% coverage of the sRGB color space).

This year, Honor went one step further by raising the refresh rate to a maximum of 144Hz. Combined with Windows 11 – originally installed on the PC – which now runs high refresh rates, it’s the guarantee of a very flexible interface at all times.

Honor MagicBook 16: at €899, here's the new flagship computer
The screen border of the MagicBook 16 (2022) is very thin … but the top bezel has a video camera.

Muscular art paper, lasting for many years

Under the hood is simply the best AMD laptop processor at the moment: the Ryzen 5 5600H. It’s a particularly efficient mid-range processor found in all the good laptops of recent months. It is excellent for running multiple office applications simultaneously and can also handle editing intensive applications. However, MagicBook 16 does not have a dedicated graphics card: it is not a computer designed for video games.

To ensure minimal noise pollution, Honor has slightly restricted the processor. In this way, the computer is able to run the Internet browser smoothly or play videos while saving battery power. But if you need more power, you can unlock the processor at any time by switching the MagicBook 16 to performance mode. All you have to do is press the Fn + P key combination.

Honor MagicBook 16: at €899, here's the new flagship computer
Magicbook 16 keyboard and trackpad (2022)

Another good point in favor of the MagicBook 16 tech sheet: Honor hasn’t made any compromises on memory. The basic configuration of the PC (sold at €899) has 16 GB of RAM in the . format dual channel And the 512GB NVMe SSD highly responsive storage that NVMe requires is more than enough for desktop use.

Complete connection and successful termination

And if you need more storage space, it is always possible to go through an external hard drive using the USB ports located on the edges of the computer. There are 4 of them: two USB Type-A 3.2 ports, and two USB Type-C ports. The latter also allows, via HUB, to connect the computer via Ethernet. For the rest, the left edge hosts the HMDI 2.0 port for connecting an external monitor and the right edge to the jack port. Finally, note that the MagicBook 16 is compatible with Wifi 6.

The finish of the MagicBook 16 is excellent. The PC skillfully blends aluminum and plastic, giving a nice touch and a high-end look. There are two speakers on either side of the keyboard and the fingerprint sensor is placed on the power button. All you have to do is place your index finger on it to open Windows and access your session.

Honor MagicBook 16: at €899, here's the new flagship computer
The fast charger is available in the Magic Book 16 (2022) case

Honor MagicBook 16 has been on sale for a few days now. Its official price is 999 euros. But at its launch, Honor offers an instant discount of 100 euros on its official website, which brings its price up to 899 euros. Good laptops of 16 inches or more are well above the €1,000 mark.

Honor’s other good laptop plan: MagicBook X14 at €599

MagicBook 16 is not the only PC that will be launched in the coming days. If you want a slightly smaller screen or are on a budget, the new MagicBook X14 also deserves a nice discount when it launches.

For less than 600 euros, this laptop has the following characteristics:

  • Ultrabook design weighing 1.38 kg for a thickness of 15.9 mm
  • 14-inch Full HD display with ultra-thin bezels
  • Powerful specs: 10th Gen Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB RAM, 512GB SSD
  • 65W fast charger included to recharge 70% of battery in 1 hour
  • Built-in fingerprint sensor on the power button

The MagicBook X14 currently benefits from an instant discount of €200, bringing its price up from €799 to €599 (with a free backpack), in its Intel Core i5 version linked to a 512GB SSD. This price is 599 euros, but without the backpack is also available from Amazon.

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